What Did You Get For Christmas?

T-shirt Christmas

I wanted a DDJ-SX for Christmas, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt...

Now admittedly many of us probably buy for ourselves rather than have someone buy for us, but it's all the same outcome isn't it? Brand spanking new things to play with at Christmas while we're off work or school!

So what did you get - DJ gear or otherwise - this year? Did you get a controller, or maybe a software upgrade? Did you treat yourself to some music downloads, or a new pair of headphones? Maybe you even took the plunge and decided to get your first DJ gig outside of your bedroom with our How To Digital DJ Fast video course. Or something else entirely...

Me? After extensive research (OK, I asked DJ Hombre, our iOS editor), I gifted myself a Pasce Minirig speaker, so I can have have decent sound when I'm staying in hotels, but yet still travel on hand luggage. I've written a little review of it that'll appear on the site soon.

Of those I've spoken to from my crowd, Steve, our webmaster, has got a brand spanking new Maschine 2, and my old DJ sparring partner Podje from Dublin is enjoying his new Traktor Kontrol S2 (welcome to the digital world, Podje!). But I'd love to know what's new in your DJing world this festive season.

So over to you! Tell us what you've bought, or are planning on treating yourself to, for Christmas this year, and how you're getting on so far with your new DJ purchases.

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  1. A Xone:K2 and a iphone 5 black 16gb ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I have got Reloop JME III. It was a present from myself :) really enjoing it!

    • I bought myself a Numark M6 mixer and a Mixtrack Pro. Was going to get a couple of stanton t62 turntables but things didn't workout. I'm very happy with my decision nonetheless. Have a great 2013 everyone. Practice and enjoy.

    • I got a ddj ergo k and a magna flight case. I use with virtual DJ pro on my new MacBook Pro. Took it out New Year's Eve and it did the business.

  3. Cubase 7 update \o/

  4. A pair of used CDJ 800 mk2 and a brand new DJM 250-K, leaving my controller behind (mixage IE), still planning to play around with traktor at home, maybe taking traktor to smaller house parties ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. a Reloop Terminal Mix 4, straight from the guys at Reloop!

  6. Viktor Wemmer says:

    I got myself a Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow, looks so sexy.
    Then I got this from my mum, http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10239077/
    Might come in handy when you want to just lay in bed.
    I also recieved some money and giftcards, and ofc, SOCKS!

  7. A fairly simple turntable which is also compatible for burning vinyl onto my computer, I had never thought id be in love with vinyl so much. Currently digging through my old folks' collections, gunna be a long Xmas!

  8. A Brand new Novation Twitch, complete with Gig bag! I'm excited to try out ITCH after using VDJ for 2 years! Can't wait to the Serato DJ rollout to arrive to Twitch! Fader FX and Slicing, here i come! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      You'll be happy to note that come Spring, the Twitch will get the upgrade to Serato DJ. I love my Twitch and I'm glad someone else gets the opportunity to experience that love. Psst, try it in Traktor too.

  9. It was good Year for Gear! My income improved this year allowing me to treat myself to... A Traktor S2, an F1, an Akai MPK25, and a pair of Sennheiser HD-25ii's. Oh man! My life will never be the same. After turning 30 I have come to giving in on my passions and splurge on some tools I've always wanted at my leisure. Maybe (hopefully) it will turn to paid gigs later on down the line, but as for now, it lots of practice and dissecting the music collection I've amassed over the years. Thanks for All the great Reviews and Tutorials, making this venture into ddjing a fun and exciting experience!!!

  10. DJ Demonick says:

    most importantly so far, a sweet cdj2000-turning-into-plants shirt, and a book "1001 albums you must hear"

  11. Smasherelly says:

    I didn't get any gear, pretty much have everything I need. I did help one if my good friends with buying her boyfriend a dj set up. She bought him the vestax 380. She was excited she's probably going to start djing too now. Lol. Season greetings to you all.

  12. tRakTOr kONTRoL S2 ๐Ÿ˜€ and a trolley bag to carry all the equipments. 2013.. planning on moving around a lot. Merry Christmas everyone.

  13. I got myself a pair of Chauvet colorPalette DJ lights.

    • Sweet man! I too got lights for Christmas :) I got four 3.5' 320bulb LED RGB Light Bars! They are so sweet and really light up a room and complete my DJ setup; that's all I was missing were some lights from my mobile setup. I daisy chained them all with DMX cables as slaves and ran them to one that I set on sound active so they all do the same thing and pulse to all the dirty electro house drops which looks so awesome!!!!

  14. Kontrol F1. Hinting wasn't working so I had to agree to pay for and attend next June's Rihanna concert in return for the self bought gift.

  15. A Novation Launchpad, MONO Gig bag, and a boxing day gig! Very excited this christmas

  16. a traktor f1, decksaver and udg case. aaaawww! ; )

  17. Finally got my hands on a novation launch pad and the irig iOS mixer. Merry Christmas everyone!

  18. I got myself a Traktor S4! Really happy, he-he
    Sergiy, .

  19. Tommy Hodges says:

    A special DJ ornament from my daughter which is now my avatar!

  20. Mattie Clarke says:

    I sold my NS6 last week to put the money down on a DDJ SX, that's my treat to myself. I'm looking forward to when it's delivered (I've been advised that it may not be until 2nd week in Jan). So I've been without anything to mix over the festive period, although I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!!!! Merry Christmas to you all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. i got a crane laptop stand. the one thats not adjustable but is fixed to one angle. its super nice. sets up in 5 secs and folds neatly besides my laptop in ny traktor trolley. and i got an itunes card for online music purchasing.

  22. A DDJ-SX and some AIAIAI headphones!

  23. Early gifts to self: a Vestax VCI-380 and an iPhone 5.
    This morning from my wife: a bottle of Laphroaig single malt Scotch.
    Life is good...
    Merry Christmas to Phil and the whole DDJT community!

  24. Traktor 2 bible. S2 decksaver. NI F1 bag.

    And some Bjorn Borg long johns

  25. How to DJ Right, Novation Twitch, and an Eliminator Fogger

  26. Dj Gregree-i says:

    Life is great. I got a brand new 15 inch macbook pro and a pair of pioneer hdj 500 headphones. Life is sweet.

  27. For myself a Kontrol Z2 last week, my girl got me a Mono Bag. So effin happy lol

  28. I'm SO happy that I found Digital DJ tips just before Christmas as its inpsired me to get back into Djing in the digital age without the need to carry thousands of pounds of heavy equipment and records!! After researching the website and subscribing to the video lessons for Djing Fast and learning Virtual DJ, I bought a new MacBook Pro and am still considering either the Reloop Terminal Mix 4, Numark Mixtrack Pro and Mixdeck Quad. Hope to make a decision early in the new year!! Cheers!

  29. I didn't get anything - at all! :(

  30. Rod Viriato says:

    Numark iDJ Pro and its controller bag. Giving up on my old pair of CDJs and BCD-3000 - iPad djing is so much fun.

  31. I got a baby girl! A bit more awesome than the CNTRL:R I wanted, but I still may splurge and get the controller for myself.

  32. I got to finally learn how to play Super Mario 1-1 on keyboard.

  33. Robert Weinhold says:

    A QuiNeo! Am a happy camper

  34. Got a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones :)

  35. Got the Reason 6.5 update for about $32 dollars less than the street price. This thing rocks. I'm now using it in rewire mode with Garageband to make some sick tunes. Present to myself of course :).

  36. I got a pair of Mackie TH-12As, early, and wife got me an ION DJ2GO as an anytime back up to the S2/laptop setup...Already have djay on the iPhone...Nice...!

  37. I got a numark x5, great scratch mixer.

  38. Serato DJ for my TMX4, now I can leave the NS6 behind.

  39. A flash drive. Also, a double CD featuring old school legends E-40 and Too $hort.

  40. Traktor and Mixed in Key :)

  41. My wife got me the reloop-10 headphones that I wanted, also got a new dell laptop to go with my stanton djc.4 controller, so no complaints here

  42. i lucked out this year i got a maschine mikro mkI and a pair of v-moda crossfade lp

  43. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4!!1

  44. Really more of a yearly thing than X-mas. Got myself an upgrade and got the DDJ-SX. got some adj lights and soon looking to get a second 12 EV self powered speaker. One does the work for me but recently gigs have stated to grow and a need for a second one is on the horizon.....

    Hope everyone's wishes and desires came thru. Happy new year Phil and DDJT community.

  45. Traktor Kontrol z2, Kontrol F1, and a Crane Stand Pro! Resurrected my 1200s, and have been loving it.

  46. Ableton Suite and a Crane Stand Pro

  47. galaxy note 2 and still deciding which 1000 dollar dj equipment i want to get

  48. Allbeit a litle early to call it a Christmas gift to myself, I bought something that I was planning on getting years back. Lemur was a dedicated hardware touch surface with software to design custom touch surface controllers but it was way out of my budget. Fortunately, the original software got ported to iOS so I got myself an iPad so that I could use Lemur. In fact this app was the only reason that could ever pursuade me into buying an iPad in the first place. So naturally, I ve spent the last weeks designing custom touch surfaces to incorporate in my set up and get closer to my "live-techno-rig" realisation.

  49. Ipad 3, another 500 gig hard drive, and a 64 gig flash drive. And a smoker to fire up in the summer to get people over for me to spin to.

  50. from a recent gig, i took some of that money and got myself a nice Novation Launchpad, its wonderful!

  51. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I got a new bed. Say what you will, but a good bed is the foundation of a healthy, well-rested body and an alert mind. How is it we haven't talked about the right amount of sleep being one of the most important things about being a DJ?

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      I got most of the things I wanted for my gear sometime between October of last year and this year. I suppose my next purchase will be a newer MacBook Pro or a TC Helicon VoiceModeler or VoicePrism Plus.

  52. B.B. Koning says:

    For myself, I splurged on some important little things.

    Two 16GB USB sticks to test out the USB capability on my CDJ 400s (never really played with it much), and a 2 TB Western Digital Passport portable HDD to free up space for my hoarder like music collecting tendencies.

  53. DJ Reckless Ryan says:

    I got my xmas gift in October. Was a mixture between my bday and xmas gifts haha but I got the Novation Twitch. Love it. Gotta thank you guys for having the great review over it and making me pick it!

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      What a powerful, well-made, capable controller. I bring my controller when I hang out with DJ friends and they are impressed what my controller can do. If you use Traktor Pro, you can assign the top row of Remix Decks to the "grid" bank (on both sides) *with LED feedback*. I take no credit for Novation's work but it's really nice to be able to do nearly anything you want on one controller.

      • DJ Reckless Ryan says:

        It sure is! Love the controller! I was using cds before I switched over and literally couldn't think of a reason to go back. The TouchStripe is one of the many reason I think the Twitch is one of the best controllers on the market. I run Traktor Pro 2 with it, as I just cant get into the feel for Serato. Definitely would agree that you can do almost anything on it!

  54. Jam-Master Jake says:

    Santa was generous to me this year...unfortunately, he used my credit card. :(

    I got a DDJ-SX (in November), 3 new ADJ lights (2 Fusion FX lights and the Hypnotic RGB laser), new ADJ fog machine, 3 new QSC K12 PA speakers and 2 QSC K-Subs, a Crane Stand Pro, an NS7FX (closeout price, couldn't pass it up), hard cases for my DDJ-SX and NS7FX, a bunch of lighting/speaker stands/cables, and the piece de resistance: a new maxed-out 27" iMac (new design).

    I now have all the equipment I need to get my mobile DJ business launched and ready to go. I'll be upgrading to the new Macbook Pro with Retina display here in the next 1-2 months too, most likely.

    Spendy Christmas...I won't be having another one like that for a few more years...this one has to pay for itself first!

  55. ACowCalledMoo says:

    I sold my 1210's and most of my vinyl about 3 yrs ago - probably the most stoopid thing i've ever done

  56. ACowCalledMoo says:

    Whoops... As i was saying...

    So this year i bought a Mac, a copy of Ableton Live 8 and a keyboard... For xmas my parents bought me a Reloop Terminal Mix 2 - 2013 is gonna be a fun year!

    I'm also thinking of doing a couple of production courses at http://www.subbassdj.com - Has anyone been there or know if they are worth doing..?

    Happy Xmas 'n' New Year to all especially those at DDJT - Everyday i look forward to your articles - keep up the good work!

  57. I got a present to my self ! A new sony vaio that suits perfect with my s2

  58. Midi Fighter 3D. I'm also running a Mac Book Pro for the 1st time.

  59. King Of Snake says:

    Yes yes! Twitch arrived today! me.so.happy.

  60. DJ Sneakman says:

    This Christmas i got myself some Sony MDR-XB300 headphones and another usb sound card. Hopefully this coming year i'll be able to use my skills to pull in some income and treat myself to something along the line of professional hardware and software.

  61. Traktor Kontrol S4 and Traktor Kontrol F1 plus two Rokit 6''. Yay!

  62. Starting young with Traktor Kontrol S4 and a microkey 37 :) and for my good report I'm paying for half of a MacBook Pro 15 inch so I guess that counts as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. I got the Hercules djcontrol instinct

  64. Dell Inspirion Hercules DJ control instinct

  65. My pops bought me 2 stanton c.324 and I went ahead and purchased numarks M6 4 channel usb mixer, fantastic setup I love it.

  66. A UDG Creator trolley bag for my S2. A Hercules KS210B dual tier keyboard stand and some Quiklok BS300 monitor stands to complete my home setup. Gifts to myself.

    My dad bought me a pair of Shure SHR 750DJ headphones and the latest version of Reason.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

  67. I treated myself with the help of my loving wife to a pioneer ddj-s1 and a pro-x case which was an upgrade from my vestax vci300 and vfx-1 so x-mas was great.i did my buddys news eve party last night it was sweet!

  68. Got for Christmas my new Hercules Dj Air Control..after many research i found out that is pretty good for an amateur..Thank you for your training guides! Happy New Year!

  69. I received a Pioneer DJM T-1 for Christmas from my mom, now I can hook up my turntables and have the option to use my DVS or my Kontrol S2 at some of my first gigs! Happy New Year!

  70. Happy new year all and thanks for all the great advise and reviews in 2012 :) - i treated myself with (my now beloved) twitch back in july '12. Simply perfect in design and adaption. Last month I got me a second hand pioneer efx500 which allows me post fader fx via my 1200's / A&H xone 02. Along with the twitch used as a controller only thru my Audio4 sc i now get the best of both pre & post fader worlds !

  71. My wife got me a new iPad and the iDJ Pro. I've been on it for a week and LOVE IT!!!,

  72. Christian says:

    Hello everyone. Got Maschine Mikro 2 for Christmas. Looking to make some new beats for 2013 !!!

    Happy New Year !

  73. I get two Reloop Contour (your review weighed a lot to this).
    Added them to my Behringer mixer DDM4000, used partial in midi mode.
    So I'm in contrellerism now ! :)
    Also I got an new lap with 6G of RAM, an I3 CPU and 640G HDD.

    And finaly I made a case for them:

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