NAMM 2013: New Behringer CMD Controllers To Ship With Deckadance 2

Behringer CMD-PL1

The Behringer CMD-PL1, one of the seven Behringer controllers announced at last year's NAMM that are only just shipping now.

Behringer today announced that its long-awaited new CMD range of DJ controllers is "now shipping".

The company also announced that the controllers will all come with a full version of a new incarnation of Image Line's Deckadance DJ software, Deckadance 2. The software's biggest improvement over the original Deckadance is that it now works with four decks. While Deckadance may not be one of the bigger names in DJ software, Deckadance 2 is a considerable improvement over the earlier effort. Of course these controllers are Midi mappable to any Midi-compliant software.

We are grabbing all of this info live from the Behringer keynote. We'll get production photos/videos, new prices etc tomorrow from the company's stand and of course let you have all the details then.

• See all of the units on Behringer's website.

Are you still one of those waiting patiently for one of these units? What do you think of the bundled software being Deckadance 2? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. YES!!! 😀
    Considering how relatively cheap DJ software is now, the packaged software isnt such a big deal.

  2. FINALLY!!!!

    • It seems like a long wait!

      I'm fairly sure that some (perhaps all?) of the modular components are USB class compliant which means they should work perfectly with an iOS device to transmit midi.

      Just down to app developers to embrace them. For DJ Player this is not an issue down to midi mapping, it looks like the Deckadance app may bring support for some of these controllers over time as well.

  3. The quality will be the deciding factor, though I don't really need to add anything to my K2's atm I'd enjoy the possibilities these units bring to the table.

  4. Prof_Strangeman says:

    Finally! Their 4 channel mixer is the final piece of my new modular set up! If you would like to know details of my set up, I am more than willing to share.

  5. Smart move from Behringer to add a full version software. smart smart move. At the end of the day there will be mappings for Traktor and Virtual Dj sooner or later anyway. So why not offer an alternative option for the beginner Djs that do not already own any Dj software?

  6. I think the Steinberg modular controllers are better, but if price is the only important factor for you. I'm sure Behringer will live up to its name.

  7. Surely these controllers appeal mainly to people who already own DJ software?
    I would bet that only a couple of percent of buyers will even try the bundled software.
    Personally I think it would have been better to ship them with no software and thus make them a bit cheaper for the consumer.

    • For all we know, Deckadance might just be very well giving out these copies for free (or close to it).

      The move screams that they want to make a dent in the market controlled by Traktor, Serato, and VDJ.

      I know if these can integrate with the iPad version, the controllers will be a leg up on the competition.

    • Alternatively, why not put together a really solid mapping for free DJ software like Mixxx? That way people arent stuck without software entirely.

      • exactly. the scratch in mixxx is the 2nd best in any software(itch is best)

      • I dunno. I think they'll have some mappings in there, but I generally leave it up to the internet to make mappings. The mapping for my old Xponent I found on a Traktor-centric site.

        I'm thankful for the many who are willing to go ballistic to make the perfect mappings for software.

        Now I'm curious if there is a decent MIDI-to-HID software out there. I'd be curious to use it as a means to map a drumpad to the remix decks.

  8. Cmon you cant really sell a controller without any software. Even the noname ones have virtual dj le with them or something. that would be like selling you a printer without the drivers. What im saying is that it was a smart move to include the full fat version of a software and not the LE version of Traktor or Vdj on a relatively low budget product.

    Of course people that have been using something like traktor or vdj or serato for a while, and own the full version of that wont want to switch. then it's down to how good the mapping for vdj/traktor/serato will be, for those people to make a decision.

    But when i started out i gave about 5 different programs a chance before i decided or even bought a controller and im always open to suggestions. and if people change controllers down the road then why not the software? at the end of the day, a controller is only as good as the software it controls.

    On the other hand, if i was starting out now and wasnt used to any software at all, i would consider the option that bundled "full fat" software better, compared to another option that didnt, provided that both options were on the same budget and that the "full fat" software was good enough.

    What am i saying? ive even confused myself now. anyways, curious what this deckadance2 is gonna be like.

  9. YES! The next CMD should have 4 separate channels and be able to work as a standalone mixer, it's a behringer right? Drop the software, throw in some sound cards..

    • ha, so just another mixer in other words? The fact that it's modular and there isn't integrated sound is what sets this apart. It's an actual midi controller and more companies need to follow suit. Look around at your options for controllers without integrated sound and you'll see what I'm talking about.

      Behringer could easily put out a usb audio I/O but I'm glad they haven't because otherwise they would be combining it just like every other company does and thus jack up the price with unwanted/unneeded extras.

      For example I would love to see NI make an S4 without integrated audio but they won't. I'm all about modular design because each piece should do what it does well and be easily replaceable rather then everything lumped together.

      • I'm speaking specifically for the studio 4a. An implementation of 4 physical channels and the ability to be used as a mixer (without a laptop, like the n4).

  10. getting one of these to controll FX in Traktor when I'm at a club using CDJ 2000 in HID mode, Been using the F1 for that but would be nice to have a dedicated controller.

  11. I've been looking forward to this release for a while. The CMD modules will be the first four channel midi controller out there that does NOT have an integrated sound card and i'm hoping the price fully reflects that. Honestly I would rather they put the effort into having midi maps for existing software rather then bundling software with it. this is a modular design as opposed to an all in one so bundled software isn't a priority as much as having working midi maps for users to modify at release.

    I fully expect to be able to buy a cmd mm-1, pl-1, quneo, and an NI audio 2 IO for a fraction of the cost of an NI S4. I'm far less afraid of having to plug in a few usb cables on a modular set up then i am of having one thing go wrong on an s4 and having to drop $900 to replace the entire unit.

    Software developers should focus on stability and standard control protocols while hardware manufactures should focus on quality and price. Quality and pricing combined with midi mapping is what will make the cmd line a success not software bundling. people want the flexibility to use their preferred software with their preferred control interface period. I see custom mappings as the backbone of the cmd line and anything behringer can do to support this will help the entire cmd line up.

    • From what we saw at NAMM 2012, the price points were between $99 and $199. The MM-1 will be at the higher end because it also acts as a USB hub for the other components. It has several USB ports on the back.

  12. I really didn't know much about Decadance so I decided to do a little research. Turns out it can be hosted as a VST inside a DAW.

    Being that I use Live (Ableton) for production and DJing, I think this might be a match made in heaven.

    And if I just don't like Decadance, I can use the controllers directly in Live.

  13. Only have a question, is april and the CMD A4 still don`t to buy... Who will be to sale?

  14. whiteturbo says:

    Had to get my CMD MM-1 from Germany nobodys got any in the UK (that i can find) But it ships with a crippled version of Deckadance that pauses every three minutes. So it was a load of sales crap saying it would ship with full version. So as always buyer beware.

    • Darn it. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything, till just now, to contradict what I was given to understand about the modular controllers shipping with a full version. I just stumbled across this several hours after placing an order with zZounds more for the full version of the software than the controller itself. Glad to know, nevertheless, so I can cancel the order.

  15. Your not going to like this, but you cant. . . There is a software that you can do this with though, by a company called Fruity Loops.. it seperates the recorded audio into different sub tracks based on several things.. background noise is one of them.

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