Stanton Adds Hot Cues & Other Improvements To SCS.4DJ

Stanton SCS.4DJ

The Stanton SCS.4DJ gets a further boost with another round of improvements to its built-in DJ software.

Owners of the bold, laptop-free Stanton SCS.4DJ controller will be pleased to hear that the company has announced a firmware upgrade that fixes some issues with the unit and delivers a number of long-requested features.

BPM improvements, hot cues, loop memory and better scratch logic are just some of the fixes and tweaks that the new v3 of the operating system that powers the SCS.4DJ - called SC-IX - contains.

Here are the highlights:

  1. "Beatgrid editing". Or more precisely, tap-to-BPM and manual entry BPM. You no longer have to rely on the system to guess your BPM correctly
  2. Three hot cues per deck. One of the biggest limitations was no hot cues. This has now been fixed, and the system remembers them for next time you DJ with the track, too
  3. Loop memory. Now, your loops are remembered for next time, so no need to continually set up the same loops each set
  4. Scratch works when a deck is paused. This means even if you usually have scratch turned off, when you are paused, you can use the scratch functionality to quickly cue a track etc. This is standard on nearly all DJ controllers, good to see it finally here

As well as the above, there's also menu-selectable headphone volume boost; better support for third-party storage devices like smart phones, MP3 players and tablets; improved recording to USB; and a host of general system speed improvements.

It bodes well for the future...

When we reviewed the SCS.4DJ, we pointed out that it is going to live or die by the quality of the software due to the fact that of course you're tied to using the built-in DJ app (assuming you don't opt to bypass it entirely and attach a laptop, which is possible but kind of defeats the object of the controller).

The fact that this upgrade has happened shows that Stanton is taking its new hardware/software offering seriously and is committed to developing it, and should bode well for the future, for both this and presumably other controllers using the same software.

• The new SC-IX Version 3.0 release and both Mac and PC versions of the QuickGrid high speed analyser, are available from the Stanton website now.

Do you own an SCS.4DJ? Is this good news you've been waiting for? Is this a controller you're considering, and if so, will this help to sway you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I have an SCS4DJ and it is a constant source of disappointment. Whilst I love the concept of a one box solution, the firmware doesn't live up to it's promises resulting in a unit which is not trusted and consequently (for me) just used as a background music player. This effectively turns it into an extremely expensive MP3 player. In my opinion, some of the original decisions made by Stanton during the initial development stage were wrong (eg no gain control per deck, unable to use the unit as a soundcard for a computer, unable to access the hard drives from a laptop etc) make this unit half of what it could be. One of the biggest problems for me (as a mobile DJ) is to be able to browse large music libraries, sort my music in several different ways and find what I want quickly. The SCS4DJ has a browse function which is sssssoooooooo sssssslllllllloooooowwwwww and quite often just hangs so the work around offered by Stanton is to use playlists. Unfortunately, you can't sort playlists so the songs always appear in the order that you arranged them. In their defence, Stanton seem to be trying to update the unit but I don't think that they have allocated sufficient resources to the development team (the first update took over a year to appear) so I'm not holding my breath on that. I have considered selling my SCS4DJ on eBay but wouldn't like to pass the problem on to another DJ (if there's someone out there who wants one, email me). It's a shame to see the SCS4DJ go the same way as the Tonium Pacemaker but I fear it will unless Stanton really pull there fingers out.

  2. JonnyFlash says:

    I picked one up used for about $150 as a backup system to my MixVibes and absolutely love it. And with the new update, it runs much faster. I think this may be the evolution of the dj product. The only downfall is the quick grid software as I would like to use my old iPod touch as my music device and intake a long time to scan it thru the scs4 and I unable to use the quick grid software on my Mac to scan it.

  3. I've had and used one for about a year now and still liking it a lot. The recent update made it even better. There is no other on-the-go device with similar features out there. The SCS4 library browsing isn't as fast as laptop or as handy as an iPad but for proper searching any controller needs an input keyboard anyway. The best way to handle the library is to manage your playlists in iTunes, BTW in these playlists my songs do appear in the order I want (by key, that is). The auto gain has never been an issue for me, it is better executed than for example Djay for iPad imo.

    I was sort of seriously considering a Numark iDJ Pro but I just had a hands on test with one and felt it would not have been a step up from the SCS4 so I'm definitely still sticking to Stanton.

  4. One of the local jockeys uses one for his main setup, and while I suppose the all-in-one is a nice idea it's not fully realized enough here for me to be interested.

    This equipment really shows the merging of consumer level products into a place were once professional quality gear reigned supreme, and though I enjoy innovation the 4DJ really just appears as a novelty.

    • In addition to the SCS4 I myself use a Korg Kaoss Quad box for main FX (mainly filter and some delay) since its XY-pad interface is so handy. If Stanton (or someone else) made a 3 or 4 channel version with more fx possibilities and even a sampler I'd be very much interested. The SCS4 is amazingly cheap for what it accomplishes though. For example the more expensive new Pioneer DJ-SX (?) has many similar and some more advanced features but lacks the basic waveform view which I could not live without.

      • I can see that, but more effects still wouldn't change the build quality and I'd still feel like it was in the consumer bracket of gear.

        I is however one of the only "all-in-one's" I know of that can actually get the job done so I can't dislike it terribly hard.

  5. Being a fan of innovation and loving the fact I wouldn't have to carry a laptop around I found the idea of the SCS4DJ very intriguing. I don't think I was wrong. I have done over 50+ gigs with the 4dj with no problems. Easy to set up 5 min tops before setting levels. Also after messing with it for well over 6 months now I have gotten very comfortable with the unit and all that it can do. For everything it lacks I have found a workaround for it. The browsing for the unit is a little slow at times but I have gotten use to it and it's not so slow that it affects my ability to be able to mix or load up a new song. I have all my songs on an external 500 gb harddrive and it works great. Did find a problem that if you used a usb thumb drive that the unit would skip every now and then. After upgrading to the hard drive no problems:-) Would have been nice if they included where you could plug another device into the unit but got over that by plugging my laptop into the mic input using a 1/8 to 1/4 stereo adapter. Also just upgraded to a usb mixer that allows for my laptop to directly go to the mixer instead of being routed through the unit. The main complaint though was the auto dj. Took me a while to figure out that the auto dj only worked correctly if songs were loaded into the active playlist. If not it would not play the other song and you were stuck with silence! Alot of non breaks because of being scared about not playing the next song on deck but now no worries just load the song up in the active playlist good to go! Pretty much only using the laptop now for a failsafe if the unit ever was to go down! Definitely consider it a good investment!

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