Your First Thoughts On Traktor Pro 2

Traktor range

The complete Traktor range, updated for the next generation of Traktor DJs. Have you managed to get what you wanted yet? And if so, what's your first impression of your new purchase?

Well, the load on Native Instruments' servers was apparently so huge on launch day last Wednesday that they temporarily went down. However, they handled it in the most part, and now, all over the world, thousands of DJs have their shiny new Traktor 2 products - and especially for controller DJs, Traktor Pro 2.

Many will be Kontrol S4 owners who now finally have the hardware/software combination that Native Instruments always intended for them. Others will be DJs using any of the other popular controllers that run best with Traktor.

One thing we're hearing from many DJs is that they just haven't had time to put Traktor Pro 2 through its paces yet! They downloaded and installed it, and then life managed to get in the way, and the've had no time to really get to grips with all the new features. That's certainly the case with us, as we've been flat-out preparing for our in-depth coverage of the Musikmesse music fair in Frankfurt, Germany this week. We got our copy loaded, booted it up, and... well, that's sadly about it.

Traktor 2 waveform

The Traktor 2 waveforms are the most obvious improvement - what else has caught your eye so far?

So our first impression? It looks just like Traktor Pro, with Serato-style modern waveforms replacing the old-style Traktor waveforms. Same font, same background colours, same control layout and so on. It's Traktor, with Serato's best bits added in.

Pretty incisive, huh? But we haven't had a chance to play with the sample decks, or the new effects, or the configuration options, or the improved beatmatching algorithms... yet. Rest assured a full in-depth review on what's new and what we think of it is not far away.

But in the meantime, we thought we'd ask: What are your first impressions of the software? Is it living up to your expectations so far? Is it all you hoped? Is it more than you hoped? Or are there still things you wish they'd implement that haven't come with this new version?

Please share your thoughts as we all get to know this new release together... and happy mixing with your new software!

If you're a new owner, let us know your first thoughts on any of the new Traktor products in the comments below.

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  1. Im very happy that this software is finally out. Im soon getting a Traktor S4 and compared to CDJs (pricewise) you can do so much for so little. I think that they did a great job and think that their next step would be to have video functionality. Although I can agree its a bit like Serato, but theres just something that makes me want Traktor more than Serato.

  2. I'm not satisfied by this upgrade.... It looks more a restyling! It didn't revolutionate nothing, except the hardware interfaces that now are worse!

    Bich from

  3. What Traktor Pro 2 is now finally supporting, for example colourful waveforms or the sample editor, Deckadance has had for years! Although it hurts, that's how it is...

  4. Looks like a lot of people is pretty much amazed with the new coloured waveforms in Traktor. May I ask why? I find that the waveforms in the previous version look a lot more clearer, its really easy to see all the parts of the tracks, but in the new version it kinda looks a bit blury…? (or is it just me…)
    Just to mention that the mouse midle button that could zoom into decks doesnt work anymore, at all. All the tracks analized in T1 must be analized in T2 again. Some of the effects somehow doesnt sound the same, sounds worse. Also, i don’t know how to adjust the loop decks tempo (atleast for now, I look into that later). Ofcourse, a big + are the loop decks and loops recording, the inteface is a bit easier to the eyes which is cool,a couple new cool effects…I dont have to be right, but in my opinion a lot of simple things are not done right and I think Ill wait a bit longer before buying it.

    Oh,yeah,a made a screenshot comparison between Traktor 1 and Traktor 2 waveforms for everyone to see, I would love to hear your opinion.

  5. McAwesome says:

    For a S4 user like me the upgrade is nothing special. Some bugs like always when installing Native Instruments software as early adopter (e.g. when jumping to hotcue, the waveform is only displayed after that hotcue - not before).

    The "Spectrum"-waveforms (coloured) is a great visual aid. You can clearly distinguish kicks, hi-hats, vocals and synths. A great help for deaf waverunners 😉

    Anyone has already tested out the 4 new effects in deep?

  6. Have they fixed that extremely annoying thing that didn't make the track jump to the first cue point when loaded?
    A shift-cue press for every track is just stupid.

  7. I was a scratch live user, news colored waveform is better & zoom is accurate but zoom defaut at 1 I see only the half left part from waveform !!!!

  8. Dr Smith says:

    Well, having started with Torq 1.X, going through to 2.0 recently I must have been slightly ungrateful when I moved to a new Denon MC6000 controller and Traktor 1.27.

    I downloaded Traktor 2.0 as soon as I could and I must say Serato-esque colored waveforms do make it look better. Stability is about the same and there are times in 2.0 where it seems to forget some of the controller mappings. Perhaps a new .tsi for the controller and this version from Denon will fix a few things.

    Reanalyzing all of my tracks is tedious but the results are more accurate than 1.2.7 could manage. Beat gridding, in comparison to Torq 2.0 is simply as it was in 1.2.7 - retarded, and it sorely needs to fixed sooner rather than later. I would recommend this version only for new midi precise dance and forget it for old analogue styles (authentic Disco and Electro)unless you can chase tempo by ear and have a really quick reaction time. If you come from the actual Disco era as I do this isn't a problem, but a lot of newbies could find this unsuitable for this type of playing.

    That's my main complaint and the reason any day I prefer Torq 2.0 over Traktor 2.0. As for the samplers in this version - I'm waiting to get time to map them to an Akai LP8 and get the 3rd and 4th decks back. They are hard to control with jogs alone and with there being no manual yet it's a bit painful trying to work out how they are supposed to work.

    Effects are slightly different too and took a bit to sort them out. Defaults out of a fresh install mean you need to really know your controller and spend time customizing it properly.

    Overall kudos to NI for this upgrade and it's overall better than versions before it. More an evolution than a revolution though.

    • Mayniac says:

      Dr Smith, good feedback as I have a DN MC-6000 and use Traktor Pro - have thought of upgrading but the thought of re-analyzing 5000+ tracks and (possibly if what i can read is correct) having to beatgrid them again just makes me plain sick.....I am also nervous about the mapping. For example, how does the Denon deal with the sample decks? Do they have to be manually 'worked' with mouse? Have Denon said anything about this yet (could be worth an email to them...?)



      • Dr Smith says:

        Hi there Ben,

        I have the samplers/loop slots mapped to decks C&D using a new modified Traktor 2.01 TSI file which was retrieved from

        It works really well and gives some alternative mappings for the buttons on the 6000 itself.

        Truth be known, I'm not really impressed at all with the sample slots in Tr2.0 and I'd rather have decks C&D mapped as track players with quick cues as in 1.2.7.

        I'm used to placing samples of any length into Torq's 18 samplers and NI's implementation is too limiting.

        The midi mapping is holding me back in Traktor because I still want to map all 8 of them onto my Akai Pads and have Decks C & D back for tracks.

        Try the alternate mapping files from the above mentioned web site - you can always reload the Tr2.0 defaults if it isn't what you want.


        • Thanks Dr Smith! Still dubious about T2 at this stage, on NI forums there arent too many happy campers. Might hold off for a while but thanks again! :-)

  9. DJ M.T. says:

    i just noticed that Traktor 2 wrongly beatmapped many of my songs (even those that were perfectly beatmapped by Traktor 1), requiring me to re-beatmap them myself. anyone experienced this or is it just me?

  10. Have they finally put a check box in prefferences that says LOAD FROM FIRST CUE POINT in the same way you can in serato?
    People have been asking for this simple but time saving and effective feature for ages I know you can set a load marker but thats a long winded way of doing something very simple!

  11. Quenepas says:

    My first thought was: "WHERE IS MY DAMN VOUCHER?!" I bought an S4 and the T2 upgrade was going to be free. April 1st came and went and the only email I got from NI was "Traktor 2 is here!" spam mail... kinda insulting and adding to the injury...

    • Phil Morse says:

      I believe it was all done by emails, and so you should have an email waiting from you from NI in the inbox of whatever account you are registered to them with. Why not give them a shout?

      • Quenepas says:

        No email and have added Native Instruments to my always trust folder PLUS still checking the spam folder since Im paranoid like that. I wrote them today and have a ticket number. Lets see how that work.

        I understand that NI was slammed by users downloading the update which took the website down for almost 3 hours but they should at least prepare for that by renting some bandwidth and adding some servers. Even with that also have some drills weeks before to see if their exchange is working properly and whatnot since I heard that many other users were getting even the wrong version when it is obvious that Traktor 2 was getting released.

        But thats me getting my it pmp out wild but I would have gladly helped them for say... half off a maschine :p

  12. As with all version updates of Traktor, I will wait for the next several fixes down the line, and let the early adapters be NI's paying beta testers.

    • Quenepas says:

      Totally true except for when you get any new traktor, it installs in another folder leaving existing versions intact. Now is yer duty to use the new version and see if it works as you want it. If playing a gig just go with other version.

  13. pepehouse says:

    About the upgrade, the only things that have changed and are real improvements are the waveforms and obviously the samplers, the rest of new features are so minor that I can't remember them at the moment of writing this :)

    We have been requesting a pair of key features for several years now at the Traktor forums: The return of the Native Mix Recorder and the implementation of some kind of flexible beatgrids a la Ableton that would allow us to warp unsteady tempo tracks to beatmatch them in Traktor as Live users do.

    Those would be real critical and useful features that users demand and a very strong reason to purchase the upgrade but NI keeps ignoring the voice of it's customers.

    • Mayniac says:

      Flexible beatgrids - here, here! Im on that forum and it has been 'threaded' ad nauseum.

      Maybe we should start la revolutionate!! (sorry, couldnt help it, I just had to use that word too...)


  14. panÓptiko says:

    My bit: just played 2 hours with the new Traktor and noticed that the loops are more accurate than with the previous version—very important for a deaf newbie like me.

    Got a S4 last month and the free upgrade came just in time.


  15. i got the demo. been playin around with it.
    I'm a VDJ dieHard, djing mostly with my laptop only, or occasionally i'll use CD Mixers
    and the only reason that i didnt switch to Traktor is cuz i didnt have my samples, which as a reggae\dancehall DJ... is VITAL....

    i also like that you can zoom in closer on the waveforms cuz i used to have an issue with cueing on traktor, sumtimes i didnt feel like i was RIIGHt on cue [u kno?]

    its the old traktor with everything i needed

  16. now if it was just a lil easier to map

  17. I'm so far not impressed. Honestly more going on with with Torq 2...

    Torq looks professional too. This still looks like a toy... I think by the time Torq 3 comes out, we may have a serious contender from Avid...

    As for now, I really don't see a reason to upgrade... colors?... duh. Sample decks? double duh... I've been making my own "sample decks" for years in Audacity and Soundforge by cutting samples together with some space in between and setting them to cue points...

    Seriously, I can't be the only one who is totally unimpressed...

  18. Phil Morse says:

    Had some good comments that haven't been published because the commenters didn't give their real details. Just to remind you, "give a valid email address" is a rule for responding to any post on this site :)

  19. midi fingers says:

    I got the TPro2 update from S4 on Thursday (actually received the mail on Weds night with the voucher), logged on, downloaded it clean first time with no problems. Installed it and ran for about 2-3 hours on Thursday then ran more on Friday. Did screw up first time round and re-analysed about 500 tracks without bpm lock on but a quick scan of the NI forum solved that. I have been through and re-gridded many of my current tracks as the drill down on the waveform does allow very detailed view but you really need to know what a wave form looks like when you drill down into it to understand where you are dropping gridmarkers. I also find (not sure if is my ears or the software yet) that the gridmarker normally has to actually be dropped a couple of /32 before the centre of the kick peak to actually synch cleanly, as noted that might just be my tired and broken ears though! Played first gig out with S4 and TPro2 last night. Both soft and hardware were rock solid, quality of the ADACs in the hardware is audible compared to other controllerists who were there with non NI kit. The coloured waveforms and very pretty but a little distracting when playing out, punters don't like screen starers, you have to engage with the crowd so i turned to a monochrome setting for the gig. The new effects are quality but I have some work with the Autobouncer to find decent envelope settings and Tape delay is a big win as far as I am concerned, not sure about the beatmasher2 yet, still working on that one. The sample decks are a major improvement though, I was excited to get them with the original S4 software and have built a few intro kits for the tech house I play. I like being able to drop in new parts to tracks and then twist them out of shape with the effects, makes some more rolling techno tracks much more interesting and I reckon the sample decks will be great fun for the hip hop controllerists out there as demo'd on the NI site. As an update it is no major step change, more like a solid increment to incoporate some functionality that brings it right back to the front of digital offerings, paired with the S4 hardware though makes it an even more complete experience. Once I buy the scratch upgrade I will incorporate it with my 1210's too and have the option of vinyl or controller control. All in i am stoked to have bought both the S4 and to have received the free upgrade to TPro2, looking forward to some new mix creativity.

  20. My Main issue with Traktor:-
    The Drivers for the soundcards... for sum reason the audio drivers are wonky...

  21. Does anyone know how to contact NI? I have sent them 2 emails since last Wednesday to registration and had no reply.

    Basically they sent me Traktor Scratch Pro voucher when I need Traktor Pro 2. I used to town Traktor Scratch Pro months ago (hence the confusion). Their customer support is shocking really seeing as how many copies they sell.

    • I'm with you mate. Still waiting for my email with voucher code. Why they cant just do this via their authentication manager software. Customer service not great...

    • midifingers says:

      Contact NI Support through the website, if you have a voucher you must have an to log onto NI with, go to the support section of the site and submit a ticket, be detailed and someone will be back with you very soon. I submitted a ticket in the middle of the upgrade mayhem and got a reply within 5 working hours and the fixed my problem which was nothing to do with the upgrade.

  22. Has anyone tried out Timecoded Cd's with CDJ 2000's yet or Soft sync with timecoded vinyl?

  23. Sein Hla Din says:

    The beat grid and loops are much more accurate than 1.
    The colored visual waveforms really helped to differentiate.
    The Samplers and Loops recorder??? Unless you have S4, these are .... umm hard to use with other controllers. Mapping on Keyboard also not so convinient.

    On one fine day, Traktor should ask Virtual DJ, "Hey, why don't we propose Ableton to joinly produce a software which will work greatly on Reloop equipment?"

    ~~ Remember the day, we call it revolution, wonderful day we call it revolution ~~

  24. It's nothing dramatic for me as an S4 user, but this update does mean my crew is all using TPro Scratch 2.

    This is handy for tidy DJ handovers. If we're doing a multi-day festival or something, we'll often have several different setups floating around (S4, X1 + mixer, DVS + mixer). Now we can simply carry our laptops and plug them into whatever rig is suitable.

  25. Overall I am pretty pleased with the upgrade. However they really need to fix the bug when a deck is stopped and you hover over a waveform. It no longer tells you how many bars until the next cue point (-51, +5, etc). Instead it always shows "snap" here.

  26. My biggest bother with TP2 is the Reverb, more specifically the Freeze function, naturally I use the FX in 'Single' mode.

    What I did in TP1 was, with Reverb in the FX unit, set the parameter knobs, from left to right, 7 o'clock/5 o'clock/5 o'clock, Dry/Wet centred and the Freeze button engaged.

    This way, whenever I activate Reverb, it will immediately freeze the audio, but at the same time leave a nice reverb fade-out trailing for a few seconds. I use this A LOT, especially when blending tracks.

    The thing is, when I do the same thing with TP2, it merely freezes the audio, with no trailing reverb, pretty much like hitting pause. Sort of removes the reverb from the reverb, huh? I tried this on two different TP2 installations, so it has to be software. I can't figure if this is a bug, or a new Reverb design, but it keeps TP2 on shelf for now, for me anyway.

    Other issues some people have is that if for instance deck C is in Sample mode, and deck D in Track mode, deck D can only be viewed in Small/Micro mode.

    Another totally weird thing is that the headphone monitoring section is now grouped with the crossfader, so you cannot hide the crossfader without your headphone controls disappearing. I play psytrance, so never use the crossfader. Now I'm pretty much forced to have it on-screen, wasting my already limited space. Gues I''l have to hide it and just believe my controller is grabbing the headphone volume ;p

    The new waveforms I actually like. Yes they are more blurry than the old-style, but they do seem to make up in another way. They are very good at differentiating between the different elements of the music playing, especially the full-colour option. I find that even a change in rhythm, build-ups, or breaks, brings about a different colour.

    When you play tracks that are still relatively unfamiliar to you, it gives you a nice visual clue of the progression of the tune, you can see the different elements better in the waveform, quite nifty if you ask me.

  27. Oh, and there is still no proper HID support for CDJ2000s in TP2

  28. I was really looking forward to the upgrade and I remember when I was feeling the same way when TSP1 was about to come out. I see many things have changed - especially on the gui & under the hood - but most of them do not bother me or least not in a positive way.

    First of all I do not like the players having become bigger in the extended view... I always used a 15" screen. The only way to get a reasonable view would be the use of another, but then only the whole track wave is displayed and no accurate position view is possible. I didn't have time to get used to multicolored view, maybe this will help me overcoming old habits, but not until today.

    Syncing Loops to the original tracks is often resulting in offbeats, I cannot see a way to get these right... Would love to have a multiple sync possibility, so Deck C is synced to A and D to B... would be great for preparation of the next tune.

    And last negative but not least: Problems with tracks running smoothly before but not anymore, standard problem, to be fixed soon...

    Well, positives: I like the loop recorder & the sample players, I imagine a lot of nice stuff will be able for the future, gotta plan some time for experiments. When Grids are set, syncing runs smoother and effects do not tend to jump when changing tracks, something I've experienced when a freeze was used and I stopped one turntable. I'm looking forward to use the demo - until my upgrade is arriving - with my TTs, especially soft sync is something I really hope to be something good. Settings are getting more into detail, Traktor is becoming more adjustable and I like that.

    • midi fingers says:

      Three tips for you;
      1. You can drill into the waveform using the + & - buttons which appear of you hover over the right hand end of the main waveform view, that way you can select the magnification that suits you best.
      2. If your loops are BOM locked they will synch to the master or to the deck designated as master. You can only have one master deck or the master clock from which all decks gets their tempo, if you samples are going out of time you need to beatgrid them or get accurate BPM reading on them.
      3. If by tracks not running smoothly you mean you are getting drop outs, app freezes and audio fglitches then you need to raise your latency until this goes away, TPro2 seems to be a little CPU intensive but that should be fixed with some patches when they are released.

  29. DJ Urkel Dee says:

    I'm still messing with the demo but I'm finding it hard to keep the sample decks locked in sync.... Certain samples works great but others drift after the 3 or 4th loop.

  30. I hate to be the person to rain on Traktors Parade but it would of been better if then had a trigger/cue play option for the sample player (Like SP6 serato)... Guess well just have to wait for them to figure out that Play/stop/loop is not whats hot..

  31. fintanogrady says:

    I have been looking faward to tp2 for ages with its spectrum waveforms only to find that mine looked all compressed in comparison to all the saple tracks. My music collection comprises of tracks ripped brtween 128 and 320kbs and all have been run through mp3 gain. I was dissapoited with the look of the waveform and thought about reripping my collection but i have previously been considering platinum notes and already have mixed in key so was curious if it could help as it dealt with clipped peaks which is what is what the wave showed and to my satisfaction it showed much better waveforms much was my pleasure as i had spent sixty odd quid to find if it would work the sound correction is also good and now tp2 and i are rocking again just as i had wished. Not sure if i could have made the same adjustments in mp3 gain but for me its done the job +1.

    • Phil Morse says:

      Be wary about using Platinum Notes blindly, after all it's about sound not what waveforms look like and you should always listen to the results carefully.

      Having said that, PN is a great program, we love it here.

      • fintanogrady says:

        As an s4 user tp2 was merely a visual upgrade and platnium notes has been a consideration for some time now for its audio healing properties but with no try before you buy it was a shot in the dark.Now why you had to mention using PN blindly is a mystry to me uncle phil.PN leaves origional files as they were so the first thing I did was to test in traktor 2 with my test batch running original in deck A and healed in deck B because its all about the sound but the first thing you notice is visual as it is with the upgrade to tp2 for s4 users. Many tp users as myself would prefer the old interface of tp 1.27 with its full waveforms for beatgridding and looping and following transitions to the new tp2 colour waveforms (with the compressed waveforms that i had).PN is not destructive as you mentioned in your post as analised files can be saved to a different folder.

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