Over To You: Where Can I Buy Latin House Music?

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It’s summer (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), and Latin house can sound mighty good on these hot nights. But can you help our reader to find it online?

Digital DJ Tips reader Albert from Holland writes: "Every now and then, I stumble upon some Latin house music, but if I check Beatport, I can't find it as a separate category. I suspect that there are a lot of good Latin house songs going round (even good remixes of popular house music), but where can I find them? To give an example: Vamos / DJ Falk - Bumba Meu Boi / Franky Rizardo (which are actually on Beatport). It's more to point out the style I'm looking for. Maybe the readers can help me and give some tips about websites where I can find this stuff? Maybe there are "specialised" websites, or can somebody help me in searching with specific categories... Thank you very much for your help!"

Digital DJ Tips says:

To go exploring, you could listen through compilations (there are many "Latin house" compilations out there) to get artist names; search for similar artists for tracks you like using last.fm; use the "create a radio station" features in streaming music services, seeded by one or more of the tracks you already know; or just look at "people who bought this also bought"-style features in online stores.

However, as this isn't a genre I'm a specialist in, maybe some readers who play Latin house can suggest some shortcuts for you...

So, over to you: Can you help Albert out? Is this a style you specialise in? Where do you source your tunes? Please share your advice in the comments.

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  1. Traxsource has it as a genre! http://Www.traxsource.com

  2. I'd tell you to get off Beatport. BP is great for many things, but I notice (and I hate to put it this way) that their music library tends to pander mainly to nightclubs aimed primarily at Caucasians. Plenty of electro house, techno, , trance, tech house, and progressive house...but their "deep house" library seems to still come off as tech house to me. BP seems to miss the "blackness" that made house such a great sound. That raw urban vitality and refinement.

    Traxsource.com IMHO is the best resource for deep soulful house and even good Latin house. The kinds of stuff you might hearvat a Miami pool party or a deep Chicago club I suggest going and searching terms like "samba", "salsa", and "Latin". From there you dig and explore.

    If you're stuck and need suggestions, let me know and I'll post a list of tunes I've played and suggested.

    • lordamercy says:

      Great post and very true

    • DjLerue says:

      I'm from the South Florida area and completly have to agree about Beatport. So hard digging for proper Latin House on Beatport!

    • DJ Segatto says:

      Can we get that list???? 😀

      • I use them all over my deep house mixes: http://www.d-jam.com/passion/tags/deep

        Here's some tunes...it's mainly anything with a salsa, samba, tribal, or afrobeat influence:

        Bob Marley VS. Funkstar De Luxe - Sun Is Shining (Funkstar Club Mix)
        Copyright featuring Shovell - Warrior Dance (Yema Ya) (Club Mix)
        Gabriele D'Andrea - Morning Light (Jump Mix)
        Salif Keita - Madan (Martin Solveig Exotic Disco Mix)
        Latin Bash - Chantos
        Antoine Clamaran and Ray Caze presents Carayca - One Night In Tunis
        Rafael Becker featuring Melinda Williams - Casa O Ruhm (Original Vocal)
        Saint Martin - Carnaval De Brasil (Fiesta Loca Mix)
        Afromento - Doum Dele
        Njoi - Anthem 2006 (Njois Beach Mix)
        The Cube Guys - Te Queiro (Intrallazzi and Provera Miami Mix)
        Mijangos featuring Jorge Troncoso - Pensando En Ti
        Negrocan - Cada Vez (Jerry Roperos Avantgarde Remix)
        The Latin Project - Lei Lo Lai (Original)
        Coco Bongo - Burning Sunshine (Callea and Rispoli Mix)
        Africanism All Stars - Summer Moon (Club Mix)
        S. Cabar - Carnival
        Simon And Shaker - Freshnes (Original Instrumental Mix)
        Rio Orchestra - Salsa Del Rios (Mettle Club Mix)
        Malena - Olividarte (Te Amo) (Original)
        Africanism Featuring Jesse Garcia - Copacabana (Tribal Jazz House)
        Mokka - Leili (Funky Mix)

      • Sorry Phil. I went to sign up, but they are REQUIRING you use your Facebook account to sign up...meaning I can't just use an email and sign up.

        I'm very protective of who I let connect to my FB account, and thus I won't use any service that forces me to connect my FB account to them.

        It's bogus they do that. I don't care how good a service is, my privacy means more to me. It's why I don't use any of the apps/games on FB.

    • Mrdjroman says:

      Absolutely right totally agree with you

    • great tip , traxsource!!! fantastic array of sound.
      any other recommendation like this one is very welcome :))

  3. You can also check out Dance Tunes. They have many Latin House. Beatport have it also, but you have to search. Check out artist playlist like Gregor Salto, Copyright, Stefan Vilijn, D- Rashid, Generio Nvilla, Leroy Styles, Mastiksoul and a lot more of those artist that have played on events like Latin Village or Latin Lovers. Sometimes they give away titles of tracks.

  4. Has it come this far that "if Beatport doesn't have it, it doesn't exist"? I hate it when a single vendor has a near monopoly.

    Maybe the people here could help compile a list of online music shops that are good sources for non-mainstream kinds of club music? Perhaps an idea for another post

    • I think it just teaches DJs that no one can hold a monopoly on the music.

      Years ago I thought BP severely lacked in soulful deep house and such, but when teasers came up for Traxsource, and I saw the list of labels signing on and knew this was going to make noise. I have seen the same happen for other ignored genres in other sites.

      I personally get irked when I see producers (especially of funky house) who can't seem to tear away from BP. They get mad how there are politics there, how they get lost in the massive amount of music on there, but yet can't seem to realize you can "blow up" without Beatport. Even in a business sense you have to go where your market is...and lord knows the soulful house lovers are NOT shopping on Beatport.

  5. Hi. I'm a soulful house dj from Russia. For some hot latin house tracks you must search this http://www.traxsource.com/soulfulhouse and this http://www.traxsource.com/afrolatin section on traxsourse.

  6. Lucrecio says:

    and while we are on the latin tips, can anyone extend their advice for some moombahton? that's something BP definitely doesn't have!

  7. Michael L says:

    In my experience, the iTunes Store does a surprisingly respectable job of serving up a huge, eclectic range of Latin and African (and Balkan, Indian, and more) music -- traditional, electronic, and all points in between. It's my main source for music at the worldbeat/tropical club nights I co-produce with another DJ -- here's a sample:

    If your setup can handle AAC files, it's well worth exploring.

    I haven't had any luck with Beatport. Thanks, Tim & D-Jam, for putting me onto Traxsource -- looks very promising.

  8. Michael L says:

    Oops - pasted the wrong mix. This is the one I was referring to:

    Electropical December 2011 mix by Michael Laycock on Mixcloud

  9. Check out http://www.defected.com, This is my favourite label and they have tons of great music there.

  10. On my previous comment. I look for music on their website and then I buy it on Itunes :)

    Hed Kandi is also another good one. Their Beach House series is very good for groovy, summery tracks played on a patio...

  11. One thing I want to note is to be selective if you want Latin HOUSE.

    I'm glad TS and even iTunes support forms of World Music, but Latin/Afro music is different from Latin or Afro HOUSE.

    Although I do recommend everyone listen to a Batucada once in their lives. Brazilian Samba. Here's one from a UCLA group I love...

  12. Hi guys, thank you very much for the comments! I will definately check out the scources you've given me. I hope that I can find the right tunes for setting up a good latin house set on a warm evening in my yard.
    Maybe someone can post good weather ? :-)
    untill now we had about 2 weeks of good weather here in Holland...Thankfully I will go to Monaco for a week in September 😀

  13. Its GilBoogie!!! says:

    I'm jumping into this thread a little late but just felt like I might be able to help a little also. BP never worked for me had better luck with Itunes... The Latin House scene here in NYC may not be the same as it is for the rest of you guys but I have found a lot of good Latin House on  rated H for House also for great site for Latin House remixes/party breaks/mash ups.  www.ratedh.net  

  14. DJ_ForcedHand says:

    I think this thread begs the question: where do you go to find music like (sample)? It seems Genres are how sites choose to break down the music but some sites do a better job of specific genres than others.

  15. Dj Blitz says:

    Great stuff guys! I live right on the border between Texas & Mexico so you can only imagine all the different Latin,Mexican genres I need to keep up with.Does anybody know any other websites I can use to keep up with these genres? Such as Cumbias,Corridas, etc...Spanish tracks??? Thanks!!

    • S.P.H.E.R.E. says:

      Try 7digital.com
      It's just like an iTunes but doesn't have any restrictions on how many devices your music can be at any time. Most music is in 320kbps. Some are 192. Most songs are .99cents and new/popular music tends to be $1.25 per song. Sometimes you can gte an entire album for $5. I love it for all my non-EDM music needs.

  16. Hi, you can check these dj pools that have various selection of latin genres including house. Good luck.


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