DJing Or Partying Tonight? Have A Great New Year's Eve!

NYE poster

Of course, not all of us are DJing tonight. Hell, it's not even New Year's Eve for some of our readers. But I'd hazard a guess that if you're reading this now, you're either getting ready to go and DJ somewhere tonight, or you're off out to somewhere where a DJ will be playing.

Now, while the poster to the right is tongue-in-cheek, there's more than an element of truth in some of it. Lord knows NYE is often overhyped, and it also tends to bring out the "part time" clubbers. It's always a messy night, and often not in a good way. But of course, it can also be the busiest, most fun night of the year. So what I'd love is for you to do is come back tomorrow and let me know how your New Year's Eve went.

Did you play dubstep all night 😀 ? What was the worst request you received? Did someone throw up on your shoes? Were you and your girlfriend still talking when you got home? Did your girlfriend get home?! Had the drinks mysteriously doubled in price? And how long exactly did you wait for your cab at the end of the night? Do come back and tell us!

So - have a great night. And please do come back and tell your story tomorrow (or whenever you wake up.) Happy 2013!

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  1. squarecell says:

    DJing the biggest party in town tonight. I'll be making a full report. Maybe a setlist too, if I remember.

  2. All the way from India, wish you a happy New year 2013 - Phil & all the guys in Digital DJ Tips

  3. man, i got a gig for a private party at a friend of a friend. i swear im going to let loose all my frustrations from the constant top 40 request i get a mobile guy! going over my library as we speak. urrrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi there, throwing a private new years eve party for friends and family, about 30 persons.Hired a tent which is placed against the back of the house, warned all the neighbors... :-)
    The only thing that can be a partybreaker is the wind....
    Greetz from Holland.
    Happy new year to all of you!

  5. not djing for the first time in 8 years. it's going to be a weird night...

  6. No DJing for me tonight - I'm at a friends house. This is what happens when you have kids :(

  7. Samurai Kid says:

    DJing tonite at 3 different places. It's been a year and a half since a started djing and it's been a nice year. Started djing with vestax spin and now using Traktor and Serato. I just want to thank Phil and the rest of DigitalDjtips team and DJTT for helping me learn different stuffs about DJing. 1♡ from Japan!!!

  8. FreshNstuff says:

    Ill be Dj:ing AND partying, I think ill play a midnight set at some partyes and get loaded aftersome 😉

  9. First New Years Eve DJing... disused bank, 40 friends, 600W speakers, nuff said! :)

  10. Gonna Be Djing A House Party In the nice city of Bc Vancouver.

  11. Well thank YOU guys at digital DJ tips for all your dedication to report great articles on a weekly basis. I will continue to follow and look forward to 2013.

    -DJ Rizzo S

  12. Spinnin at a private party tonite with some 30 partypeople .
    it will be an all 90`s music theme .
    Right up my alley LOVE it and looking forward to it

  13. Happy New Year to all. Have fun and be safe. As for myself, I will be home and relaxing into the new year. Probably will be practicing tonight on my mashups. I also just got this new music producing software and it is kicking my butt!! Lots to learn! I love it all!! To endless possibilities!!! WOOHOOO!! :)

  14. Sistah Cee says:

    DJing a warm-up set (nice!) and partying later. Will try and record my set.

  15. Finished up a few hours ago, being in NZ we see New Years in before most. Was an awesome night without any dramas, a packed dance floor and the worst request I got was BMU - You Will Know, which I like but when you're building pace at 120+bpm not really fitting. Had a premix set ready and dropped at 12.10 so I could go have drinks with the barstaff.

  16. I'm DJing a mate's house party tonight. And getting smashed. Have a great list of tunes (including dubstep) that the people there should enjoy!

  17. DJ'ing a family friendly "kid" NYE, complete with balloon drop at 8:00pm for the finale! Been doing it for 3 years now and I love it. Done early enough to either go out or go home to ring in the new year. Happy New Year to everyone on the site!

  18. Frank Spinatra says:

    Playing at The Four Seasons in Whistler, Canada. Happy NYE from the Left Coast! Wishimg all the DDJT fam a great night!

  19. Kris Santana says:

    is anyone playing auld langs syne tonight?

    • I did! But I made my own mash up which started out traditionally and then picked up the pace, then I slowed it back down and played New York, New York and did the same thing. Small crowd but they loved the classic song/new sound feel! And the 120+ bpm got them all going strong for another hour. Ton of fun!

  20. First NYE DJ gig in the Netherlands tonight. Pretty psyched!

  21. DJ LiMitless says:

    I'm lucky...having a small party at my place, and DJing it myself.

  22. Lol , love the poster *Get in a fight with your date in front of everyone* he he he . class:).

    Have a fantastic night peeps , be safe.

  23. Will be partying at Club "Home"! No cover charge, free all night, partying with my my wife, newborn 5 month old twin boys, and great music! Some gigs you can't put a price tag on, tonight's gig is priceless! Cheers to you Phil and the rest of the staff at DDJT!

  24. Going over a friend's house. No gig tonight. Happy New Year, friends.

  25. no DJ'ing for me tonight just partying.... but shit I love that poster 😀

  26. DJing and partying!!!
    Greetings from Belize!

  27. Max Cortés says:

    I just came back home from gig. Great! I played mostly classics remixed and people was crazy. Private party for 400 people.
    Now is time to be with my wife. I'm lucky I don't ear too much. Volume too high at booth.

    Happy New Year!

  28. Trap was the big thing in my town tonight, if it wasn't trap or hiphop you emptied the place pretty quickly.

    Which is a shame, I really enjoy not hearing trap.

  29. My gig went well the place wasn't filled up but the owner of the place enjoyed my song selection they gave me what we agreed upon alsothey gave me food too!!!!!! Also I think I might of scored a residency just gotta start building a following 1 love from NY

    DjObiOne aka the African Jedi lol

  30. Had a bit of a bender on new years... a lot of fun though! Good to take a break sometimes :)

  31. Damn I'm jealous of all you guys who get to DJ on New Years. I'm hoping I can next year!

  32. Dj'd at a venue in Leeds Yorkshire , around 150 folks, 4th yr in a row , great night ,great people and exploding balloon drop at midnight , floor was filled and got my first beer down at home 3:30 this morning, great site Phil and the team happy 2013 :)

  33. ChrisDjC-Roc says:

    Drove an hour and a half away to Dj a house party, arrived they had made over 500 jello shots, so of course I got a large tray of them for the booth (My Mistake) to pass out to my friends, I ended up consuming most of them, afterall jello shots are the best invention involving alcohol.... From about 9pm-1130pm my Numark mixtrack pro was failing, also my computer was shutting down and freezing, awesome, a 200 person crowd listening to me and itd cut off, It was saved with starting chants of "Turn Up" and "30 minutes to new years!!!!" shouts, I loved that. For some reason my gear worked perfectly from 1150-1am, then quit, I resorted to using iTunes and an aux cord, then around 230am-6am everything worked out fine. After the gear started working fine, I stopped working, My wingman had to take over and start spinning for me because I was too intoxicated, but the crowd was wild for both of us ! Around 4am my right speaker blew and the volume dropped drastically, but it was okay, everybody was too drunk to notice. This might make me sound like a major poser/douchebag, but all night me and my friend brought the hottest girls back there to dance, got them free shots, just completely over-abused our DJ status to pick up girls, I mean hell, it was New Years. Oh, not to mention I did this party completely pro-bono, figured rather than being paid I would gain really really good publicity, and its worked, my twitter and facebook have been blowing up. So even the worst night with alot of equipment failures turned out to be spetacular !

  34. I got to DJ at a house party. Not huge, but enough people that I could play music and have some people dance. At the beginning I was sort of forced to play the mainstream pop. I pretty much just let iTunes shuffle for that; but after a while people were loose enough for me to play house music and have them enjoy it. The place was bumping by the end of the night. Great party.

  35. foldabledisco says:

    Had a party in my (small) living room, the place was pact.
    My girlfriend and I played on S4/Traktor and CDj's (first time since a while on the cdj's). Wow what a party, still a little bit dizzy...

    Happy new year everyone!!!

  36. I DJ'd a NYE party in at a restuarant Hartford CT. for about 100 people. A diverse mix of young 20 somethings to 50+ which made it challenging. Most wacky request was for Van Morrison. Result was a little up and down. Gangnam Style and Don't Stop the Party rocked the house. Can't wait til next year!

  37. A little late but I was Dj'ing in Burley in Wharfedale with a swing band called SwingThing Duo. The night was a huge success, with about 120 people being present. We had 4 moving heads, 8 uplighters, vertical fogger and a pm-1800rgb Laserworld laser for text and animation. I love NYE parties.

  38. ScottoRobotto says:

    I'm in Hawaii so it's another 5 hours to midnight. Heading to a bar to party and see a friend's band. I'm not ready to play out yet but personally I think I would rather party and dance than DJ.

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