Serato DJ Gets A Price Drop & Arrives For Reloop Controllers

Terminal Mix 4 Serato DJ

Serato DJ arrives for the Terminal Mix 2 and Terminal Mix 4 from Reloop, and the software also gets a substantial price drop to boot.

Serato DJ is now available for the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 and Reloop Terminal Mix 4 controllers, and has had a price drop to US$129.

This bring to five the number of controllers Serato DJ now works with, with the Numark Mixtrack Pro, Pioneer DDJ-ERGO and Denon DJ MC2000 already compatible since the first rollout two weeks ago. While the software is still available at US$199 with Serato Video as before, for the first time it is available without Serato Video for a new lower price of US$129.

This appears to be a shift from Serato, as before the company was saying it was bundling Serato Video with the US$199 Serato DJ program as a launch offer for a limited period, but now it seems that the with video/without video two-tier pricing is permanent. The new pricing structure brings Serato DJ to just US$40 more than Traktor Pro 2.x, which itself had a massive price drop at the start of 2012.

Good news for Reloop, bad news for some customers

This is good news for those not wanting the Serato Video attachment, ie most DJs (as the software is now cheaper) but it's also good news for those who do want it at some point (because the bundle still offers a considerable saving over the old separate pricing, and because this now appears to be a permanent thing, not a time-limited launch offer).

This is also big news for Reloop, because The Reloop Terminal Mix 2 and Terminal Mix 4 are high quality, capable devices which were sorely missing equally capable software. Plus, with the premium now only US$129 to upgrade to Serato DJ, the controllers (along with those of other manufacturers) are now more competitive than they otherwise would have been, especially when you note how close Serato DJ is now in price to Traktor. Reloop has announced bundles for both controllers with Serato DJ and Serato video €499 and €599.

However, it's not such good news for those who maybe bought the software within the last two weeks for the first batch of devices, and who have no interest in the video plugin that was initially offered as a free bonus, as they could have waited just 14 days and got the software for US$80 less.

• Rollout for more controllers, including free rollout for Serato ITCH controllers (all of the controllers announced so far are Serato DJ Intro models) is expected over the coming weeks and months. You can buy Serato DJ and keep informed when an upgrade will be available here.

What do you think of the price drop? Are you a Terminal Mix 2 or 4 owner who's excited this is now available for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I´m still waiting for the upgrade from ITCH to DJ with my NS7.
    Anybody got a date ?

  2. If i purchase the Pioneer DDJ-SX do i have to pay for the update for my Mixtrack Pro?

  3. Im sure the license is for each controller you own rather than one license for all. So mixtrack needs a separate license even tho you own a ddj sx. I know you can have 2 different computers running the same license as a back up. But you cant have both of them running at once or serato will ban you.

  4. Heres to clarify

    Any serato intro controller will require a paid upgrade to activate serato dj. If you own 2 serato intro controllers you only need to pay for 1 upgrade to activate both controllers
    If you own an itch controller you get serato dj free. But if you own an itch and an intro controller you still have to purchase a license to activate serato dj with the intro controller even tho the itch version is free. How shit is that

  5. What would the purpose be of having an Itch & Intro controller?

    • I have the NS6 for about a year and bought the terminal mix 3 months ago knowing about the software (it was built around (Serato DJ) because is far superior controller than the NS6.

  6. Flexabilty in your approach to different situations. Not every gig requires you to take ur biggest most expensive controller. A rowdy student bar for example you could take ur mixtrack and not worry anout getting your ddj sx getting a pint spilled on it. And Some of the controllers classed in the intro category are better than most itch controllers like the vci 400

  7. Hi, anyone knows if the Reloop Terminal Mix vu meters working with Serato DJ show the gain level of the channels or just the master?


  8. ACowCalledMoo says:

    Whooooop! I was given a Terminal Mix 2 about four weeks ago as an early xmas pressie.. This is great news!!!

  9. Daniel Amezquita says:

    Thanks for the article. I am a TMX4 owner and have been waiting for this for a while now.
    However, I am still unclear if I have to pay for DJ or since I already bought the TMX4 I can just download it?

  10. Question about Whitelabel !!! Since the tracks require you to play them through ITCH or DJ with a license, does that mean we still have to pay for Serato DJ even though it's a free upgrade from ITCH? I read on Serato's site that you don't get the license for Serato DJ when you get the free upgrade and you can purchase it if you want.

  11. Reloop makes decent controllers, but i do find their spinners too big. They use too much space, which can be used for other more other controls.

  12. Actually $70 more. 😉

    $199-$129= $70.

  13. Any date yet for Serato DJ release for the Numark Mixdeck Quad? Still using Serato DJ Intro but after reading Phil's review on Serato DJ 1.0.0 Software, I am anxious for the upgrade. Thanks!

  14. Why hasn't Serato ever done anything with American Audio? I have been waiting for a while...

  15. For the one's ho wanted yo now the prices of the reloop TM4 this the info reloop sender me

    thank you very much for your inquiry.

    Please note that the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 will be available in two different versions from now on: Reloop Terminal Mix 4 (Serato DJ Intro) MSRP: US$ 708,00 Reloop Terminal Mix 4 (Serato DJ) MSRP: US$ 850,00

  16. So damn glad I waited a week or two after purchasing my MC2000... Score!

  17. Fala Messenger says:

    Please tell me, when I have one Reloop Terminal Mix 4 and I will buy Serato DJ.
    How many notebook run on one license???????????????
    I'm asking because me & my brother use one controller.
    P.S. Sorry for my awful English

    • ACowCalledMoo says:

      I have a TM2 and have just upgraded to Serato DJ... In the email they sent me you can install it on TWO machines but you can only use it on one at a time...

      From their website:

      "The license agreement for Serato DJ states that it can only be used on one computer at a time. If you want to use Serato DJ on a secondary (backup) system as well, but not simultaneously, a second installation is included in your license provided you are not running the software at the same time as your main system. Activating and running Serato DJ on more than one machine simultaneously is a violation of the license agreement and will result in the permanent de-activation of your license."

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