Traktor Pro 2.6 Half Price Until Nov 26

Traktor 2

If you're one of our US readers, you're already well aware it's Thanksgiving this weekend. To celebrate, Native Instruments is offering Traktor Pro 2 for half price until November 26. Luckily for us Europeans and other non-US citizens, this offer is good wherever you are in the world. So for four days only, you can bag a copy of Traktor for 50% off - that's just $44.50 / €39.50.

Traktor became a bargain when its price dropped substantially earlier this year, but right now it's approaching giveaway. So to take advantage of the offer, head over to the Native Instruments website right now and bag your copy before the weekend's out. Don't forget to say we sent you! 😉

Has this offer pushed you to buying Traktor, either as you first or even as backup software? Let us know how you get on!

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  1. This is an amazing price. I bought Traktor 2 with the Audio 2 bundle a while ago. The software itself was $90 but for $10 more you get a fully functional soundcard so it's a no-brainer. Although I haven't used my Audio 2 for a single day since I bought it (I use Traktor with a Xone:DX) That's a bargain - but not as much as this one.

    • I also own a DX and with the disappointing news surrounding the Serato DJ lack of support, I am considering this can't-pass-up deal!

      May I ask where you found your mappings? What your recommendations may be on this?

      Sorry, Phil, not meaning to thread-jack here... just some advice. You are welcome to pitch in yourself. Would love to hear from anyone.

  2. Sucks for me. I just payed full price a few weeks ago.

  3. Been a Traktor user for a year and got and extra licence with my F1 I'm more interested in the Maschine extensions 😀 but the deal is to short :( all my saving went into my DDJ SX so if I'm luckey I'll make it in time to get them on monday as I have 2 gigs this weekend.
    I payed €199 for my Traktor so if I bought it now I could get 5 Maschine extensions for the price diferance 😀

  4. Gloomy Bear says:

    Bought it straight away .. :) Glad i didn't buy it a few weeks ago as i almost did lol
    While i don't mind taking advantage of them, i find these sales to be a spit in the face of those who bought it full price..

    • That's true, there's always going to be someone who just bought it at a higher price. But truth be told, it's a small part of your overall DJing expense whatever the price.

      • DJ Forced Hand says:

        Yeah, the software isn't the big deal. I suppose Native Instruments wanted to make sure that people had their software to learn on and when it came time to buy a controller, they'd choose one that was Trakor endorsed, not Serato DJ nor Virtual DJ endorsed. I will say this as a happy user of Traktor (and Serato ITCH), the software is becoming so complex it really is pushing people to buy a flavor of DJ program and stick with it.

  5. Joe Doerlinger says:

    the price is tempting. Before that I considered going with Serato DJ (they only got one controller so far) as Phil indicated that Traktor is rather for Controllerism and maybe more for the 'traditional' way.
    Also Phil gave advice in the past, that you should look for the SW first and then for the controller as one tends to stick with the SW.

    But with the Traktor SW being so cheap now I tend to buy it. Also if I sell my soul to Traktor then...
    Any suggestion on a cheap controller (up to 150Euros) that would work fine with Traktor?
    That way I do spent less than 200 Euros and would have a nice set
    (With the Searato DJ SW and controller I would end up more than double the price as ther is no cheap Serato Solution that comes close the set up I have in mind)

    • Mixtrack Pro is a good choice at that price point.

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      If you're just figuring this Digital DJing thing out, I'd get a used VCI-300 (or anything on this list: ) so you can try out BOTH Serato DJ and Traktor Pro (for the low price it's at now). Then, you can determine which one you like more (Serato DJ having the initial advantage because it's plug-n-play). Later, you can flesh out more control with add-ons with trigger pads, knobs, dials etc.; to add on more functionality (because an old controller won't have all the advanced button and/or knob controls, but it's enough to get you started with the basics) or you can buy a new controller if you've determined this Digital DJing thing is your bag and you've got a knack for it. My honest opinion is that you won't get the feedback or precise control you need from an iPad even with a controller, but that's just my opinion.

      I do suggest that try before you buy is a great way to go though and if you can get to a Guitar Center (or something similar) where you can try out the controllers, that's the best way to go.

      • Joe Doerlinger says:

        Thanks a lot for the link.
        It actually makes the decisson a little bit easier :o)
        Following the link one sees that the Mixtrack Pro will also be supported as of December 2012 by Serato!
        The VCI-300 is still around 450Euros (used) and because the Mixtrack Pro is 'only' about 180 Euros and supported also by Serato DJ, this is the choice.

  6. just to be clear, if I buy traktor pro 2 I get the newest version aka 2.6 or 2.5 or just the 2.0 and I need to upgrade to 2.6?

    And are the upgrades that will come later are free?

  7. Insane deal. Had to buy it straight away, and I don't even need it.

    Great to have a top quality back up at that price.

    Thanks as always for this!

  8. Hopefully now that even more people have bought 2.6 they might sort out the CPU issues. My mac isn't brand new but it more than meets the system requirements NI have on the site. Even in the official NI advert for M.A.N.D.Y.'s remix deck set you can see the CPU load spiking like crazy. All the new features in 2.6 are great along with the low price of the software but you should not have to be using a nuclear power plant of a laptop for it to run smoothly.

  9. I had pretty much given up on Traktor, but at this price, I guess I could get back in.

  10. I just checked on the NI website and it says:

    "This TRAKTOR version IS NOT capable of reading timecode vinyls or CDs. If you wish to use a digital vinyl system with SCRATCH functionality, please see our digital vinyl category..."

    If I bought traktor on this deal but I wanted to use DVS, would I just need to also get an audio 6/10 soundcard and timecoded vinyl/cds? Or is this version only for controllers?


  11. Does anyone know if any Uk stores are doing any black friday deals for the S2 im really after one but I think 400 is a bit too much considering its been lower in the past

  12. Sounds like a new version of traktor is just around the corner!

  13. I wanted to buy this Traktor 2 till I saw the note about NOT capable of running Time code...

    I have an Audio10, so I would like to run it with timecode off course! Can't even find a seperate Scratch version listed on the website of NI anymore, only packed with an device...

    I already contacted NI support through mail what I could do in this situation.

    But now I read since 2.5 it's all the same, which should means the version on the NI shop now should be able to run timecode (w a audio10 and timecode cd's) right?

    Kinda getting clueless about this thing now..

  14. DJ Angel Ortiz says:

    I just purchased! Thank you digital dj tips for the info. I bought the denon mc 6000 about 8 months back with hopes that Serato would eventually support and to much disappointment they still do not. I have midi mapped most functions to scratch live but still not getting the most of my controller. I sold my soul to Serato but since they refuse to support the 6000 it's time to move on finally give traktor a shot.

  15. Offer is good anywhere in the world _except_ from Argentina... The pay server does not validate transactions with Visa/Mastercard/AMEX cards emited down here... I've been trying in vain to purchase TRAKTOR for the last two months with no success...

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