Review: Pad Grip Stand For iPad DJs

Review Summary:

The Pad Grip is a great iPad stand, the mounting options making it a good choice for bigger DJ booths, art installations, home studios and anywhere you can arrange things to suit. It's well made, holds the iPad very firmly, and will last well.

Pad Grip Stand For iPad DJs
Pad Grip

Pad Grip stand; robust and flexible, and a big magnet for a base means you can attach it to anything metal - just be careful around delicate electronics...

Review: Pad Grip Stand For iPad DJs

Most iOS DJs start out simply balancing their iPad on existing DJ gear, on top of a laptop or pushed out to a tiny space on the edge of the booth. Stop, now! None of that is good for your use of the device.

What about when you're sliding your fingers over the X-Y FX pads of DJ Player, or puropsefully scratching with djay? You're at risk of sending the iPad sliding off the surface and crashing to the floor. Your iPad really does need to be held securely in place, and that is where a sturdy iPad stand comes into play. So today we take a look at the new Pad Grip stand to see if it meets the requirements of the iOS DJ...

What's in the box

Made by Solve-It! from California, the stand comes with a few different options for fitting. It's heavy (2lbs) and has a strong magnet (rated at 60lbs) located at the base. If you are somewhere with a metallic surface, the Pad Grip should remain firmly in place using the magnet alone. The Pad Grip houses a large ball and socket joint at the top which connects to a model-specific bracket.

It's worth noting that the Pad Grip can hold any of the iPad models as well as the Kindle Fire and Galaxy tablets - although there are no DJ apps worthy of note on anything but iPad at the moment!

In use

Due to the ball and socket joint, the Pad Grip can rotate the iPad to nearly any position (360° rotation with a tilt up to 70°) making it incredibly flexible to use. Don't worry if there's no metallic surface available to you, as there are other options. A suction-cup accessory, cutely named "Gecko", can mount the Pad Grip to any non-porous surface.

Pad Grip

The Pad Grip Stand is good quality and practical, being both heavy and flexible.

I found this to be the most useful fitting for a DJ, as it's non-permanent, portable and would work on most surfaces. In fact, the Gecko has been demonstrated vertically secured to glass, dashboards and walls - perhaps something for those braver than me!

The more permanent option is the "Atlas" accessory which can be secured (through three screws) to wall or wood surfaces. You secure the flat Atlas plate in place and drop the Pad Grip onto the Atlas plate for a robust magnetic iPad position. Regardless of your fitting option, the iPad clips neatly into the bracket without feeling too tight, and all external controls remain accessible.

The Pad Grip stand is more expensive than the previously reviewed lightweight iKlip Studio fold-flat stand. However it is considerably cheaper than the Arktis Medusa and Gooseneck Stands. The build quality feels great, mainly due to its weight, finish and the strength of the magnet.

My main concern for the Pad Grip's use by a DJ is the strong magnet. Although the iPad isn't affected by the magnet, there is a recommendation on the Solve-It! website to keep the Pad Grip at least eight inches away from laptops and anything else that strong magnetism could damage.

For a DJ you might wish to include mixers, CD decks, direct drive turntables, USB sticks and external hard drives here! In fact you could unwittingly affect nearly every working piece of kit in the booth by waving the Pad Grip around! OK, so eight inches maybe a bit excessive and you may find that it affects nothing if used closer - but would you risk it, with other poeple's DJs equipment?

The team at Solve-It have confirmed that the eight inch boundary is more of a precaution and they estimate it would take a magnet six times more powerful than the one in the stand to adversely affect a laptop. Even so, they do produce a non-magnet stand (the Pad Grip Pro) which features a heavy aluminium base. Interestingly, the Pro version also has a Kensington lock connector so you could secure the stand to the booth during use. In which case, the Pro model would certainly be better suited for a DJ booth environment.


Pad Grip stand with fittings

Gecko and Atlas fittings for the Pad Grip stand

The Pad Grip is a great iPad stand, the mounting options making it a good choice for bigger DJ booths, art installations, home studios and anywhere you can arrange things to suit. It's well made, holds the iPad very firmly, and will last well.

Although the eight inches parameter may be advisable rather than mandatory on the Pad Grip stand, the Pro model with the heavy base instead of a magnet would be perfect for any DJ booth. If you're going to opt for the magnet version, just be sure you know where you're going to fit it before buying and make your judgement accordingly.

Product Summary

Review Summary:

The Pad Grip is a great iPad stand, the mounting options making it a good choice for bigger DJ booths, art installations, home studios and anywhere you can arrange things to suit. It's well made, holds the iPad very firmly, and will last well.

Pad Grip Stand For iPad DJs

Video Review

Do you use an iPad stand for DJing? Do you have any stand recommendations? Do you think we're being too cautious with our views on the magnetic base on the Pad Grip stand? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Alex Shaffer says:

    Okay, I am normally not one to look down upon tech, but I feel like showing up to a professional gig with nothing save for an iPad appears unprofessional. I realize that it is fantastic and forward moving with tech and all, but I feel like it lacks the professionalism needed in many scenarios. It gives off the "Oh that guy is just using an iPad... I could use my iPod and do the same thing!" vibe. Same applies to plastic beginner controllers. If you look like you are using a toy or consumer electronic, people will treat you like you are as well. iPads and the cheaper controllers are perfectly fine for fun as well as relaxed shows, but really don't scream "look I know what I am doing here!" Just my personal two cents.

    • Alex,

      I see how this would be true for many people, but just like controllers were once shunned and panned and have now grown in acceptance, the iPad (and other tablets that will surely follow from other manufacturers), will become an acceptable alternative.

      I've played with all four major technologies - vinyl, CDJ's, controllers and iPad and at the end of the day what matters to the crowd is what you play and how you play it. You can go up there with he most traditional of platters and suck big time or you can rock out a place using an iPad or even an ipod touch (I've seen that happen).


  2. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I cannot believe what a horrible idea this is because of the magnet. If you want to be known as the guy who erases other peoples hard drives, screws with their magnetic pick-ups for up-faders and smart phones all because you want a place to STICK your iPad when you show up to a gig, you deserve the butt whoopin' you're going to get. THINK before you act. There's a lot of sensitive equipment in the DJ booth and a lot of it is magnetically vulnerable and lets not forget that most of the time when you deal with a strong magnet, you're going to scratch the surface you're "sticking" it to. A suction cup (with a little lever to pull the middle of the cup up) or even non-magnetic Duct Tape would be a better method of attaching this base to something. This is just one more hazard I have to look out for when someone comes into the club I'm operating the sound board on. NO, THANK YOU!

    • Hi DJ Forced Hand,

      These were exactly the same concerns I had, but after contacting the development team directly and they suggested the Pro version which has no magnet but a heavy base block.

      If you're feeling brave, take a look at Masta Hanksta's video to see where he's merrily sticking the magnetic base to;

    • Yep a magnet is just an accident waiting to happen. Oh and i like my Plastic controllers just i like my Lemur what matters is how good the music is...and i am still trying to live up to owning a Lemur, i figured i needed one piece of "professional equipment :-)

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