NAMM 2013: Deckadance 2 Software Video Talkthrough

In this video, Craig from Behringer talks us through the new Deckadance 2 software, which looks like a massive improvement on the original Deckadance and which has been tied in tightly with Behringer's CMD modular controllers. Of particular note are the advanced mappings which make good use of the features on the CMD controllers that the new software is being launched alongside. If Behringer and Image Line (the makers of Deckadance) get the integration right - this is only currently an Alpha - this could be the birth of a major new DJing hardware/software partnership. We're looking forward to gettig our hands on it for some testing. So what's your first opinion of Deckadance? Do you think it looks like it may have what it takes to make a dent in the market, alongside this new range of controllers? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I guess we're finally seeing modular controllers coming to pass... which is a good thing (as well as one of my predictions for the year). I'm curious if the program will have LED feedback for controllers as well as something like the Remix Decks in Traktor. This release actually challenges Traktor's dominance of the market.

    On to the CMD Controllers... Are they better than the Steinberg modular controllers?

    • the best midi controller ever made, the stanton scs3, are modular, and yea umm...they passed a long time ago, because people had to have all-in-ones

      • Yes I agree. I searched and searched for controllers and there was something that really drew me to the SCS3, which I used to dj with. One yes the modular, two the compact-ness and three it seems you do somethings you can't do on 'physical' knobbed boards. all in all everyone has a preference, I just greatly enjoy the SCS also because it's not spelled out where everything is you learn it's 'touch' interface.

        And mind you I only bought mine last year.

        I am happy for Deckadance have been waiting ages for them to update, which I always much preferred over traktor.

        Looking forward to what the bring out when it's finally finished and ready for market.

  2. Distinctly heard le software, would need to upgrade... What happened to full access to deckadance?

  3. Thanks phil!

  4. "Just like Traktor..." "Just like Traktor..."

    I wish someone would come up with something that isn't like Traktor.

    • Exactly, no one changed the game by being like anything. Focus on the pricepoint, and the ability.

    • Yeah, I know. That's one thing I liked at least about the previous incarnation of Deckadance is how it 'was' different in it's general interface. However, it's support of VST still is different and now allowing you vertical waveforms, effects and beatgrids make make the difference.

      But yeah the overall look. Again there are probably options to customize that were not apparent in this first look.

      Kudos to them for giving 4 faders.

      And as far as different "The One dj" by Audio Artery if they finally get to market seems to be great for something different and new. Last I heard was a poss March 2013 release for the PC version.

  5. Livingston Dell says:

    This looks great ... if it sounds as good as Traktor we could (finally) be looking at a serious competition for traktor and serato.

  6. hey guys, i want to know if still is

  7. No wonder they've made us wait so long! Looks great though, can't wait

  8. I distinctly heard like traktor 3 times and serato twice... At least... Hmmm... Evolution... Not revolution

  9. Phil! Were you doing your own camera work? You should be in front of the camera! Hire me for the next NAMM! I'll be your camera guy free for a day. I have all the gear for it. It would be an honor!

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