Traktor Kontrol F1 & Traktor Pro 2.5 To Hit Stores May 30


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1 and Traktor Pro 2.5: Ushering in the next wave of Traktor as of May 30.

The latest Traktor hardware and software from Native Instruments - namely the Kontrol F1 Ableton-style clip controller and Traktor Pro 2.5, the software whose new functionality it has been designed to harness - will hit stores at the end of May 2012, it was announced today. The software features "Remix Decks", a development of the sample deck concept first included in the Traktor S4 then Traktor Pro 2 software. Remix decks are directly controlled by the keys on the F1, allowing the triggering of up to 64 one-shots, loops or even full tracks on up to four separate "Remix Decks".

Perhaps most excitingly, an on-the-fly performance constructed in such a way can be saved, complete with beatgrid, BPM and key information, in a new file format, which can be loaded into a track deck in Traktor's browser - instant mashups here we come! It is easy to then control a remix deck via jogwheel or control vinyl, scratching and cueing as if the material were a simple audio file.

Alongside a DJ controller or a Traktor Kontrol X1 (which it shares the form factor of) plus a Traktor Scratch system, the new software and hardware sets out to blend further the lines between turntablism and controllerism. SRP is US$279 / €249 including Traktor Pro 2.5. All owners of Traktor Pro 2.x get a free upgrade to 2.5.

To support the announcement and to demonstrate some of what the new hardware and software is capable of, Native Instruments released the following video, featuring a routine from Shiftee and Greg Nice.



Find out more:
• See the press photos released today
• Read the full Traktor Kontrol F1 & Traktor Pro 2.5 press release
• Go to the Traktor Twitter account to find out how you could win one

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on this? Should Ableton and the other DJ software companies be worried? Or is this moving in a direction you're not interested in? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. lordamercy says:


  2. Looks sick!

    Question: other than native (pun intended) support, what would be the advantage of the F1 over, say, an Akai MPD26? Seems like you could map them in the same way, and the MPD26 has the added advantage of more fx control. Has anyone tried this with Traktor 2 Pro?


  4. I thought Ean Golden would show his techniques on that. Maybe that'll come next as promo video. What I really like about the video is that you always know what he's playing, it's like augmented reality and this supports the understanding on how the music works that Shiftee is doing right there.

    I just need money for all that Traktor stuff NI has to offer. It's definitely worth the money. On the other hand it doesn't matter what kind of hardware you use: The DJ still makes the music.

  5. soulguru says:

    That looks kool, but also seems

  6. antiMACtax says:

    APC40 looks a bit nicer for Traktor 2.5. (2 F1's on 1 board)

    I hope there is touch sensitive pad support for the maschine.(not likely)

  7. Yeah, NI knows whats needed to bring Digital DJing to the next level!
    Some other companies would have made a new version 3.0 with these new features, but this are the best news: "All owners of Traktor Pro 2.x get a free upgrade to 2.5" 😀 that would be me too then.
    Well, I guess they want me to buy the F1 as well, but first I wanna see what Behringers CMD LC-1 has to offer (

  8. I have an APC40 and MPD32 so I'll just copy the mapping and make 2 F1 controllers w the APC40. But it is pretty awesome.

  9. A woooow and yes came to mind reading the email 😀 and then going to their site and see it will be free for me. When I saw the first teaser of this and then those beheringer modulars. I've wondered if not some of theirs could work much like the F1. And if they added just 2 more modifiers states I could probable map my VMS to controll most of the sample decks.
    I will upgrade but not jumping on the F1 if other cheaper alternatives can be used.

  10. Looks really cool, but there has to be some massive creativity goin on for you to fully utilize that gear.

  11. I've been waiting patiently for this news to come out and at least it's in sight! I tend to side with djgullum comments regarding purchasing, however the new Intel chipsets should be coming out around then as well, I have to save my money.

  12. "on-the-fly performance constructed in such a way can be saved, complete with beatgrid, BPM and key information, in a new file format, which can be loaded into a track deck in Traktor’s browser"

    I would love to learn more about this, I don't fully understand what this is describing. Is this describing putting bits into the sample slots, or describing saving the bits later?

    thanks, -Erik

    • Seems to be, yes. So you can create something new, save it as a complete "track", then load and DJ with it as one thing.

      • DJ Mustachio Nuts says:

        I'm loving my S4 I bought on this site's reccommendation and can't wait for this software update. I've been cutting samples with the s4 and combining them into live remixes using 1 full deck and the reamaining is 12 sample decks. I'm already having a hard time keeping all my samples straight and manually triggering all the different samples that make up my remix verse. If I'm understanding this software update right, it's going to allow me to set up a "scene" that I can trigger which will in turn activate the samples that I had previously assigned to that scene. So instead of individually triggering the kick sampe, the hi hat, and the synth part I'm combining into a new verse, I can hit the new remix pack button and trigger all of these as a single audio file?

        Is there anyone to get more info on how this new functionality will work in the software.

        DJ Mustachio Nuts

      • Can you link to the review of the s4?

        If I'm planning on buying the s4 do anyone know if they are launchin a newer version along with their software upgrade?

  13. Looks kind of like abelton in serato bridge? Same kind of idea I think.

    • antiMACtax says:

      I'd assume this is going to be less of a hassle to get things rolling compared to The Bridge. (Inclusive within Traktor)

      Also, you can scratch samples. You can't with The Bridge because Ableton's audio engine doesn't like playing backwards.

      Otherwise, yeah this is Traktor's answer to the bridge.

      Still, I'd love to see NI perfect Maschine/Traktor integration.

      • +100
        I've got two X1s and Maschine so I suppose I could just map the MIDI channel of my Maschine controller to control the remix decks (got a few ideas in mind already) but native integration between the two is long overdue and with the number of workarounds in existence, I don't see why it's not been implemented yet.

  14. Radoswave says:

    Seems to be a great tool!

  15. What you can do with 2.5 and THE ' old ' X1 ? Tips anybody ?

  16. Not fair! Traktor Pro 2, by itself, costs 199€ and you get Traktor Pro 2.5 (a free upgrade) for free if you buy the controller for 249€. This means you get the controller, by itself, for just 50€. Sort of. But do we get a discount for the controller if we're already registered users of Traktor Pro 2? Noooo...

    Well, I'm joking. You don't actually get the controller for 50€, it's more like you get Traktor for free. It still isn't quite fair to the users who paid good money for it. Uh, can we sell our copy of Traktor Pro 2, now? :)

  17. Can you use the F1 with ableton?

  18. Bad new fellas: for now the F1 will be the only controller which can access these important functions at launch. Making the remix decks inoperable without the F1 controller. I'll try to sell my traktor pro 2 to make up for it.

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