iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit Announced

IK multimedia cables

This cable kit is designed for electronic musicians and DJs, and covers a multitude of connection scenarios.

Hot on the heels of our "which RCA cables are best?" debate, IK Multimedia has announced its iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit, a collection of high quality cables designed for routing audio to and from electronic instruments, DJ controllers, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, DJ mixers and laptops.

The cables come in a travel case, making it the easy to stash them in your DJ kit bag on your way out of the door to a gig. And while they're meant for all types of digital musicians, not just DJs, they do cover you for a multitude of user scenarios.

What's in the bag...

The cables included are:

  1. Mono output adapter: Converts 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo output to 1/4" (6.35mm) mono signal. You could this to send your stereo output from your device into a mono input device like a mono-input powered speaker
  2. Input output extension: Extends the range of a device output jack, including signal input and microphone capability. Would be good with IK Multimedia's own iRig, iRig MIC or iRig Mic CAST, or your own smartphone headset, giving you with more room to move around
  3. Stereo aux: Almost 5 feet (150cm) in length, this extra long stereo cable can be used when you want to connect your device to speakers (or a car stereo...), in places where longer cable runs are required
  4. Stereo headphone splitter: As the name implies, this one takes a single stereo pair from your device and makes two out of it. Allows the use of two pairs of headphones or speakers from a single stereo output on a 1/8" (3.5mm) jack, long enough (12"/30 cm) to ensure proper separation of the listeners. not to be confused with...
  5. Mono output splitter: This one is perfect for sending the signal from your device to the L/R inputs in a stereo channel on a mixer, with 2 x 1/4" (6.35mm) mono female jacks leading from an 1/8" stereo male
  6. RCA output adapter: 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo male to 2 x RCA mono male. This cable makes it possible to connect a mobile device to DJ gear, or home stereos with RCA I/O

Why carry spare cables?

We always recommend DJs assemble and carry a spare cables kit, so that if they do have to patch in to unexpected equipment, or run an emergency source from your smartphone or laptop into am amp or mixer, you'll be covered.

This kit, plus a few adaptors (1/8" to 1/4", mono to stereo, TRS to RCA) would pretty much cover you for anything bars, lounges or small clubs may throw at you upon arrival - especially if you use mobile production gear as well as your DJ kit. Of course, you could easily assemble your own... but if you want them all together in a smart case, this could be the way to go. Each cable is available separately too should there be only one or two you feel will be of use to you.

The iLine Mobile Music Kit will be priced at €47.99 (excl. VAT), which IK Multimedia says is a 50% cost saving over buying the cables individually. More info at IK Multimedia's website.

Does this look like something you'd use? What cables do you never leave the house without? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I love the idea behind this and would love to find out more about it...but the link to IK Multimedia's site seems to be dead.

  2. fr yr inf
    the link is broken...

  3. Or you could pop along to and price all of those cables up for about £15...

  4. Gbadegesin says:

    Looks quite cool. I can see this being of very good use

  5. DJ Majestic says:

    $62.98 converted into US dollars. I can get those cables for way less than that.

    • Well, this is for iUsers mostly. They seem to be used to this pricing model. 😉

    • Actually, some of these cables are hard to find and a bundle like this from manufacturers of the same quality would be in a similar price range - we did as much research as possible.

      That said, you should be able to get it at retailer in your country and have it priced without the need to convert and worry about rates, etc. It would be similar to our other accessory pricing (we also tend to do our research there too :) ).

      Thanks for your interest.

  6. DJ Forced Hand says:

    Why couldn't they have done this with XLR cables?

  7. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    Don't you know it ... a (BIG) case with just about any available cable in there ... and ... you run into a restaurant that uses MONO DIN plugs ...

    I mean, you really can't plan for EVERYTHING, but I am guessing that if convenience, a decent (if not cheap) price level and a complimentary travel bag matter to you, this will be a good buy to get you out of a lot of fixes.

    Kudos to the Ion gang for trying to make our life easier.


  8. Shishdisma says:

    Are these guys serious? A stereo to mono ADAPTER?! Fair warning to all, if Cable #1 is just a Y cable without a summing circuit involved (very unlikely), never ever ever ever ever ever use it, it will seriously fry your inputs.

    DDJT, some kind of flag should be put on that.

  9. Fancy but unnecessary. All of these cables can be bought from like Target and Radio Shack w/ interchangeable adapters for well under $40. Stow them all in a bag, voila.

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