Over To You: What Do I Need To Broadcast Live From My Laptop?

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The world's out there for DJs who want to broadcast their mixes over the web... but what's the best way to go about it?
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Digital DJ Tips reader Thabul Speks writes: "If I wanted to DJ online and do live broadcasts and podcasts, what equipment would I need? What's the best way to start?"

Well, the answer depends on whether you want to broadcast just your mixing or a more radio-style show, and whether you want to just do it live, or for listening to afterwards too (ie for later access by listeners who missed the live broadcast). The answer also depends on whether you want to do it for free or via a paid service. For instance, if you want to do it for free, don't expect to be able to reach a huge audience live, because someone has to fund that bandwidth.

Likewise, if you want to broadcast your voice, your DJ sets and maybe guest DJs, you're going to need to think about how you are going to mix those audio sources. And while some DJ software will let you broadcast direct, it's typically only the full paid-for versions, not the LE versions that are supplied with most DJ controllers, that have this feature.

Over to you...

As this isn't something we've yet covered here on Digital DJ Tips, we thought it best to throw it open to the community, because there is a lot of experience in this area among our readers and I'm sure you'll get several useful replies to help you on your way.

So, over to you: Can you help Thabul with some idea about what he needs, what services can help him with live broadcasting and podcasting, any online resources, and what he should do next? Please share your experience in the comments. Many thanks!

Phil Morse
Editor - Digital DJ Tips

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On 9 August 2011 04:48, DJ Speks wrote:
If I wanted to DJ online and do live broadcasts/podcast, what equipment do I need?

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  1. My broadcasting setup goes:

    Laptop/DJ equipment --> hooked up to external DJ soundcard --> which's output is hooked up to the Line-in of my Desktop PC --> which is hooked up to the internet for streaming purposes-

    Sounds complicated, but makes in fact things very easy, because your DJ Laptop doesn't have to deal with extra software and internet stuff running in the background, which might slow down even the most powerful Macbook under the wrong circumstances.

    The most popular websites to stream your stuff on are Ustream, Livestream and Mixlr. The first two allow you to stream a webcam feed with your music, the last one is for audio streams only. Each one of them are available for free, with some extras (more bandwith, higher quality streaming, more viewers/listeners allowed) available if you pay for them.

  2. u can try shoutcast/icecast service like listen2myradio.com.Its free and stable!i use traktor pro to broadcast! :)
    http://trancesessions.listen2myradio.com/ (its up only when i play live)

  3. Amazing timing with this post, as i have just started my own radio broadcast.
    i'll start first by saying it isnt as easy as you want it to be,infact it gets more complicated as more people listen to your station. That being said its super fun and mega cheap to do, and the CRTC cant touch you.

    Along time ago i dreamed of creating a radioshow in my city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I wanted to incorporate everything from the amazing local djs and producers to the amzing heavy weights and up an comers of the world. I put togther a proposal and went and met with some radio types here in halifax. much to my suprise i was shut down instantly. why you ask, well the only station in ur beloved city wasnt interested in having anything to do with it.
    It was a shame because i had been in contact with jody wisternoff, ricky ryan, victor hugo, ivan spell, tom morgan, and several other amazing djs who were going to dontate mixes to the show.

    fast forward to last week, i decided to pony up and get nicecast and some hosting through primcast and godaddy for my website.
    this is all do it your self kind of shit, and im teaching myself all of it as i go.

    for my audio set up i use 2 cdjs and a korg zero 4 mixer, and with nicecast.
    at first i had to contact primcast to get it setup, but they did it with me in a flash.
    now my plans are develop this into my original plan and try and get a monthly schedule set up.

    check it out
    ps: grand total so far is 45$ cdn, and 10/month for hosting.

  4. i should also mention i have a 24 hour 7 days a week service if anyone here wants to maybe start a show and stay commited to it, i would love to have you.
    drop me a line, and some info and maybe a soundcloud link of your work @

    Joey Bravo

  5. though only available in the US at this point, turntable.fm is promising to to take this to the mainstream.

  6. My simple setup is as this:

    1: Audio 4 dj
    2: Traktor pro
    3: Ustream free account
    4: 2 rca cables


    1) I set audio4dj in LINE mode (so that the inputs are LINE and not phono; VERY important)

    2) Set main output in A channel; and connect the rca from output A to input A.

    3) Set audio4dj channel A inputs as ustream input.


    Sometimes, I also have some friends come over and do a "propper" radio show. for that, I need:

    1: Audio 4 dj
    2: Traktor pro
    3: Ustream free account
    4: 2 rca cables
    5: microphone
    7: MIC pre amp

    1) I set audio4dj in LINE mode (so that the inputs are LINE and not phono; VERY important)

    2) Set main output in A channel; and connect the rca from output A to input A. I set RECORDING output (not monitor) as channel B. I connect our headphones to that channel.

    3) I connect the mics to the PREAMP MIC and connect that to the channel B input. Set deck C as live input.

    3) Set audio4dj channel A inputs as ustream input.

    - -

    This is the cheapest setup I figured; we don't even need an audio mixer to mix and fade our voices with the music, and we control everything from my ghetto x-session pro.

  7. listen2myradio.com , freestreamhosting, nicecast(gotta pay for it but so worth it works with everything from itunes to traktor. mixlr.com used to be free might have to pay now.

  8. Great article... I just started broadcasting on a site based from Paris France... I do a weekly spot on there and just fill in the server info into Virtual Dj....The quality is amazing ... I have been looking for a way to do it myself so this read helps alot...thanks guys

  9. If anybody is interested in doing a web show check out BSP Radio (bsp.org). We stream through Shoutcast and can be heard on winamp, media player, iTunes etc. We’ve been selected two times in the past year as the “Editors Pick” for the top 5 Dance + Electronica music internet radio stations on Windows Media Guide. Each time we’ve seen a boost in our listenership.

    The stations main focus is around techno and house music. If you fit that criterion, are good at mixing and want a biweekly or monthly show then hit us up. We'll accept prerecorded shows to start out. When we see that you have committed to a regular show for six to twelve consecutive months we can consider allowing you to connect to our stream through a live feed which we would provide a tutorial on how to do so.

    This is not for profit. We are making this available for you to promote yourself free of charge. We just want good music and good DJ’s to fill up time slots on the server.


  10. http://www.mixlr.com lets you stream your set live. it also saves your set and lets you export it to mixcloud and other sites.

  11. I didn't see mentioned in the original post what the goal was, if it's just to "play out" to your mates tuned in on the Net then there are many ways to stream your show, as mentioned above from Shoutcast, BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) for Macs and uStream etc.

    If you want to reach a big audience then like anything on the web now the problem you will have is getting people to find you and listen to you.

    Unless you can sign up with a service that will promote you, you will be just another guy among the thousands listed. Go to Shoutcast.com and type in Electro or House, once you go past the stations with hundreds of listeners you will see hundreds of stations with 2 or 4 listeners.. see what I mean?

    I'm not saying this to put you off, go for it, it's great fun and good experience.

    I've ran stations for over 10 years and had thousands of listeners tuned in, the problem with that it becomes very expensive and you attract the attention of the regulatory authorities. (that's a whole other matter)

    As some of the other guys have said here, if you have a second PC, use that to do the actual streaming if you can, to save your DJ laptop being overloaded.

    If you only have your DJ laptop thought, the setup can be as simple as:

    DJ Laptop running your performance software, Nicecast or BUTT (Mac) upstreaming to a Shoutcast or LIVE365 or some other streaming server and that's it.

    Streaming is a great tool though, I currently have a weekly slot on an FM radio station in the UK. I do my show from here in Los Angeles and it goes out over the FM radio transmitter over 5,000 miles away. Don't you just love technology...

    The kit I use for that is:

    Macbook DJ Laptop with Traktor 2
    Traktor S4

    output to Mackie mixer which also has my mic input via a sidechain Behringer Composer Pro to provide the ducking for the voiceover

    Output from Mackie to Composer Pro to compress and limit the signal then out to Presonus external soundcard connected to second PC running shoutcast which upstreams to the stations server which then goes to the FM transmitter.

    As you can see, it can get as complex as you like, but you can do it all just with your laptop if you wish..

    I can give you a whole lot more info if you want, just give me a shout.


  12. Mixlr will allow you to select the same soundcard output and just broadcast the main-out channel (no additional cables, loopbacks and DA-AD conversion quality loss). On Win7 that is.

    Another noteworthy tool is "playtrough"/virutal audio cable/virtual scoundcard.

    Sorry for my french, Im le tired.

  13. Dj Young Style says:

    I am just a bit confused - if I use serato how would I stream live? I'm using 2 vynl turntables and a 4 channel mixer. I guess the wiring is where I'm confused at.

  14. My question is how do you connect the audio to the second PC if you are planning to use one for running traktor and streaming from the second?

    • I seen your question here, it seems a while since anyone commented on this story, so here goes, I use a laptop, cheap ass jobby, with vdj8, and hercules instinct, I have 2 outputs other than headphones, and use the mic input on laptop for vdj using internal soundcard.

      1 output goes to amp, the other is rca out to phono in, use the line in, green, at the back of your pc, you can use something like audacity to get your soundcard set up, levels right, not bad for under £100 is it, and I've been doing this for over a year.

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