It's Here! New Traktor Software & Hardware Officially Announced

Traktor range

The complete Traktor range, following today\'s raft of new product announcements.

Native Instruments has officially announced the much anticipated new Traktor software and hardware, as teased in their promotional video last month and exclusively revealed on Digital DJ Tips last week.

As well as the biggest upgrade of Traktor software in years, with Traktor Pro 2 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 (as well as the cut-down duo), the company has released two new high-end sound cards, the Traktor Audio 10 and Traktor Audio 6.

The Traktor Audio 10 is one of two new sound cards announced today by Native Instruments.

We've got world-first analysis of Traktor Pro 2, Traktor Scratch Pro 2, and the Audio 10/Audio 6 sound interfaces for you today, each with an accompanying video. Here are the headline details:

The four-deck Traktor Pro 2 / Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software adds TruWave coloured waveforms, sample decks, loop recorder and over 30 effects, plus all relevant midi mappings. (The Duo versions drops the loop recorder and comes with six effects and two-deck capability.)

We can confirm the pricing to be US$229 / €199 for Traktor Pro 2 (US$79 / €69 upgrades), and US$119 / €99 for Traktor Duo 2 (US$49 /€39 upgrades). Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is US$669 / €599, and Traktor Scratch Duo 2 is US$399 / €349. S4 owners get a free upgrade to Traktor Pro 2.

The Audio 10 has 10 ins/out including 4 stereo phono preamps, mic, headphones and Midi, the Audio 6 having 6 ins/outs including two stereo phono preamps.

We can confirm the pricing to be US$449 / €399 for the Audio 10, and US$279 / €249 for the Audio 6.

Remember, click the three links below to go to first analysis of all the software and hardware, complete with official videos.

Are you excited about upgrading your software? Have you got an S4 and are over the moon at getting Traktor Pro 2 for free? Are the features you were looking for included in these products? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I am little confused where this leaves Traktor S4 owners. Will we get an upgrade or will be forced to switch to Traktor Pro 2? I own Traktor Pro already (in addition to S4) but what really scares me about switching to Traktor Pro 2 is having to map my S4 by hand.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

  2. I think DJ Rafik's performances should stand as a "vinyl/timecode DJs should go in this direction" viewpoint. I love how he manages to do a nice melding between classic turntable technique while using MIDI to enhance his performance.

    That new sync is amazing, but I can see the purists get angry at how the pitch control as almost irrelevant.

    Pretty cool stuff though.

    • seen tons of djs e.g. dj funk who use cds for this exact reason. they timestretch all tracks and then just drop them in because they want to quickmix rather than waste the time with pitch adjustment. Dope feature imho.

  3. dennis parrott says:

    it has been mentioned elsewhere... if you bought a Kontrol S4 the upgrade to TPro 2 is free. details are at:

    The NI Website

    just so everyone knows... good move by NI -- they might have had a number of unhappy customers (including me!) if they were going to make us pay for new software this close to release.


    # Upgrade Kit for S4 users
    # allows you to control pitch, scratching, and transport functions of the S4 via analog turntables or CDJs
    # upgrade kit includes TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 software plus 2 timecode vinyls / 2 CDs
    # does not require the TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface, since you connect your turntables & CD decks to the S4 audio inputs
    PRICE: $139 /129 €. Available April 1, 2011.
    Note: If you own both the S4 AND a digital vinyl system from NI (TRAKTOR SCRATCH, TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO), you will receive a free SCRATCH UPGRADE.


  5. Maximus Moretta says:

    I that's awesome Traktor upgraded! woohoo! Serato Scratch Live does it, Virtual DJ does it, Mixvibes does it, they all mix videos. but Traktor still doesn't do video mixing! That's like going to the moon and taking a pencil...LOL! for those of you don't know the history. NASA spend couple of million dollars to make a pen that writes in space. but the russia (traktor) just choose to take a pencil. nothing against Russian. eh! I'm not impressed. Traktor already sound great thanks for improving it and thanks for the more eye candy on the software srceen and a kooler audio Interface. I own Traktor Scratch Pro, I own Serato Scratch live, Virtual DJ, and MixVibes. sound wise I go with Traktor anyday but I VJ @ a club and more and more Clubs are going with VJs. DJ'ing with Trakor no matter how good the sound quailty improved to the already standard mainstream DJ'ing softwares (Serato Scratch live, Virtual DJ, and MixVibes). I'm still not convinced to take it to my live gigs. In short I was expecting more :'-(...

    • I think video mixing right now is a niche and some companies decided they didn't want to partake.

      I know right now on the Torq community while some want video mixing, many others do not and would rather have more audio bells/whistles.

      I also don't know how many more clubs are going video compared to ones that aren't. My experiences have been that trendy spots that play Top 40 have been into video because they will play videos on the screens from time to time or all night. More underground spots and "global DJ" spots tend to hire a visual guy to do things independent of the DJ.

      I guess the real look of the scene is to look at the bigger names...and see how many mix videos compared to how many who don't.

      I think it's cool as long as there is choice. I personally don't need or want video capabilities. I don't even want a midi control that has a built in mixer with inputs for external devices. Not saying they shouldn't make such things...but it shows there is a piece of the market that isn't interested.

  6. So the people who coughed up $700 USD to buy TSP will not get a free software upgrade that supports the audio 8?.... Are we going to have to abandon the audio 2/4/8 that we paid for then go out and pay more money to get the audio 6/10 and then pay for the software upgrade?... This is one of the reasons i'm close to abandoning NI... Rane/Serato may not have all these fancy gadgets but they have a stable System and FREE updates if you already own the Hardware... I should of went the Rane/Serato route at least then id know that all the updates are free if my hardware/Soundcard can support it...

    My main question is as a Traktor Scratch Pro owner what would i have to do just to get the sample player?

    • Pay $89 for upgrade since you can use your Audio 8 DJ with it...

    • seriously I always find it funny how people react about paid updates.

      TSP street price was 450-500 $ whereas Serato Sl3 street price is around 700. That's about 200-250$ you pay more which allows you to upgrade Traktor about 4 times. This means you have to DJ for about 8 years (2 years release cycle) until you reach the Serato price tag and this is without interest.
      Seriously, from a financial point of view you are way better off with Traktor than with Serato, when it is just about the free upgrades...

    • Not really man.

      When you have your SL3 and want to use 4 decks in Serato how will that be a Free update. Also, what discount does Rane/Serato provide for SL3 owners buying the SL4. They don't. You are paying for the upgrade in features. The thing is you are not paying Serato directly. You are paying Rane which has already paid for you and is now charging you. It's not free.

      Pay the 79.00 bucks and use your Audio 8.

  7. Native Instruments makes great software,but customer service and business pratices blows!! I purchased traktor pro which I feel is a stripped down version of the dj studio 3 series later named traktor 3 because of a falling out with one of the companies involved. Traktor pro is heavy on effects,but lacks a lot of features that made 3 a great software to work with. I actually thought I was buying 3.4 renamed pro-WRONG!! I called "customer service" and I knew a refund was out of the question, but I figured I could get a activation number for a 3.4 demo I have. The rep in l.a. was very smart-ass and basically had the attitude we got your money so we dont care. I just dont understand the mentality of having all these versions of software floating around and refusing to offer support. Most companies offer some kind of help not act like those previous editions dont exist. Some people are still using dj studio 1 and happy with it. It would be nice and only right if N.I. offered support. I feel they are all over this pro edition to be able to sell the update to 2 which has features that should've been on pro to begin with, also to sell that over-priced controller. Sadly, everthing i've heard about N.I. is true and they need to be more attentive to the dj's needs because there are lots of other choices for us to make if they wanna act like they are doing us a favor-no support and bad customer service reps are no favor and will lead to going out of business.

    • Phil Morse says:

      I hear what you're saying, but putting aside any attitude/personal issues from the people who dealt with you, you can't expect a company to refund the purchase of software if there's nothing wrong with it - that's the nature of software unfortunately, and Native Instruments offers time-limited versions of its software so DJs can check it's what they want before buying it.

      • Yes. of course I understand that. The whole point of that rant was not about the refund, I knew I was'nt gonna get a cent from them. I should've been more on-point and checked out what I was buying before I bought it. All I wanted was a activation number for a demo of the software I want to use. If you're not selling it any more and I already gave you money, whats the harm. I was even willing to pay a little extra for the number so I could get up and running on my new computer. I did'nt expect to be shined on and told to go get a cracked version.

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