Your Questions: How Can I Record With Traktor LE or Serato Intro?

Serato Intro works great with the Mixtrack Pro... until you want to record your sets, that is. Pic from: Numark Video

Serato Intro works great with the Mixtrack Pro... until you want to record your sets, that is. Pic from: Numark Video

Digital DJ Tips reader Ashwim writes: "I was wondering how to record my mixes. At the moment I have a Numark Mixtrack Pro running off either Traktor LE 2 or Serato Intro (whichever I feel like at the time I play). Do I need to upgrade anything to record?

"And also, do you think that I should in your opinion maybe change my Mixtrack Pro to something like the Numark N4 or the Traktor Kontrol S2?"

Digital DJ Tips says:

Unfortunately, You can't record with either piece of software. If you upgraded to Traktor Pro you could, but disabling the ability to record your sets is one of the usual things companies do with software that comes "free" with controllers - which is a shame, because recording your sets is really important. So to do this, the best way is to get a stereo splitter cable to split the master output into two outputs, then plug one of those into your speakers as usual, and the other into anything that can record for you.

That could be an MP3 player with a record function, a smartphone with a recording app, or even another computer, If you use another computer, you can use something like Audacity (free DAW software) to record your set.

Do I need to upgrade?
Regarding upgrading, maybe if you want more powerful software upgrade to Traktor Pro 2, but I'd say at this stage don't worry about changing your gear. The Mixtrack Pro is fine for learning with and playing gigs on as you improve. There's no need to upgrade.

Instead, get a couple of years of solid learning under your belt - including as many DJ sets in public as you can! Remember, you can learn on anything. Don't let anyone hoodwink you into thinking that gear will make you a better DJ - it won't. Playing music regularly in public, on the other hand, will. And you can do that on pretty much anything.

Do you have software that stops you being able to record your sets? How do you get around it? Any advice you can add to mine would be much appreciated.

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  1. actually with some hackery using internal input routing software you can record your sets without any external hardware but this can be pretty complicated and presents a very heavy load on your computer. i will see if i can help with some tutorial, though I am not sure.

  2. Couldn't you use the second output on the Mixtrack Pro to output into a smartphone or back into a laptop?

  3. lordamercy says:

    If u got the dough and you like traktor get the s2 and sell your mixtrack pro. A full version of traktor pro 2 and a controller that will last you for cut price atm. If u haven't got the money yet, its just one of dem things that the software companies get away with. Ashame they don't take note of Djay on the Mac which is like 20 quid for a full software hmmmmmm

  4. I'm glad you keep pushing the upgrade issues. It's not about having the most expensive rig with the flashiest buttons and knobs. Just work with what you got and rock the party!!!! And don't be afraid to record unworked home mixes also. I've found some of the most incredible pieces and mashups I've done just from messing around during practice sessions.

  5. I've been having issues recording with my current setup - Traktor 2 Pro and a Denon MC-6000. For some reason, when I record through Traktor and choose to mix externally, a majority of the time the recorded mix is distorted really bad. It seems to happen on and off, and I can't figure out what the problem is.
    I can record while mixing internally with Traktor fine, but then I would lose the ability to cue with headphones, eq kill, and who knows what else.

  6. If you have a booth output/2nd output on your controller (which I think the Mixtrack pro has) you can invest in a usb sound card/audio interface with rca inputs (Behringer UCA202 is what I have) and just plug the booth output into that and record with Audactiy. Plus you have control over your recording volume with the booth knob on your controller.

  7. If you use a club mixer, most have a spare set of outputs and you could use a portable audio recorder to record your mix.

  8. It's great that you are looking to record your sets—I think it is the single most important thing a DJ (pro or beginner) can do to improve.
    Personally, I use a stand alone recorder (not through my computer or software) because I need to be able to record ALL my sets (vinyl or digital, on my computer & equipment or not), and I like to record my friends' & openers sets. The recorder I have (m audio microtrack 2--here is the rest of my set-up: also has a mic input & I've used it for interviews as well. There are a lot of options for recording your sets, I just like to be as versatile as possible without adding any drag on my computer. Good luck!

  9. If you have a second computer, you could output to that computer and record with it.

    I more cosign though on coming up with the cash to get a full version of your DJ software. The LE versions IMHO are more for you to try out or for hobbyists to play with. I like that controllers include them with discounts on full versions because it let's people like me who do not use Serato or Traktor buy controllers without the added cost of software we're not going to use.

  10. Download a software called Audacity (free) select your soundcard/audio interface as the input and record through that.

  11. Hey I have Numark Mix Track and I using Virtual Pro and LE and I'm able to use my software to record my sets as well as my Radio Podcast show.

  12. thanks for the info, need the stereo splitter. cheap :-)

  13. 2 turntables, 2 channel mixer =xone 22 HAS RECORD OUT... for recording, kp3, traktor kontrol x1. all you will ever need.

  14. Can I record with a DJM250?

  15. What about IRig Midi you think that would work to record?

  16. You definitely can't do it with LE and Serato Lite. I have the same setup and ended up getting the full version of Traktor.

    You can however as people have already stated, use the second set of RCA outputs on the back of the Mixtrack Pro and loop them back into your computer (second soundcard needed) and record with Audacity.

    Not sure what kind of load this would put on your computer what with running Traktor and recording you mix at the same time.

  17. You can actually record your sets on Virtual DJ Home (the free edition) though sadly, you can't use a controller such as a Mixtrack Pro with it as it shuts itself down after a couple of minutes to prompt you to upgrade.

    I DJ at a club with 2 floors, I'm live downstairs in the main room, and record a pre-planned chillout set on VDJ Free to play upstairs through an MP3. I know it's not ideal, and I can't record my sets as I go, but it works for what I need it for.

    Just to highlight what has already been said about being able to play on anything - when I first started DJing and couldn't afford to shell out on controllers & software, I was using VDJ free on my laptop with no controller, and managed fine. I would practice beforehand, write down all my cue points, and play a pre-planned set that way. Obviously, if I needed to alter anything 'on the hoof' it was a bit of a ball-ache, but I would carry my iPod with me too, listen to tracks on there, get the cue point from it and then implement it on the laptop.

  18. I have an iPod touch 4g, is there an app that can record if you ?

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