Is The All-In-One iPad DJ Console Coming?

Livid Code Station iPad controller

The Livid Code Station iPad controller: It's not hard to imagine a stylish DJ controller along the same lines.

Take a look at these pictures we've found, that show a prototype iPad synth controller from boutique Midi gear manufacturer Livid, complete with built-in iPad dock/shelf system.

It's easy once you've seen this picture and the one below to make the mental leap from synth controller to DJ controller - especially as Livid already makes the frankly gorgeous Ableton Live and DJ-friendly Ohm64 Midi controller. If Livid don't do it, we think someone else surely will.

Why? Well, just imagine a well-built controller similar to this but with the crossfader of the Ohm64, controlling DJ software such as djay for iPad. You'd have the ultimate tabletop all-in-one DJ unit with no visible leads, and the screen tucked out of the way where nobody could see it. There'd be no typing on a keyboard - from the audience, swiping, tapping and even using the touchscreen keyboard for search and the like would appear simply like you were working a mixer. The combination of big, colour touchscreen and pro Midi controls seems like a win-win to us.

Livid Code Station iPad Controller

The DJ would see his controls and a clear, large interactive screen: The audience would see a DJ working his gear, not checking his emails.

For mobile DJs, bar DJs and home DJs who want a stylish-looking slim set-up that is just at home in their living room as in a gig, something like this could really hit the mark. You could prepare your set, download your tunes, beatgrid and so on using your iPad anywhere you wanted, then slot the same item in to your DJ console for seamless switching from preparation to performance.

These pictures - of a product called the Livid Code Station - are from Jay Smith of Livid's Flickr photostream, and are only a prototype, but we think there's definitely something in this for digital DJs.

What do you think? Could you see yourself DJing from an all-in-one console that you just slot your iPad into? Do you think a set-up like this could be the fix for some of the screengazing/"checking your emails" criticism sometimes levelled at laptop DJs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. very very cool

  2. This sort of thing is a great idea. A combination of hardware and touch interface can only be a good thing. I imagine an great Ableton controller here :)

  3. Seen this a couple of months back and it really is an inspiring little set up, if only the ipad could independently run top software like traktor or ableton wihtout the need for a seperate laptop. Then we would be really on to something

  4. I love it all. Push the envelope and break it all out of the "two decks and a mixer" mentality.

  5. this is what i've wanted since i bought an ipad!
    would love something like this - as you said with more faders and lose half the knobs for more buttons. would be great.

    that code controller with the iElectribe would be nice too. i'd like it if Korg gave us some new kits and sounds for the iElectribe - the set up pictured in this article would be perfect for an "all original material" djing night that i've heard a few local peeps are interested in.

  6. DJ Tovar says:

    I just purchased the Ipad2(still somewhere in the mail) and seeing products like this is AMAZING. I bought this product just because... no real reason.. I couldn't justify it in my head... maybe now I can start listing reasons for why I purchased this tablet. Thanks for helping me get the wife off my back... hahaha...

  7. Numark IDJ Live just looks cheap.. It is inexpensive... I would love to DJ from my Powered speakers, Controller and IPad... I hope this prototype has a mic input and a headphone jack...

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