NAMM 2013: Numark Mixtrack Pro II Launched

Numark Mixtrack Pro II

The Numark Mixtrack Pro II updates and streamlines the best-selling Mixtrack Pro, and will be in the stores as of January 2013.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro II was announced today ahead of NAMM 2013, offering an upgrade to the popular Mixtrack Pro, "the world's best selling DJ controller" according to the company. (Update: Read our full Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 review).

The design is less clunky and more streamlined, and the platters take a leaf from controllers like the Pioneer WeGO, gaining illumination. The other headline feature is the addition of 16 backlit multifunction drum pads. Read on for more, or catch our Numark Mixtrack Pro II video talkthrough here.

It ships with Serato DJ Intro in the box, giving a great starter set-up which can easily be upgraded to Serato DJ for an additional fee (we're assuming that fee will be the standard US$129), in order to unlock further functions of the software. The controller can also be used with other DJ software such as Virtual DJ and Traktor.

What we think

We've long championed the original Mixtrack / Mixtrack Pro as the best budget entry into digital DJing. With the addition of Serato DJ Intro to that formula (the best entry level software, in our opinion) last year, it became even more so.

This update is designed to cement that position in the market, although at a seemingly higher street price. It remains to be seen the actual price that the Mixtrack Pro II hits the streets at, but it needs to remain close to the price of the original if it is to remain the no-brainer budget option.

We're at the NAMM Show this week and will bring you a video and further thoughts when we see it in the flesh.

• The controller will hit stores imminently, and has an "estimated street price" of US$299.

At first glance, do you think this improves on the winning formula Numark hit on with the Mixtrack and Mixtrack Pro? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Master volume on a slide is such a bad idea. Does Serato dj intro allow mapping to change it? Also the jog wheels look kind of flat. Maybe not ideal for pitch bending.

    • Recombinator says:

      Second that on the master volume slide....I've got it on my Reloop RMX40 mixer. Every once in a while you just take the master volume down while touching the channel 4 fader or one of the other buttons around it.

  2. i sometimes have said on numarks facebook page comments that they should make a mixtrack pro mark 2, kinda never thought they allready had it in production,,they have seemed to be lagging behind other companys bringing out new controllers that are low priced,

    i like my mixtrack pro but i kinda would like it more if all the buttons and knobs would all be backlit,

    when i can afford to upgrade tho im planning on getting a denon dj mc-3000

  3. Still no channell gain.. huge mistake on the update.

    • I agree 200% Luis. I too own a numark mixtrack pro, & one of my biggest complaints is the missing channel gains. My mixtrack Pro also Has had the crossfader go completely out on me like a week after the warranty expired!! Numark has great products in its history but now they are lagging behind the competition here & with the mixtrack pro & version II. I'm lokking to upgrade immediately, and the dennon mc3000 is top on my list right now. Any other suggestions are well welcomed here!!!

      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

        Hey guys,

        Just wondering, when you use traktor with the autogain feature (or have all your tracks "done" in something like Platinum) how much of an issue is the lack of gain knobs (mind you, I am all for gain knobs!) really, for the starting DJ that is targeted with this device?

        I looked at another picture and it has a shift button, perhaps you can suffer whatever function is currently on FX3 knob and remap it to the channel gain?


      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

        If the 3000 is anything like the 6000 (I know it is a bit less cluttered :-)), I can't think of offering a better suggestion.


      • Thanks Chuck!!

  4. Here's hoping this is USB class compliant like the first gen of Mixtrack Pro, you may see it in use with iOS devices as well. Those banks of pads would line up neatly with the 8 cues/loops on DJ Player!

  5. Worst thing about NMP is the build quality....

    • Have to agree.

      As much as i love my Mixtrack Pro the build quality on it and generally with Numark products i've had is shockingly bad. Some of my buttons and knobs have fallen off my Mixtrack just through general wear and tear, which is quite worrying.

      If i was ever gonna get a compact all in one controller i think i'd go for one of the 'big boys' like Pioneer, Allen & Heath, NI etc

      Don't think i could stomach another poorly made Numark controller just because it happens to be the cheapest of the bunch and covers the most bases.

      Plus from a general aesthetic point of view it looks rather ugly. Whoever decided the jog plate design was a good idea needs their head looking at lol.

  6. Dave Scott says:

    The jogwheels look smaller than the first edition, and I highly doubt whether the flatness of these things is an improvement. It also looks a little too much consumer-quality, with all the bright colours, especially the red on the jogwheel. Other than the drumpads, it doesn't look like mich improvement, more like a renewing way for Numark to gain money from the consumermarket.

    • We'll let you know about the jogwheels when we've had a look at it at the show.

      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

        I looked at some other pictures and it seems the jogwheels are slightly lower than the knobs on the machine, which is also true for my MC6000. And if they look smaller, than what happened is maybe that they change the angle of the rim (lower) to increase the surface of the rim, resulting in a platter that LOOKS flatter and smaller. In reality the actual outside diameter might very well be the same, just the ratio between the black top part and the rim surface (in offsetting silver) might have changed


  7. Ouch, tiny pitch faders :(

  8. No channels gains is a HUGE mistake! Apart from the pads I see absolutely no improvements here. The build quality looks exactly the same too. I don't see too many people upgrading to this unit.

    • Sorry, I just noticed it ships with Serato Intro. I guess that does change things a bit.

      • Anyone can get Serato dj intro for free without buying this controller. So, having Serato dj intro ship with the mixtrack proII does not move me either!! I downloaded dj intro from Serato's website for free and i use it occasionally with my mixtrack pro.

      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

        Correct me if I am wrong, but if you have something like this (both in features and in price range) why would you want to "upgrade" to the same thing. You'd either buy a new one because the old one wore out or you truly upgrade to something in a higher price range.

        These units seem like typical starter devices to me. Once you have mastered the art, started to spin for money, you'd want something a little more upmarket.

        Ergo, I don't think that Numark is trying to aim at the "had the first one, now buying the next one" - market, but rather at new blood. The same type of people that bought the previous unit before they too moved on to bigger and better things.


  9. I rather like the original layout of the original mixtrack/pro. As a mobile/wedding dj (primarily) I don't scratch and only lightly use cue pointsand effects.
    Looks more like a toy like others have said. Stay original but maybe an aluminum chassis for an update instead of upgrade. Cheers from NYC.

  10. isnt it bad when the headphone jack is on the side?

  11. I own the original mixtrack pro. I think it's good in what it is. an entry level controller. i havent' had issues with its build quality although it does feel plasticky but as i say no issues and i do move it about a lot.

    things i would change:
    longer pitch sliders. they re nice to have for effects even if you use the sync button for beat matching
    add channel gain
    metal case (although that would add weight)
    The pads are a nice addition for sure.

    I wouldnt mess with the jogwheels, yes maybe add light but the size of the originals feel right.

    Keep in mind that $300 is only the RRP and if you shop around in a couple of months you re bound to get it cheaper. would i buy it as my first controller now? to be honest i would look for the original mixtrack pro as the price with the new one coming out will drop quite a lot. buy it used? no because i wouldnt trust the build quality. probably id get the behringer cmd studio 4a. it also got on my nerves with numark that i couldnt register the product online because i live outside the US. now what's that about? sorry Numark

  12. For me, frankly, it's almost look same as old one. Why should I buy this one if the old one is cheaper and same standard. If I want to upgrade, better to go with Huge upgrade one. Poor Mixtrack....

  13. B.B. Koning says:

    When I first got started, I briefly considered the Mixtrack.

    Thank God it was out of stock.

    Truthfully, it looks rather cheap and I don't like the layout.

    Even with the improvements, I just don't see it at that price point.

    Honestly, when you get to that price, you may as well save a hundred dollars more over a month or two and go for an MC3000 or some sort of metal based, solid controller with more features.

    The Serato thing was a smart move, but I don't think it is the right controller for it.

  14. LiftedAndreaS says:

    Still no Led levels? Tut tut numark, I think I'll stick to my Reloop mixage ie

  15. If I already have a serato dj license and upgrade to this unit can I still use the mixtrack pro 2 with the license.

  16. I dont know how i feel about this controller. Yes the drum pads would be helpful, but it would appear that you get them at the expense of losing the loop controls,hotcue buttons, and fx trigger. I think i'll just stick with my regular mixtrack pro and run a midifighter spectra along with it for the drums and other samples.

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