Video: Numark iDJ Pro Working Demo

When we broke new of the first-of-its-kind Numark iDJ Pro back at this year's NAMM, it was a non-working prototype on display.

A couple of weeks ago at Musikmesse 2012, however, we got to actually see a working version. We made this video to show you what all the fuss is about.

Our first impressions

We found the Numark iDJ Pro to be characteristically slick (you'd expect nothing less from Algoriddim, the company behind the djay software that this runs - nobody could accuse any of their products of being "clunky"), and addictive to DJ with - the way they've mixed hardware controls with software feedback is neat. The thing that will probably end up marking this system apart from the rest, though, is the ability to DJ from iTunes in the cloud. We could see mobile DJs loving access to all of the world's musicfor instant purchase and play.

Now, if someone could only just find a way to shoehorn Spotify into this thing, you'd have the ultimate all-in-one hardware, software and music library...

• We have no firm price and availability yet for the Numark iDJ Pro. Watch this space for info as we get it, and of course for a full review.

Having seem the video, what do you think? Future of DJing or expensive flop? Let us know your thoughts in the iDJ Pro in the comments...

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  1. José Reach says:

    It needs some more feautures and evolutions, but I can see this going to be big! Hope not soon though, don't want to give up my S4 yet.

  2. Dj Darth says:

    This is slick indeed. Now if they only could add a sample pad feature à la DJ Rig I would buy this without hesitation.

  3. DJ Duckie says:

    You forgot to mention that you still can't play in stereo while pre-cueing. This is in no way a "pro" solution. I'm waiting until someone gets their shit together.

  4. I think we should wait for it to hit retail to see if the mono issue has been fixed or not. So far those on youtube are prototypes, I think. We're still months before this hits the retailers.

  5. it doesn't have EQ knobs. :/ EQ'ing on a touch screen while mixing a new track in is a pain.

  6. DJ Orlando says:

    Heyya guys,

    I currently been DJing with 'djay' application just on my iPad and I personally emailed Numark when they will be releasing it in Australia.. Got a reply within 2 days saying..

    " Hi Aidan,

    Thank you for your email.

    We are expecting the Numark iDJ Pro to arrive into Australia (and worldwide) around late July 2012.

    In Perth, you can secure yourself a pre-order with:
    Kosmic Sound: Ph. 9204 7577
    DJ Factory: Ph. 9228 1911
    Audio Source: Ph. 9354 3185

    Thank you.

    Mark Spies - Brand Manager
    Numark | Akai Professional | Alesis | innoFADER. "

    That was the full email i received after asking when it would be released in australia.. If you want the email address or other info that I didn't supply just email me on


  7. In response to the comments above. I have seen a video from the guy at numark stating that the cue and output will be stereo as it is all done within the hardware of the idj pro. And look closer, it features the equal controls that djay has :)

  8. Eq* controls! Damnyouautocorrect

  9. It does play in stereo you need a mono to stereo lead as if you playing with the iPad

  10. I am new to DJing, although I am very familiar with ios. I'm getting more and more interested in purchasing this device, to integrate my ipad, with djay. Anybody with advice regarding whether or not this is a good buy for me, would be GREATLY appreciated!

  11. We had a nice presentation and Interview about the iDJ Pro at the IFA 2012 in Germany. Its all in German but very interesting:

  12. Pre cueing not available???? I can seem to listen to one thing in the headphones while the other is playing out the main??? Is there anyway to do this???

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