Musikmesse 2012 DJ Products: Best Of The Rest

musikmesse 2012

Over the past week we've been bringing you preview and reviews of new gear from this year's Musikmesse trade fair in Frankfurt. We have a lot of video material that we'll post over the next week or two as well.

But today is our round-up of the best of the rest: Stuff that we haven't got room to feature separately but which nonetheless caught our eye at the show. We trawled the halls (and believe me there are lots of them as well as the "remix" hall where most of the DJ gear is) and our feet bear the scars...

Best of the rest...


Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53 Headphones

The improved Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53 Headphones replace the XD-53s.

Allen & Heath XD2-53 DJ headphones

Advertised as being worn by no less than Radio 1's veteran DJ Pete Tong, the new Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53 headphones have got a shiny gun metal finish to replace the silver of the old model, and also add a detachable coiled cable - an improvement on the fixed cable of the previous model. They retain the pro features of their previous incarnation, though, including high quality leather padding and 53mm drivers, so the sound quality should be exactly the same.



MixVibes on iPad

MixVibes was showing a pre-release iPad version of its Cross software.

MixVibes Cross DJ Software for iPad

MixVibes has been hard at work, and was debuting a version of its Cross DJ software designed for iPad. It borrows heavily from the full-sized version of the package, and from the small demo we were shown is slick indeed. You can drag tunes onto decks in a similar way to with djay for iPad (including the record label), there are good effects including X/Y control, and the library functionality is slick. Plus, beatmatching is tight and there are parallel waveforms. We like it.



Magma CTRL case for NS6

The Magma CTRL case, which comes in XL and XXL.

Magma CTRL Soft Cases

Magma was showing a range of cases for popular DJ controllers. In two sizes (XL/XXL), they fit the Numark NS6, the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO and the Traktor Kontrol S4. Custom-sized cases like this make sense because they do a better job of protecting your gear, as it can't "rattle around" in the case, reducing the protection afforded.


Deckadance for iPad

Forthcoming Deckadance for iPad, running with DJ-Tech hardware.

Deckadance for iPad, controlled by DJ-Tech hardware

Two first here: Deckadance will soon also be available for iPad, and it will have hardware support for some DJ-Tech controllers, including the DJ For All and DJ Tech's modular digital devices. You'll need an Apple camera interface to connect to the iPad (as per picture). The app will be on sale soon for just a few dollars.



Aerial7 DJ-Inspired Headphones

The Aerial7 DJ-inspired headphones are designed for street and club use.

Aerial7 DJ-inspired headphones

These are certainly daring to be different. Coming in a whole range of styles and colours, these headphones are equally at home on the street or in the club, and have an equally distinctive set of features to match their looks. They all come with two interchangeable cables, one with a microphone for street use, and a coiled DJ-style cable for home and club listening. We'll be reviewing a pair of these shortly.



Vestax V-Midi

An audio interface, Midi interface and power supply for your iOS device, all in one.

Vestax V-Midi iOS Core Midi Interface

This attractive, round white plastic device gives you high-quality loud audio out from your iDevice, plus Midi so you can use a USB Midi controller to take physical control of any iOS music software with Midi learn capability. Furthermore, it's powered, so it will charge your iPad for you at the same time as you're using it.



Numark Electrowave

Numark's new Electrowave DJ headphones, in white and grey.

Numark Electrowave DJ Headphones

These are roughly the same price as the Behringer model we reviewed last week, and overall they're of a similar (reasonably high) quality. While there's no detachable cord, you do get really nice suede-feel padding, and the white and gret design is sure to appeal to some DJs. They sounded good to and felt built to last. We look forward to reviewing them at some point soon.


Magma stand

A sturdy, flat-folding stand from Magma, due summer.

Magma Stand

We were impressed with this new stand from Magma. It is solidly built, has long foam rubber attachments to protect the underside of your laptop or controller (which actually are better than the rubber "rings" on the luxury Crane Stand because they won't perish as easily), and it felt extremely sturdy too. What's more, it packs perfectly flat into its own bag. It could well give Crane a run for its money.



Ultrasone Pro DJ Headphones

The Ultrasone Pro DJ Headphones: their S-Logic technology claims better sound for DJing.

Ultrasone Pro DJ Headphones

While not strictly new, these are new to us. Two models were on show, this picture being the Pro model. They have some clever engineering at work which claims to improve sound for DJing. We gave them a quick try and they were very comfortable and in a loud hall sounded great - so we've asked for some review samples in order to investigate further. Expect our verdict on them in the coming weeks.



Neusonik iA/ONE

Neusonik offered a range of iOS interfaces.

Neusonik iA/ONE iOS interface

A new name to us, Neusonik offered a range of iOS interfaces. Most were aimed squarely at musicians rather than DJs, except this one, which would definitely be useful to the iOS digital DJ. It comes with high-quality stereo line inputs and outputs, plus round the back are an XLR and microphone input (dual plug). Like the V-Midi from Vestax, it also has a USB Midi port. However, in this instance there's no external power.



TMA-1 studio headphones

The stylish new studio headphones from AIAIAI, that complement their existing DJ 'phones.

AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Headphones

Although these are studio not DJ phones, we had to include them because of how gorgeous the design is. Those thick foam pads are an option (you can have leather too), and your ears are held apart from the drivers by a good distance, with very little pressure, so you could wear these for a long time without discomfort. They sounded a little less aggressive and also less loud than the equally excellent and emblematic DJ model.


MixVibes Cross 2.0

MixVibes Cross 2.0 brings in sample decks, just like Traktor 2.0 did...

MixVibes Cross 2.0 DJ Software

MixVibes was previewing its forthcoming Cross 2.0 DJ software. Quietly, Cross has become a capable player. Now with decent effects (since 1.7), and sample decks too, added to its excellent library manipulation (MixVibes was behind Pioneer's RekordBox library software) and some of the best elastic beatgridding and syncing in the business, version 2.0 takes another leap forward for the French company.




Overall, then, while there wasn't a huge amount of new stuff on show this year, there were some interesting controllers (the Vestax VCI-380, and the Stanton DJC.4 caught our eye), and it was also good to see the innovative iPad controller from Numark, the iDJ Pro, actually working (video coming soon).

iOS DJing continues to grow with both MixVibes and Deckadance adding iOS versions, so it can't really be long before the big boys wade in. Talking of software, we have a full preview video of Virtual DJ 8 coming in the next week or so (for enthusiasts only - it goes into some depth). This was probably the most exciting piece of software we saw all week.

So that's it for another year! Time to start editing and uploading all the video material we filmed for you.

What caught your eye the most this year? What were you maybe expecting that didn't happen? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I can verify the good quality of the "Ultrasone DJ Pro 1" headphones.
    i ve been working a year with them and ive ordered a second pair. i wouldnt change them with an other model at the moment. before i had the classic Sehnheiser and Technics. but i ve much more fun Djing with them and i can still listen to what people say after work :)
    they have this S-logic Technology that protects your ear.

  2. I absolutely love the Ultrasone DJ Pro, have them for about 18 months now and they are one of the few, which are really going around the ear and not just sit above them :)

    Couldn't find anything on the new Magma Stand, how about Price and availability?

    • Jam-Master Jake says:

      Man, I wish this was available about 2 weeks ago...I just sprang for a Stanton Uberstand. It's a KICK-ASS little stand, but the laptop portion is not adjustable, so it's a "you get what you get angle."

      Lots of neat stuff, Phil. Nothing super-exciting, but still some good stuff anyway!

  3. Dj Steve says:

    Glad to se the Ultrasone Pro DJ Headphones. I've been supporting them before here at forum.
    I've been using them for 3-years now. -The same pair.
    Im doing about 150gigs a year. This is real quality..
    good sound, islotation and built quality..
    I'm mixing by headphones most of the time...just go for Ultrasone Pro DJ Headphones...
    /Dj Steve

  4. Maurice Carpede says:

    I am completely new to club djing. Have been doing radio for many years though. I bought the Ultrasone Pro DJ Headphones based on reviews and comments similar to what I read here. I use them on my Traktor S4 and for some reason they sound soft. Certainly not as loud as some people claim. I really have to push the volume button on the controller all the way up to hear properly. Don't get me wrong though, the sound quality in my humble opinion is superb to say the least.

    Now I read an article here the other day Phil where you mentioned that headphones generally sound softer when used with midi controllers. Is there a way to work around this problem? Perhaps some kind of headphone amp that can be used to boost the volume a little? If so what would you recommend? Looking forward to your review of the cans. P.S. Perhaps I am a little deaf after 15 years of radio djing. LOL... :-)

    • Sensitive headphones is one answer, try plugging your DJ controller into the mains if there's the option as that can give it enough power to provide a louder signal too.

    • Dj Steve says:

      Adjust settings in traktor pro 2 (2 212)
      Go to Preferences-Mixer-Level-Headroom.
      Under Hedroom just grab NONE and the output level on th S4 gets higher. Its not the headphones...its a setting thing...good luck...

  5. Tekton1k says:

    I don't know what it is exactly, but something about that new Cross for iPad app really gets me going. It's stylish, but maintains all the features that I would need. Did they happen to disclose the price for this yet?

  6. Maurice Carpede says:

    DJ Steve thank you very much for the advice. Will try that option. Phil thanks for your input as well. Much appreciated!

  7. Great products i purchased the A&H xd2's there's nothing like it i'm using them @ the viper night club in LA this week ... out Dj Fher !!!!

  8. StygianSoul says:

    I use Aerial7 Tank headphones. They are relatively inexpensive as far as DJ headphone go, and so far they've held up great. I haven't used the mic cord, so I can't really comment on it. The coiled cord is long enough to allow me to move around, but does tend to get in the way, so i make sure to run it over the power and usb cables to keep it off of my controller. The seem to have great response and get plenty loud enough for the small gigs that I've done.

  9. Nice article thanks - like the look of the Vestax V-Midi

  10. On the box of the Magma stand, it also support Ipad, APC20 and many more.
    You can also give it different raises and the feet are like a Z.

    I was a little skeptical when I saw it (oh an other laptop stand !) but to be honest, it is very well though & designed and also look solid.

  11. prizcljm says:

    Ultrasone headphones are hands down the best investment I ever made. Been using them for over 5 years now and they are built to last.

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