Traktor 2 Software & Hardware Hit Stores Worldwide


Go get it - The full Traktor 2 range of software and hardware is now available from stores worldwide.

The wait is officially over - Native Instruments has just announced that the entire new generation of six Traktor products is now available in stores worldwide, we can exclusively reveal. Plus, read on for a brand new promo video.

Straight from the company itself: "Berlin, March 30th, 2011 – Native Instruments today announced that the Traktor 2 generation is now available in stores worldwide. The new Traktor generation establishes the next level of versatility and ease-of-use with its Traktor Pro 2 software and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 digital vinyl system as well as its two-deck Duo versions.

"With a wide range of new software features, including 'TruWave' waveform displays, 'SoftSync' track synchronisation, powerful sample decks and more, the Traktor 2 generation gives DJs even more creative possibilities.

The press release goes on: "With the new Traktor Audio 6 and Traktor Audio 10, the second generation of Native Instruments' acclaimed DJ interface range offers expanded connectivity and additional features for club use – both as the hardware centerpieces of the new Traktor Scratch generation and as highly versatile audio interfaces for any DJ or music production software."

"For the Traktor Kontrol S4 system, the new Traktor Pro 2 software replaces the originally included Traktor Pro S4 version. All Kontrol S4 owners will receive a download upgrade free of charge."

Here at Digital DJ Tips we've been playing with the software for the last few days and have a full review coming up soon. Update: Traktor Pro 2 review here.

Is this the news you've been waiting for? Are you an S4 owner looking forward to getting your upgrade? Let us know your early exepriecnes with the new version once you've got your hands on your copy...

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  1. I love how they always post videos of guys that make excessive use of cuepoints and that play music that wouldn't be suitable for most of the clubs :)

  2. Very excited about the TruWave display.

  3. SO I am new to DJ'ing and bought a Mixtrack Pro and traktor to get started. Right now I am simply doing mixsets for my friends and getting use to things and learning. I mainly love mainstream house(pop mixes and stuff)

    I just bought the upgrade and very excited to try it out tonight when I get home. At first I love the GUI update. Visually it looks soo much better and I love the sample decks, gonna help majorly with creating much more creative mixes!!

    Once I get a little better and have the $$ I am soo getting the Traktor S4.. Looks soo sweet!!!

  4. I'm a regular user of this site and I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes though it feels like I'm in the wrong place. You have a way to mislead/trick your readers that isn't appropriate to a site of this kind and quality. What do you mean exclusive? Since when exclusive means "being the first one to copy-paste a newsletter?". Same thing used to happen with some of your "reviews" which were merely hands-on but fortunately you stopped doing that.

    IMO it's better to update the site less frequently than trying to gain momentum with misleading titles.

    • I meant regular reader, not user

    • Phil Morse says:

      We meant we were the first media outlet to publish the news.

      • I didn't meant to sound harsh. As I said I'm a loyal reader of the site but to me stuff like this matters cause it adds a TV journalism feeling to the site that, honestly, is not needed. I'm just trying to do some constructive criticism here. Thanks for changing the title :)

        • Phil Morse says:

          The title was only meant to be there for a short while (while we did have it first!) anyway.

          Digital DJ Tips is certainly not about misleading or tricking its readers, and thanks for the constructive criticism - it has been take on board.

          As for post frequency, we will always post something new daily. We have a list of maybe 150 posts that we haven't got round to publishing yet (some of which we will, some not) so it's not a case of slowing down - we're struggling to fit them all in!

          We're a daily DJ blog and as such will always publish at least daily.

  5. I also get fed up of NI putting up videos of turntablists all the time, I understand they are after more of a share of the American market and serato users.
    Would be nice to see more video geared to the house and commercial djs as after all these seem to be the main people using traktor!

    • I agree, NI does post a large number of video featuring turntablist.

      It's possible to have a house dj mix but if there's no visual performance people might not watch.

      One thing I don't want NI to do is continue to hire superstar dj's and pay them large amount of $ and raise product prices like pioneer did with the cdj.

      Pioneer website Featuring CDJ 24/7 (

      It's ok to have a few SuperStars but why not pass the savings on to the customer.

      Have customers submit videos. Look what I could do with NI..... Winner gets free NI products. NO viewers vote until the final round. NI picks the top 3 best.

      Final round the top three go head to head to see who places first. Voters also get placed in a drawing. Everyone wins. If NI does decide to go with this idea contact me. I tell you were to ship my new s4.

    • That´s because turntablists are cooler than "house and commercial djs" 😉

    • Unfortunately, a good house or techno DJ spends most of their time listening intently, staring into the middle distance and making small adjustments on the mixer.

      Not really an exciting thing to watch. I guess you could have a series of videos of DJs rocking out to awesome drops...

  6. ahhhhh!!! I want this so much. Really glad they added the sample decks and coloured waveforms though.

  7. The waveforms were truly awful in the last Traktor, this looks to offer everything Serato has and more in a standalone package, but I will have to try it...

  8. Coloured waveforms....seriously?? Not really that impressed myself. The sample decks, now THAT is good. But c'mon, getting excited over coloured waveforms....we're adults, not kids (arent we..???) 😛

    On the debate of using turntablists. If you have a marketing bone in your body at all you would have to agree, and common sense even dictates, that people want to see the flash bang and it is EXACTLY because you DONT see these things on "5 hour sets" that they show them. I doubt there is one DJ out there that doesn't wish they could do the stuff that these DMC World Champs do sometimes. I for one enjoy watching it. Just dont buy the stuff thinking it will instantly allow you to do it without month upon month (maybe even years) of practice.

  9. Have they improved the autogain on this version? Annoying as hell when your mixing internally with volume faders at full on your controller but theres a massive difference in volume between the two tracks. You dont have a usable vu meter on the screen to help adjust the gain manually if you have a knob mapped to it so you can't do it the old fashioned way either. The mixdecks are really what i've wanted from the start with traktor as I was never that interested in using four decks, just would be nice to chuck a few loops in now and then. It would mean buying another midi controller though as I'm all mapped out and I'm not sure I want to do that. Thinking of buying a mixer and pio cdj to use as a midi controller instead of forking out on the new version, as I'm sick of mixing on flimsy little midi controllers that I'd never dare play out with.

    • SynthEtiX says:

      I totally agree about the AutoGain.
      I've been stuck on whether or not to buy an external mixer for this same reason.
      The VU meters DO NOT help with any real indication of level.

  10. @phil-150 articles yet? Now please try to put some maturity in ur articles, go into details, have you guys ever talked of modifiers in traktor. And a forum would be good

    • Phil Morse says:

      Hi Kaushik. Thanks for your feedback.

      No, we haven't talked of modifiers in Traktor (we haven't carried and Traktor mapping articles yet, but will do).

      We try and carry articles for all levels and types of digital DJ, and striking a balance is not always easy, but rest assured we are always trying to publish material that's useful to everyone.

      There are no plans for a public forum on Digital DJ Tips. We have a discussion board on our Facebook page if you're interested:

    • Mayniac says:

      Kaushik - do you have a website, write any articles? Provide any kind of input back into the DJ community?

      Phil: it's all positive stuff mate, keep up the good work. You have many appreciative readers that enjoy the hard work and effort you put into this site, as I know it isnt your "day job", per say, so it must take up a lot of your time. Thanks

  11. Doobidoo says:


    Try mp3 Gain for your Gain and nomrmalization of your mp3-library

    -Prenormailze ure songs and don't depend on softvare modifiers!

    -Works for me!!

  12. Does anyone know if NI addressed the buggy-ness with windows computers yet, or if the sound card thing has been resolved with the new traktor program? Sure, colored wave forms are great and all, but I'm looking for a hardware/software solution that doesn't require the mac's flexibility to keep operating. I would have thought that any news of such a remedy would have been at the top of the list of "stuff to hype upon release" memo. Then just reading about the absence of usable meter thing up above, really has me wondering if the NI path will truly help me build a professional image /Brand or be another development project of it's own. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • Windows buggy-ness? I have been running TSP1 w/ the A8DJ on a Dell XPS 1640 w/ Vista 64 bit without any problems for the last two plus years. Initially it took a minute to figure out the best settings for my style (Deep House, Jackin House, etc), but since then I have not had any problems at all. My dj partner runs a Mac, and we did the same thing with his machine at the beginning, just figured out the settings that worked for his style (Tech House, Progressive,etc). He plays internally with the X1, I play externally with timecode. At the moment, I am up and running on TSP2, and I did the exact same thing that I did with TSP1. Just figured out the settings that work best for me and my system. There are some differences between the two. Currently there is a debate going if there is an increased load on the CPU. Some say the new TSP2 is giving you a more accurate view, I am not so sure. TSP2 will need time to re-analyze your music collection, mainly for the new colored wave form (all loops and cue points were in tact).The new TSP2 runs along side TSP1, so far my settings are just about the same. I did initially have some sticker drift with the timecode, so I un-installed TSP2 and re-installed, and the sticker drift appears to be gone. Haven't done much with the lop recorder yet, wanted to make sure my base settings were under control before I started playing around with the other options.Sample slots are fine, all samples have to be under 48 sec in length.
      Overall the new GUI is great, I like the darker color, and the colored wave forms are a welcomed change. The zoom feature for the waveforms is great as well, you can get precise loops. loops on the fly are good as well. Autogain has been addressed, and I think that the overall sound quality has been improved, as if it needed it.

  13. I really like the new version.
    Clean crisp look, all my old mappings work like a charm.
    The new Waveforms and especially the incredibly zoom function allows for super accurate Beatgrids.
    Haven't played a lot with the sample decks cause i need to map another controller for that.
    However - i played 3 Session as so far and everything works either better or same as in Traktor Pro.
    The Autogain Feature is not really better that in the previous version. But i do the mixing externally anyways.

    For me - worth the money to upgrade.
    Now dive into Maschine 1.6

    w00p w00p

  14. Looks like a lot of people is pretty much amazed with the new coloured waveforms in Traktor. May I ask why? I find that the waveforms in the previous version look a lot more clearer, its really easy to see all the parts of the tracks, but in the new version it kinda looks a bit blury...? (or is it just me...)
    Just to mention that the mouse midle button that could zoom into decks doesnt work anymore, at all. All the tracks analized in T1 must be analized in T2 again. Some of the effects somehow doesnt sound the same, sounds worse. Also, i don't know how to adjust the loop decks tempo (atleast for now, I look into that later). Ofcourse, a big + are the loop decks and loops recording, the inteface is a bit easier to the eyes which is cool,a couple new cool effects...I dont have to be right, but in my opinion a lot of simple things are not done right and I think Ill wait a bit longer before buying it.

    Oh,yeah,a made a screenshot comparison between Traktor 1 and Traktor 2 waveforms for everyone to see, I would love to hear your opinion.

    • Even though you posted the infrared wave form on T2, I think it still looks cleaner than T1. The spectrum wave on T2 allows you to see even more information, drums, snare, hi-hats, vocals, all represented by different colors. The wave form color is a personal choice. The ultraviolet one looks cool also.

  15. I'm curious about the upgrade situation. I received the e-mail about the release and checked out the upgrade situation and the supplied chart mentioned something about an upgrade for the sound cards (audio 4 or 8)

    What kinds of upgrades are they offering that will cost $340.00??? I am hoping it's for their new sound cards and nothing more because that would be ridiculous...

    Keep in mind that I realize this is probably a stupid question but I like to cover my bases before I jump into something...

  16. What is 'Softsync' exactly? Has anything changed in regards to timecode syncing? If so, what are the applications for this?

  17. Mayniac says:

    Can anyone tell me what the upgrade from Traktor Pro 1 (not Scratch) to Traktor Pro 2 is (in $AU?). I see above DJ XEL wrote $79USD so that would currently be about $76AU ??

    Those who have it, is it worth it (it isnt a big investment, im more worried about "glitches" and little things that may not be as functional or user friendly etc etc)


  18. Mayniac,
    The upgrade for TP2 is still the same price. $79 USD. On the NI website, it will ask you to enter your country, I would assume it will calculate the price based on that info.

    Softsync will allow you to set a constant BPM for your set (like Ableton), so that each track will automatically be set to that value. All you have to do is nudge the tracks in and out of phase as needed.

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