Happy Holidays To Every Reader!

Christmas Card

As we close the Digital DJ Tips office for the holidays, we'd just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every reader of this website for supporting us in 2012 - and to ask you something very important, too.

In our mission to inform and teach, this year we've reported from three DJ shows globally, taken 30,000 students through our learn to DJ free email course, welcomed thousands more onto our flagship How To Digital DJ Fast video training, and launched the Complete 21st Century Wedding DJ guide, which has already helped hundreds of DJs start their own DJ businesses.

Here on the website and over on our YouTube channel (why not go and subscribe to it now?) we've reviewed all the important new DJ controllers plus loads of software and accessories, and - we hope - provided you with plenty of useful tuition, advice and wisdom along the way.

So here's what we wanted to ask you...
For your part, you've commented, cajoled, thanked, asked, answered, shared and laughed with us all the way, and for that we sincerely thank you. The reason we do all of this is for you - we want to see you DJing in front of crowds, we want you to get the thrill we all get from performing our music, and we want you to succeed in DJing.

And that's why today we'd like you to answer this question: How we can help you more in 2013?

What articles would you like to see? Videos would you like us to make? Courses would you like us to develop? Shows would you like us to report from? Equipment would you like us to review? Changes would you like to see on the website?

If anything has been on your mind, now's the time to tell us. Please do so in the comments below, so we can try and do even better for you next year.

Hats off to the team...
Just to close, you may not realise that there's a reasonably large team helping to bring all of this to you - so here's my opportunity to personally thank DJ Hombre (our iOS editor), D-Jam (DJ promotion/marketing writer), Michael (wedding DJ course author and writer), Steve (webmaster) and last but definitely not least, Terry (forum moderator). And, of course, the dozens of writers who've also contributed to the site this year. Couldn't have done it without you, boys.

So from all of us here at Digital DJ Tips: Happy holidays, don't forget to share your ideas below as to how we can serve you better in 2013 - and see you on the other side!


Happy Holidays!


PS We've prepared a whole host of festive content for you, so we'll still be updating daily. And of course just try and keep us out of the comments, forum, YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook! We'll be around if you need us this next couple of weeks, one place or another... πŸ˜‰

All the best readers - and don't forget to share your ideas for stuff we can do next year for you - use the comments box below.

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  1. Have awesome holidays!

  2. Enjoy the holidays ! See you next year πŸ˜‰

  3. Keep up the awe inspiring work! happy holidays!

  4. Merry Christmas. Have a nice break.

  5. Love this website, really enjoy following the rss feeds
    I suppose I would like to see more on incorporating VJ'ing into DJ'ing this coming year. It would've been nice to see a video of the mixvibes video plug-in and other software in action. It's so much easier to understand what's going on when you can see it for yourself - well, for me it is anyway
    Happy holidays everyone!

    • Absolutely love this site, learnt so much about many different aspects of djing as well as the less looked at things, so a big props and happy christmas to all the team! I too would love to see more about VDJing, VJ'ing or whatever you call it. Not so much in regards to having random effects playing in the background (like you can with Serato) but in regards to if it is possible to play the music videos (without a great deal of hassle) with the music you are playing. I believe this could be massive in the years to come with the whole DJing side of things.

      If only 4G was available everywhere, you could stream music to where you are djing! How many headaches would that alleviate in regards to requests, or finding the right music for the crowd you're playing to? As well as the opportunities into uncharted territory it would provide! So much to look forward to in the coming years....

      - Ajax

  6. Merry Christmas DDJT! Keep up the good work!

  7. some live remix instructions, maybe even production tips as well, tips on sequencing and finally, a live chat! like video of you live, playing live, mixing live, for that 1 on 1 feel or experience. like a skype, or facechat for a personal feel.

  8. Happy Holidays to the whole team. I've learned so much from you guys so keep up the excellent work!

  9. Wishing all readers and staff a very merry Xmas Enjoy the holidays everyone ... hope you get everything you wished for :).

  10. And now find a way to replace the sincere family-happening into a party...happy x-mas y'all.

  11. Merry X-mas everyone πŸ˜‰ Best wishes from Lithuania - Rain Land πŸ˜›

  12. Luke Gorka says:

    Thanks a million to all the staff, you make this community so fantastic. Happy Holidays!

  13. Happy Holidays DDJT's readers and staff. I've learned a lot by frequenting this site and purchasing some of your products like "How To Digital DJ Fast". They truly helped me make a rather quick transition from CDJs and an extended time away from mixing to the realm of purely digital. I think you've already found your niche in informative reviews, helpful tutorials, and a pragmatic approach to guiding potential DJs through the aspiration phase, past all inevitable obstacles, and on to live performances.

    In an industry where much focus is directed toward the technicality of hard / software and performance, DDJT provides insights on more practical issues facing DJs of all levels. For 2013 I'd like to see you continue improving upon what you do best.


  15. DJ Forced Hand says:

    Happy Holidays!

  16. Merry Christmas to you Phil and the rest of the crew. Thanks for providing such a great place to hang out and to help this vinyl DJ return to what I love doing as well as help me learn the ins and outs of digital DJing. Cheers lads.

  17. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, Phil!

    You've had a busy 2012 and I applaud you for it. Your reviews are informative, accurate, and cover most of the hottest gear. I know there have been readers (myself included) who have hoped for a Numark NS7FX review...even though by now it's getting so long-in-the-tooth that it's probably not even worth reviewing any more.

    I'd love to see more tutorials about advanced DJ techniques. I'm always hungry for new ideas when I hit creative plateaus. How about some techniques to help the readers with club mixing techniques, mixing Top-40, scratching, mash-ups, more production, etc? I'd love to see videos on use of FX properly, and even more in-depth use of looping/samples/EQing, etc. Many of these things I can do myself in a satisfactory or better manner, but I know that there's lots of DDJT readers who can't yet.

    I guess what I'm suggesting is that you do a follow-up to your "How to Digital DJ Fast" and "Wedding DJing" courses...something along the lines of "Advanced Digital DJ Techniques".

    Otherwise, keep doing what you're doing! Cheers, Dude!

  18. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays guys.

  19. Happy Holidays.

  20. This is my go to site for tips, knowledge and information, if you added stuff about music production to this site, I would probably never go anywhere else on the Internet haha.

  21. Thanks Phil,

    Genuine please to work with you and the team!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  22. Big thanks to Phil and the DDJT team for everything you've done this year! Keeps me coming back daily, and I clearly have plenty of company in that respect.
    In 2013, I'd love to see something on good projectors for VJing/visuals.
    And beyond the gear reviews, please keep the DJ culture/psychology/business/creative process pieces coming, too. That's just golden stuff, no matter how long you've been DJing.

  23. A Happy and Successful New Year DJing to you Phil and all your Readers. Your site and reviews are awesome. Would love to meet you in person some day.

    Here is one suggestion: Review Music Hosting web sites such as Soundcloud, Podomatic and others for features, costs, capacity, support, customizations, streaming and sound quality, features, most popular as far as generating audiences, and interest, and worldwide access (in case some countries block access). It's part of the "big picture of Djing beyond software and equipment
    DJ Blades Sparx - Newington, CT

    Another suggestion is how to build a good "Press Kit" for beginners and professionals, what to include and in what preferable formats (online/printed, downloadable, CD-based, audio/video,etc). Is there different "packaging" for different venues or events?

  24. Mason Dekker says:

    Hey guys,
    Thank you all so much for your help this year. It's been amazing how much you've helped me. I would love to see some videos like Ellaskins, the kind of videos where he doesn't touch the controllers at all, he just talks about important things with DJing. Those are also super helpful.

    With that, the video I would love to see would be "How to get gigs for all ages of DJs." I'm 16, too young to work in a night club, but old enough for other places, like opening for someone, or DJing parties or birthdays. How might I advertise myself? Show them my skills? Get that little edge over the competition and get the gigs?

    Again, happy holidays!
    Thanks again, all of you great people.

  25. Happy NY's guys thanks for all the learning and insights I've learnt so much and from all the healthy discussions in the forums. All the best for 2013!!!

  26. Mark Dorcak says:

    thx guys for the great email course and other stuff. What I would really like to see more i guess is a little more for the beginners like me that are just getting into djing and production. Like a couple more links to some beginner stuff. Anyways happy holidays everyone and thx for the great course!!

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