QuNeo Rogue: Control Traktor Wirelessly

QuNeo Rogue

Hot on the heels of its well-received QuNeo "3D" multitouch Midi pad controller, Keith McMillen has announced QuNeo Rogue, a battery pack and wireless device that fits to the bottom of the QuNeo allowing it to be used as a completely wireless Midi controller. The same shape as the QuNeo, the QuNeo Rogue basically double's the unit's thickness, like a battery booster case on a mobile phone.

It has a range of 60 metres, and can give six to eight hours of power to the unit - good for all but the longest DJ sets. Presumably, it will come with a USB dongle to plug into your computer (or iPad via a USB Midi interface such as the V-Midi or the Camera Connection Kit).

When used with the supplied Traktor mapping (or with Ableton, or anything else you choose to map the unit to), such a set-up would give you the option of leaving the DJ booth with all your controls in your hand.

It's not cheap though - the price is predicted to be around US$395. The company says the unit is "coming soon."

• There's a rather amusing teaser video promo of the new unit here.

Would you be interested in a wireless control surface for your DJing? Does this push boundaries, or is it something that you feel may struggle to find a market? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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  1. I think this may struggle to find a market. I feel this is similar to the midi fighter 3d, in the sense, the concept is cool. But if you're really rocking out with your wireless controller it's going to go flying. Maybe I am just not hip to newer methods of controllerism. I just think stationary is the way to go.

  2. Nice idea, but the pricing seems a bit out to lunch considering its twice the cost of the QuNeo. Unless of course that price includes the QuNeo.

  3. haha, I've been controlling traktor wirelessly forever already, with a $24 wireless computer keyboard, and it works great. people are silly as...

  4. video was funny now I see why hes called Mad Zach 😀

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