NAMM 2013: HID For MixVibes Cross 2.3 Turn Pioneer CDJs Into Video Players

Now you can control MixVibes with Pioneer CDJs, and let MixVibes use the CDJs' sound cards, so you only need show up with two USB cables and a laptop at the club.

Now you can control MixVibes with Pioneer CDJs, and let MixVibes use the CDJs' sound cards, so you only need show up with two USB cables and a laptop at the club.

Pioneer's rekordbox software developer MixVibes has dropped a NAMM 2013 bombshell of its own: The new MixVibes Cross 2.3 DJ software gives HID integration with Pioneer's full current CDJ range, giving tighter, richer control, including the ability to use the CDJs' sound cards and to scratch video.

Now DJs can roll up to the club and DJ or video DJ with nothing more than laptop and two USB cables. There's track browsing and loading (including artwork), loops, cues, on-beat smart-seek, fingerstrip search (on compatible players) and more.

Video is enabled with the use of the video plugin for MixVibes Cross, and the software itself has had a number of other improvements including slip mode, start/break time adjustments (both accessible through the HID mapping for Pioneer CDJs) and better handling of other external Midi controllers.

To our knowledge, MixVibes Cross is the only software with HID mappings for Pioneer CDJs apart from Serato Scratch Live and Native Instruments. The upgrade is available now for Mac and PC from the Mixvibes website.



Have you been follow MixVibes's development of Cross with interest? What do you think of this latest addition to the feature set? Would it tempt you to switch to using the software - especially if you're a video DJ? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. "To our knowledge, MixVibes is the only company whose software has HID mappings for Pioneer CDJs apart from Native Instruments’s Traktor HID compatibility, but of course Traktor doesn’t offer video, making that particular addition a first for MixVibes."

    Apart from Serato who've had it for years...

    Although they still haven't updated it for the Nexus, mind you...

    • Indeed. They also need to update it for the vibration/jog wheel bug. (Really loud, bassy environments tend to make the CDJs skip a tad when in HID mode with SSL.) Traktor's implementation is much better.

    • Whoops, will go correct that :)

      • I've never tried Mixvibes, mainly because I was hopping that Native Instruments would release a Video plug-in for Traktor, but after all these years, I am really not sure if this will ever happen... Anyway, Mixvibes is actually the company behind Pioneer Rekordbox, so its HID implementation should be perfect. Also, since Traktor does not support video and Serato SL still requires that dongle to be attached to the computer (and BTW it's very expensive too..), the Mixvibes Cross may well be the best HID CDJ Video combo out there at the moment. Would be good if it could also work with the latest features of the new CDJ-2000 nexus, such as enabling the large wav display. This way we wouldn't really need to look to the laptop at all (except for video previews).

  2. Is anyone here using this software? It honestly looks interesting. Would love to hear some readers' thoughts on it. The beatgridding is especially interesting to me as it seems more advanced than anything else out there via Phil's review last year:

    • JonnyFlash says:

      I use Cross and it is amazing and simple at the same time. It only took me a few hours to get the workflow down. I have not used Traktor before but I like Cross much better than DJay and Virtual DJ. Also you can get a few stripped down version of Cross to try in the Apple App Store and I believe there is also a free version for PC. I based my controller selection around the software since I like the free version so much.

  3. I've been following the development of Cross and Mixvibes' iDevice apps and I'm now at the point where I am selling my S4 and de-registering my Traktor and moving to Cross.

  4. I've been using Cross DJ since v1.7 and MixVibes has come a LONG way in a very short time. I bought it because it was cheap, reliable, and it had mappings for my controller (Hercules 4mx, which I bought used on ebay, so no software). The features of v1.7 were sparse: virtually no FX, and no sampler. This was definitely a drawback, but not a big deal to me because I was a digital beginner, with a vinyl background. Cross was a well established, very high quality DVS (still had my Technics and wanted to use them in my set-up).
    That being said, I love the software. Cross 1.7 was feature light, but it was streamlined, and there was just enough room to grow (still much more functional/fun than any LE version). It worked really well, it was simple to learn and easy use. The iTunes integration was top notch, there were tons of mappings preinstalled, the beat-gridding was bar none, and it's DVS was just as good or better than Serato or Traktor. All for a price that was HUNDREDS of dollars less than VDJ, Serato, or Traktor (at the time). And that was v1.7! Less than 2 years later and Cross is on v2.3! It went from 3 FX to 15, they added 2 more decks for a total of 4 AND they added robust sampling (decks 3 & 4). V2.2 added video FX and now this. Upgrades are free. Today I really think Cross is a serious contender for a top spot, having addressed all the areas it was lacking in less than 2 years. You should try the demo, you'll like it. I myself am sticking with it. It was a good, solid program to begin with, and now it's pretty dope, and it's still cheap. Buy it!

  5. CROSS is amazing, I switched from Serato to CROSS for cheap :)

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