Video: Virtual DJ 8 Alpha Talkthrough


Coloured waveforms are an obvious development, but under the skin there are many much more profound changes to the software.

We've already looked at the new features of Virtual DJ 8, but we managed to grab Heiko from Virtual DJ at Musikmesse 2012 (early one morning before it was too noisy) to give us a really in-depth video talkthrough.

Virtual DJ certainly does things differently; whereas other companies might keep things out of the public eye until they're totally ready, Virtual DJ's team is happy to share its thinking and thought processes with us. As such this video is not for the casual viewer; it goes into a lot of detail at nearly half an hour long. However, if you're a committed user of Virtual DJ, and you're excited to get a thorough, advanced grounding in what new features will be available to you when Version 8 launches later this year, it's all here.

Even if you're not a Virtual DJ user, there are some innovative things going on that may still interest you - and if nothing else, the video gives us an insight into the process of bringing DJ software to market.

I recommend you grab a comfy chair though, because as I say this is no bite-sized summary, and we've left it unedited for unabridged geeky pleasure. If you just want a quick scan of the new features, look at our Virtual DJ 8: Major features so far summary instead.



How do you think this latest version of the software will play to Virtual DJ's strengths and weaknesses? What features stood out for you having had the chance to take a proper look at them? We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. VIRTUAL DJ 7 had the feature that the main waveform can change in to all types of shape you could choose between 4-5 different waveforms i hope they put that feature back in VDJ 8

  2. Macro program, hmmm only a slight mention but I am intrigued. you could do some very interesting things with hot cue macros. I use the ns7/itch setup but a macro system might be able to get me to buy it.

    • synthet1c says:

      in VDJ7 you can already use macro's in mapping by combining commands with "&" and use conditioinal variables eg,

      loop ? loop_exit : hot_cue 1 & loop

      that will make you a hot loop

  3. This looks totally awesome.

  4. DJ OMAR says:

    I think they should also change the wave forms on the top part of the screen to colored as well instead of leaving them as red and blue.

  5. im loving all the new changes still want to know how apple friendly it will be ... the most i miss out of when i had a pc text effects will they be fixed and as a vj will there be more transitions on video part

  6. Since VDJ is my program of choise I am very much looking forward to its 8th installment. I especially enjoyed seeing that they would revamp the sampler. To me that is it's strongest weakness as is.

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