The One DJ Software Officially Announced


The One: DJ software rethought. Read on for a summary of its main features...

EKS has officially announced The One, a new type of DJ software that promises several innovations for the creative DJ.

Launched today at NAMM, the software - from Audio Artery, a subsidiary of Finnish DJ equipment company EKS - radically rethinks the way DJs play live, offering the ability to turn player decks into "powerful and easy to use audio edit stations, in which you can chop or combine tracks or even create complete DJ mixes while the track is still playing".

By dragging tracks, audio clips and samples to the timeline from the browser, you can powerfully build your mix in a way different to the DJ software, utilising Snap to Grid functionality to make synchronisation easy.The software is also fully user configurable from the visual side, with every element able to be resized, hidden and dragged around the screen to give you the working environment that suits your DJing.

The One boasts a modular audio routing system that allows effects and mixers to be assigned to anywhere in the audio chain - meaning that effects can be placed between players and mixer, or used as master effects, for instance

Finally, it is Midi mappable to DJ controllers, although there is no word on what controllers it will work with out-of-the-box as yet.

First version available in Spring
The first version to be available will be the One Core edition, available this spring for US$59 / €49. the company is promising a "feature packed premium edition" later in 2012 too.

At first glance, it combines elements of pre-planned mixing software like Mixmeister with more traditional DJing workflow, and we're looking forward to getting a sample from the company to write a full review for you.

Does this look exciting to you, or can you see things you're not sure whether you like? Do you think we need more DJ software? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Hopefully this will give the big guys a run for their positions. All a company would have to do is actually listen to their users and implement the changes in a semi timely manner, and they would get the entire market, especially since this software is modular and configurable.

    • JonnyFlash says:

      Cross DJ by Mixvibes seems to listen to their users and is a pretty easy to use and understand software. Granted I have only used the free version but it works great. I have tried mixxx which is great for being free and VirtualDJ Free and they are both good but the support the Mixvibes seems to put out there and their forums is good. Just wish the software was four decks.

  2. Did'nt we all ready have a piece of software at did this called mixmeister ?

    • I actually tried Mixmeister, and I thought it was almost TOO good. The software did all of the mixing for you!
      Now, I am normally alright with sync functionality, and embracing new tech, but what would stop a club from forsaking the dj, and just making a playlist and hitting play? It's a scary thought, and not a particularly unrealistic one at that. Obviously the software would not have unique mixes, with effects and other personal touches, and can not connect with the humans on the dancefloor, but what about in the future?

    • Mixmeister? It's specs looked angelic but it once you started trying to actually use it, it revealed it's demonic nature. Unreliable and bug ridden. Workflow so tortured that if it was hardware, I would have taken thrown it against a brick wall and delighted in seeing it pieces. Why Numark bought it is unfathomable.

  3. best thing for this software is for creating mixtapes

  4. i would not consider this for playing live... i mean.. it kills the whole DJ "disk jockey" i mean i accept live sets but this, its just like mixmeister..

  5. If its not a powerhog and runs with linux, then we have a winner at our hands. Vci 400 with this and booya. My only- but significant fear is that this takes a lot of impromptu creativity away and dj's start to premake their mixes by arranging the clips. Like ableton lite dj's edition or something.

  6. I can't wait to make my own layout ....... will be lovely with behringer's new toys 😉

  7. I think its quite a bit more than mixmeister. In comparison mixmeister and abelton do pretty much the same thing when it comes to tracks and timeline. They were just saying you can do that with this software in addition to about anything you can imagine. I believe the one will set some new standards on flexibility.

    Teaser Video is here (and its 4 months old!!!)....

  8. groovemixer says:

    Looks very interesting!

  9. Aidan Johnson says:

    Played with Mixmeister before, which is great for creating mixes, but from a DJ's perspective absolutely no fun at all. This looks far too similar - where's the spontaneity?? e.g. if a crowd is going nuts unexpectedly to a track you are playing, it looks like too much clicking and dragging to react quickly. Hoping there is a more 'natural' way to arrange tunes (like pressing play at the right time 😀 )
    Loving the ability to insert FX wherever you choose in the signal path - hope this works with VSTs as well.

  10. DJ Steve Moller says:

    While it does look a lot like mixmeister, I think this is more geared for an on the fly mix, and more geared to someone who is actually DJing live. You probably COULD set up a full timeline and just press play like a lot of ableton djs do (I have seen headliners do this, so it isnt limited to small guys), but I think if you properly prepped your tunes in advance, this could be a powerful tool for throwing in clips, vocal samples and quick transitions in genre, bpm etc.

    To the person asking whats to keep a club from replacing their dj, jukeboxes, mixmeister and pcdj with autoplay have been around forever, and my job has never felt endangered by any of these "automated" software programs.

  11. This software sounds pretty interesting. I'd definitely check it out if it's as reliable and fully featured (as far as effects and midi support/mapping) as the other established programs. The downside to using a new program, especially for beginning DJ's, is limited support from the community in the form of tutorials, YouTube videos, etc.

  12. I don't see this as an "automatic DJ robot" tool and even if it was, how is that any different than putting on a mix CD, etc. and one would expect the same boring results.

    What I find interesting about One is that there's been countless times when I've been using Traktor or similar DJ software when I've simply wanted to cut out an overly long section or otherwise just done some simple edits. If I could that in place, without having to move the track over to Soundforge or Ableton Live to perform the surgery, I'd count that alone as a big win. BTW, those are the kind of operations that I would NOT be doing while I'm DJing, LOL!

  13. Really excited with its flexibility to move around windows and hide stuff!
    Even more exciting is how it could keep a mix going whilst throwing in a few loops and other samples!

    Might feel a bit like Mixmeister but at least there's still room for control and creativity, at least, in my view.

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