NAMM 2013: UDG Unveils New Cases For Micro DJ Gear


UDG's case for Pioneer's RMX-1000 is typical of the new designs, and is carefully moulded to offer secure protection.

UDG makes record bags, right? Well no actually that's far from all those guys make, even though that's where they made their name.

In this digital age, the company has expanded into controller bags and trolleys too, but as digital gear gets smaller (some of it, anyway!) so have a section of UDG's cases. For NAMM this year they've released four decidedly compact new models. So if you own an NI Maschine Mikro, a Pioneer RMX-1000, a Novation Launchpad or even a nice array of cartridges for your DVS system (and let's face it, if you do still rely on venues supplying record decks for your DJing, carrying your own cartridges is a smart move), there's now a UDG case to suit.

The cases are light but hard, and have black nylon covering with some nice details (we particularly liked the "cartridges" label inside on the seam of the cartridge case). And let's be honest, with the price of some of the gear above, adding a decent case should be a no-brainer.

Will you consider investing in a hard case for your DJ gear? Do you own one of the above units, and have you been waiting for someone to provide something like this? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Prof_Strangeman says:

    I'd really like to see a case for the MidiFighter 3D, then I'd invest. Need to protect my babies.

  2. Awesome, looking into getting a Maschine Mikro so this is good news indeed.

    Really love the coverage Phil, it's nice to have so many new tidbits to speculate about; 2013 looks like a fun time gear wise.

  3. Uh-huh.... so these guys sell a hardcase for the launchpad? For a controller that you probably can sit on the whole day without even noticing? In my DJ bag my launchpad, which originally comes with a neoprene cushioned bag, serves as a perfect protector for my iPad.

  4. Nice coverage Phil,

    i found more nice cases on their UDG web

    keep up the good work

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