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DJ Player

Want to jump ship from BPM DJ to DJ Player? Even if you've never owned BPM DJ, here's your chance to do so for free.

Got an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? Want to get a free copy of DJ Player, the most expensive DJ app in the App Store, usually US$44.99?

Thanks to a business decision by Red Bull, the company sponsoring a very similar app called BPM DJ, it turns out that anyone who wants to grab a copy of DJ Player will be able to do so, at least for a short time period, this coming weekend.

Bye bye BPM DJ, hello DJ Player...
Here's the story: Red Bull BPM DJ is a Red Bull branded DJ app, that beneath the skin is the same app as DJ Player.

Red Bull for its own reasons has decided not to continue with BPM DJ, and is discontinuing support for and availability of the app. Better new is that as of Nov 30 for four days, the company is offering a great opportunity for all current BPM DJ owners to switch to DJ Player. But we've spotted that this also means that anyone who visits the DJ Player App Store page will be able to grab a free copy of the software too, as it's not possible to verify whether you own BPM DJ or not upon visiting.

How to get your free copy

Just go to the DJ Player App Store page any time between Friday November 30, 12:00 CET and Tuesday December 4 12:00 CET, and you should find that the app has gone from full price to totally free.

DJ Player is an extremely capable DJ app (here's our DJ Player 5.0 review), with full Midi capability, and even DVS just around the corner. If you're in any way interested in DJing on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, we thoroughly recommend you take advantage of Red Bull's generosity and give it a go!

Remember, you'll need to go to this link any time between Friday November 30, 12:00 CET and Tuesday December 4 12:00 CET. Make a note in your calendar now...

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Will this tempt you to have a go at DJing on your iOS device? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Amazing info. Was pondering if I should purchase the ap or not. Thnx

  2. Wow. How can they do this? Surely this will hit DJ Player's income hard for the forseable future? I guess Redbull are giving them a big wedge of cash to cover it... seems like a strange decision for them I wonder what's behind it.

  3. Crap! I just bought DJ Player last week :(

  4. also bought this last week :( worth every penny tho

  5. Is it going to be the full version of dj player with the latest update or is it going to be like an LE type that if you like it you can buy the pro version later on?

  6. Cheers for the headsup

  7. As someone who bought this a couple of weeks ago I have to say I'm not over the moon.

    I could understand a discount so those who bought the Red Bull app can upgrade for the same overall price... But just to give it away free?

    I can't help feel I got skanked when I bought this. Won't be buying any of the company's products in future. I'll just wait till they give them away.

    • Good luck with waiting. :-) This is a really generous offer by Red Bull. I don't see who could finance a similar thing in the future, it's a unique, exceptional event. And thank you for your support with your previous purchase.

    • Jam-Master Jake says:

      The same thing happened to me earlier this year: I bought Traktor Pro 2 for the full price ($239?) and about 2 weeks later, they dropped the price to $89. Sucks, but sometimes that's just the way things go, I guess. :(

  8. Thanks for the heads up.

    I already own DJ Player, but i'm passing this info on to other DJ's I know.

  9. Yep. Just thrilled to have shelled out full price for DJ Player last summer only to see it given away a few months later. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    • Count yourself lucky to have only purchased the Red Bull app as recently as you did! If you were an early adopter (like me) and purchased the original Red Bull HD / Pro app you, then chose to pay out when Red Bull moved to a more streamlined approach with Red Bull BPM DJ you would have paid twice.

      I think this is more symptomatic of Apple's control over the app's impossible to switch owners of one app to another without doing something like this. If they didn't offer DJ Player for free, all involved would face criticism from the owners of the Red Bull BPM DJ app (and trust me, there are A LOT of them!). I'm sure that if there was a reliable way to switch registered owners over then it would have been taken.

      So the app is just shy of $45 - it's expensive compared to other DJ apps on iOS, but it's incredibly cheap given the depth of functionality and when compared to PC/Mac software.

      Price drops and temporary freebies are a common occurrence in the app store, it's a case of caveat emptor - if you want to wait for the hot app of the moment to drop it's price there's a risk that if it really is that great the price will increase instead.

      • Just want to second this. As someone who picked up Red Bull BPM early, liked it as an alternative to DJ Player (for a while they were identical, but recently Red Bull hasn't gotten the same MIDI support - FRUSTRATING), but now? I paid enough for Red Bull BPM that if they discontinue the product as is, I would be really upset that I couldn't' get DJ Player. So thanks for posting this.

      • Good points, DJ Hombre and Killer. Makes more sense to me now.
        I do really like DJ Player, so I'll get over the fact that I missed out on this deal. 😉

      • They could have done it a different way too. Each developer (I am one so I know) can create their own free codes. Red Bull could have simple paid DJ Player the profit from each conversion and that would avoided the sour taste for recent purchasers.

        That having been said as a Red Bull BPM version, I'm happy for the chance to switch over, although I would have supported the method I mentioned before.

        There is a benefit to DJ Player though, by giving it away free, they boost their app store rankings to appear closer to djay, whom I feel is the sales leader but not the technical one as of the DJ Player update to come...

      • @Riddim Dojo

        A developer can create up to 50 free redeem codes per app version. How would that cover the hundreds of thousands BPM DJ users???

  10. Great. Thx for the info!
    Does anyone know if the Vestax VCI 100 MK2 is class compliant and can control DJ Player via Midi?

  11. Excellent news, just so happens that my Mrs bought got a brand new ipad delivered this morning...i guess this'll be going straight on it on Friday.

    Cheers Phil!

  12. DJ Hombre got it right (again). I pretty much purchased EVERY DJ app, from RB BPM to DJ Pro to Sonosaurus to iDJ (ugh!), DJ Rig and a few others. Tried´em all extensively, and in the end stuck with DJAY.

    Maybe I´m just too old school and the traditional MK2 layout with that little vinyl spinning seduced me, but I never really got into the complexities and/or flaws/shortcomings of other apps who need wireless this, aiplay that, 2 iPads and all.

    • Excuse me, but where does DJ Player require 2 iPads, AirPlay or wireless?

      • They don´t, but there are features of some apps that work better with 2 iPads and wireless in order to take full advantage (e.g. wifi cue, 2-deck control without need to change screen and such things that demand more complexity and added commands).

        I´ve seen a few top DJs performing with 2 iPads running RBBPM connected to a mixer for those reasons but for me it´s a real hassle.

        Anyway, what I meant to say was that I just found DJAY more intuitive and easy to use, if not as "pro-looking" as some of its competitors, in specific aspects for my style of DJing.

  13. Oh yeah! I've been lusting over this for awhile now but the high price tag have been keeping me from getting it. Now I can get it for free! As others I bought all of the DJ apps, this and Djay are the best!

  14. Chuck van Eekelen says:

    Howdy folks,

    I believe Phil's parting question was: "Will this tempt you to have a go at DJing on your iOS device? Let us know in the comment". Interesting to see how that led to most replies being about the (un)fairness of this free offering.

    In answer to Phil's question, I have considered playing around with iOS DJ-ing before, specially when travelling or when faced with in promptu events (beach party that just screams for a DJ lol). I have bought DJAY which at it's price was about as much as I was willing to pay for the experiment (granted I only had my iPhone at the time and that is a gimmick at best). Now that I have my 3rd generation iPad, I am giving it a second shot. Having heard a lot of good news about the Red Bull software I will most definitely give it a go now that it is for free.

    I often do sound for charity events, which is mainly mics and a bit of background music. I bought a Mackie DL 1608 digital mixer for that purpose that is controlled by ... an iPad! Occasionally I'll end up starting a party for an hour or so at the end of an event. Since I'll have the iPad there hooked up to a decent PA already, having a good piece of DJ software would save me from lugging controller/laptop and stuff around.

    So, YES, I will definitely give iPad DJ-ing a second look with this free offer.

    Thanks for the heads up Phil!

    Greetinx and keep on spinning,
    Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen

  15. Holy molly, it's free now 😀
    Thanks you.

  16. Bill Greenberg says:

    Just downloaded DJ Player but I don't really get it. I'm pretty much a hobbiest (a couple of unpaid gigs for up to 50 people) using VirtualDJ on my MacBook air. I've used Djay on the Macbook as well as iPad and think that works great for what I do. DJ Player seems much more complicated and much harder to use for no additional functionality. What am I missing?

    • DJ Player has tons of more functionality, but certainly not every DJ needs them. It's like if you go into a DJ store, a simpler gear may fulfill all your needs of your DJing style, while more "technical" DJs may choose a complex one.

      One thing to mention tough, DJ Player is designed for "on the stage" usage (large controls, carefully made workflows, etc.), while other apps need you to focus on small controls to not accidentally push something wrong. So other apps may be okay for a smaller party, but not if you have a more serious booking.

    • Chuck van Eekelen says:

      The main difference I found, compared to other IOS DJ software (like Algoriddim's DJAY) is that this is not mimicking hardware, but designed to take advantage of the (relatively large) touchscreen. So, no stylized jogwheels or even recordplayers, play/cue buttons and such.

      It does take some getting used to, time to wrap your head around the way workflow is done in DJ Player. But when you get the hang of it (which takes but a few hours of playing around with it) it starts to make real sense. The big control surfaces mean you hit the button everytime.

      So, free your mind (ZEN ...) forget everything you ever learned on regular CD-players, hardware controllers and/or DJ software and dive right into a new and in my humble opinion very welcome fresh true digital approach to the iOS platform.

      Greetinx & keep on spinning!
      Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen

  17. It's because DJay (algoriddm) sees the first time their livelihoods in jeopardy and as they don't really have anything troublesome to set against DJ PLAYER they need somebody to run it down, cheers 😉

  18. Nick Powers says:

    So I got this app, I really like it but how do you edit cue points?

  19. I have a mini ipad and CPU is about 69 or 75% is that good or bad?

  20. Thanks for the nod! Messing around with it now. As a big fan of DJay, it'll need getting used to but I can see where's it stronger in places. That UI does need sorting though. Ta again...

  21. Great app. Beautiful UI. The Best !

  22. I purchaged the app also a week ago after being left without the updates for RedBull BPM. I'm very pleased with the app and I can do a perfect set with it for hours! Well worth the money. i must say that I am also happy with Crossdj from Mixvibes, but the tiny controls are for me a big reason to spend more time with DJ Player. And I hope Gábor will contain keeping the development on a go!
    Now I'm busy with the search for the best soundcard & midi device... I even designed one (just in Adobe Illustrator) wich should be the ideal solution for every iPad user (but also Macbook / PC) who's making/playing music on every level. I think I'm sending it to Focusrite.
    One soundcard that is for me the "almost" ideal solution is the AKAI EIE... But one thing thats holding me down it's the bulky design. Anyway, for everybody who give DJ Player a go, you will have loads of fun once you're get used to the workarround and the "spacey" layout which is also a must if you're playing in a club and had 1 beer too much... G.A.B.Y

  23. Oh, I forgot to ask; is Stereomusic Systems still developing a soundcard which I read in the 5.0 review and when will it be available? Maybe you can give us some information about it.

  24. Brilliant. Thanks for the heads-up!

  25. So not content with screwing over existing customers by making your incredibly expensive app free, you then decide to charge extra for custom backgrounds?

    Excellent customer service, Gábor. Congratulations.

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