NAMM 2013: Numark Mixtrack Pro II Video Talkthrough

So here's our video of the Numark Mixtrack Pro II from the floor of the NAMM Show 2013, with the unit explained by one of Numark's product guys, Eric. We've got lots of close-ups so you can get a better feel for the quality and so on. (Update: Read our full Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 review).

We liked it - it's appreciably better looking, the pads especially feel nice. It's got an almost Apple-esque feel with the bevelled edges, and it's certainly a lot more attractive that its predecessor, the rather boxy Mixtrack Pro. Of course, we all know that the killer feature of the Mixtrack Pro was the excellent jogwheels. Here, I'm not sure if these are an improvement. They're certainly not significantly worse, but they're lower profile and may prove a little fiddlier to scratch and cue on.

It will be interesting to see how much control the pads give you within Serato DJ Intro, but remember you'll be able to upgrade easily enough to Serato DJ, which is an appreciable hike in software capability.

Of course, as soon as we get our hands on a review sample, we'll get a full review and review video made, including a scratch demo so we can better ascertain the quality of those jogs.

• It will be available Q1 2013 at €299 for the Mixtrack Pro II, and €199 for the Mixtrack II (the version without a sound card at the end of the video)

How does it look to you? Would you be happy scratching and cueing on those jogwheels? Do you think it's a better looking device than the original Mixtrack Pro, and worth the extra money?


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  1. " fact it's included... what a great deal"

    ...DJ Intro is bundled with all DJ Intro controllers... who's being redundant now marketing guy?

  2. Looks quite nice, although they don't seem to have fixed the biggest failing of the original, namely the crappy short pitch faders. There's plenty of space on the unit to have included longer, high-resolution faders for those who don't want to use sync. Shame.

  3. Prof_Strangeman says:

    I love my original MixTrack Pro and I would 100% buy this, but I've recently gone to a modular set-up. Sorry boys. The main advantage I see is the pads. I had mine paired with an LPD8 so the pads would be huge!

  4. why they didn't included gain knobs? :/ I miss this in my 1st version of Mixtrack Pro..

  5. Congrats to Numark on making a good looking follow up to the Mixtrack! I started on the Mixtrack Pro and it was a great beginner unit.

  6. That guy seems like such a corporate cock. I know his job is to sell the unit to people, probably been rehearsing his little speech and all his buzzwords for weeks.

    Call me cynical, but as someone who is already a DJ, I'd respond much better to someone who wasn't as patronising.

    Maybe there's a clue in there as to who exactly this controller is aimed at.....

  7. Better Price / Performance. They could have included a gain and a filter knob. I miss them in Mixtrack. But it's ok, they added one more knob for effects, which fits in Traktor.

  8. when do you think this will be available in south africa

  9. DJ Big Brooklyn says:

    I literally just purchased the Mixtrack Pro to practice on when I don't want to pull out the Ns7.... I think will be returning it. I definitely like the looks of part two!!

  10. In an honest personal opinion they should have scrapped the pads,put in manual gain knobs,longer tempo sliders and upgraded the jogwheels,stopped there,kept the original shape and just slimmed it down a bit.But that's what i would have done.

    • I can see why they've gone for pads - since the Pioneer DDJ SX, alot of upcoming controllers have got or will have pads.

      I'm guessing it's, in part, to compliment the Traktor remix decks, which can't be operated at the moment with anything other than the Kontrol F1 and the Midi Fighter 3D, but watch this space with the next Software update.

      And I reckon other software will follow suit.

      • I can see that,but i'd imagine manual gain and a better tempo slider would be appreciated a bit more by begginer DJs.Just in my personal opinion,if you're getting the Mixtrack[Pro or not],you wouldn't do something insane like controllerism or something too complex with it,would you?It's a nice home unit for developing basic skills and maybe for small parties as a backup for the backup.

      • "since the Pioneer DDJ SX, alot of upcoming controllers have got or will have pads."
        Wonder from were Pioneer has the idea O YEAH from the TWITCH

  11. I think you guys are all being a bit tough on Eric from Numark. Although I will admit Eric uses the same few buzzwords in every talkthrough, its all just part of Numark's marketing plan. I really thought he came to his own in this video. He put a bit of flare in to it.

  12. And again, short pitch faders. That's my only gripe with the mixtrack pro. The gain controls can be remapped onto another knob anyways, but there is no solution for those short pitch faders.

  13. Deciding between this and the behringer CMD studio 4a... Like the pads and the mic input on the mixtrack pro II, but also like the studio 4a's longer faders and 8 hot cues...

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