NAMM 2013: QuNeo Rogue Video Talkthrough

The QuNeo is an iPad-sized DJ controller with a large array of touch controls on it and class-leading LED feedback. It allows you to control DJ software (it comes with a Traktor mapping, and a Virtual DJ mapping and a djay mapping are due soon) as well as other Midi programs.

Now it's been unchained from the USB cable with the addition of QuNeo Rogue, an add-on pack that allow QuNeo it to communicate wirelessly with your laptop.

The plug-in pack can deliver around eight hours' of charge, and will be available shortly for around US$400. More info in the accompanying video.

Do you think there's a place for wireless Midi controllers such as this and the Numark Orbit? Are you considering adding such a controller to your set-up? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. 400 dollars!? I'll stick to wired, cheers.

  2. Sounds like a neat idea with the rogue, but at the wrong price point. For a total of $600, I would rather have an iPad running lemur.

  3. DJ_ForcedHand says:

    I'm curious as to why manufacturers want to make a controller ultra-small when making it portable. I think it's time that controller makers consult acting coaches and performing directors as part of the R&D phase of making controllers. I recall from my stage acting classes in High School and College that small props are hard for people in the back of the audience to see and the closed-up stance a person needs to be in to manipulate a controller isn't very expressive (unless you want to look like you're struggling to get out of a straight jacket). Does anyone else think that as a DJ you should be "acting to the back row" as part of your performance? I don't understand why controllers aren't seen as an interesting prop for actors to interact with instead of these little squares that can fly away if the DJ gets expressive enough to show that emotion to the back row.

  4. HELL YA!!!! total game changer... you guys who like to be stuck and hide behind the DJ booth all night will soon be dinosaurs as QuNeo will be leading the forefront in a whole new way of DJ performance... Can u imagine rockin a crowd than being able to go and rock with them!! GAME CHANGER keep it up QuNeo...

    • Agreed. I was actually half way with my own wifi project for the QuNeo and have it worked out at less then 200 total cost but as far as stability it may be work bucking up. I for one rage out on the dance for when I'm not DJ'n at our Monthly so the thought of lighting up the dance floor with my QuNeo give me wood!

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