Controller Clinic #19: Mixtrack Pro Vs Mixtrack Pro 2

mixtrack pro 2

The Mixtrack Pro 2: Those performance pads look nice, but in reality don't offer a massive amount of extra functionality over the original model, so if money's tight, we can still recommend Mixtrack Pro.

Digital DJ Tips reader Rhowell writes: "I've been following your free digital DJ course for a time now, and I thought now it's time to buy a controller and start for real. I'm on a very tight budget, and was looking for something decent for a low price. I've read your review on the Numark Mixtrack Pro, and was considering to buy that one, but now that the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 is out, I'm not really sure what to do any more. I was wondering what you will recommend me doing, and if the Mixtrack Pro would be a decent enough controller to show up at a small gig with."

Digital DJ Tips says:

For a long time, we've recommended the Numark Mixtrack Pro as a good starter controller, especially as with Serato DJ Intro, it's now even simpler to get going with. Truth is, this controller has everything you need to learn to DJ, and it's a steal at the price you can now buy it for. This price will probably drop even lower now that the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 is out.  The newer model looks nicer and is laid out more logically, but in use it's pretty much identical. So while if you could afford it you may want to go for the newer one, it'll be just as easy to learn on either.

As far as turning up to a gig with one goes, if it's a small event then yes I'd say it's fine. This is a consumer controller (despite it's name it's not really "pro" gear) - but if it does the job, which it can, who cares?

(By the way, lots of readers asking about Mixtrack Pro 2 availability. If you're in the UK or Europe, Westend DJ has stocks in now at £179.)

Are you having this dilemma too now that the Mixtrack Pro 2 is out? What is/was your decision? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Thats what I figured. Even though the Mixtrack Pro 2 might have them drum pads, I still find it hard to justify at the pricepoint its at. I've got the first mixtrack pro and that has proved to be quite great for me to get my hands dirty with all the DJ learning and all (Ive coupled it with a custom mapping for traktor that does things a little bit different)

    I for one would recommend beginners to go with the first mixtrack pro as its much cheaper and does more or less the same as the mixtrack pro 2 bar the drum pads.

  2. I think Numark tricks new dj's a bit with the looks of the Mixtrack Pro 2 mainly with the drum pads since they actually aren't any drum pads just bigger buttons that do the same things the original could but with an more complicated system (all the shift button combinations) this is of course only with the standard mapping. but i would go for the newer one if the budget allows it since they're probably focusing on that one when it comes to new mappings due to software updates and so on :)

  3. I have the mixtrack pro, I'd have to say I would prefer v2 of the NMP simply because of the new addition of 8 customizable pads.
    However I still prefer the look of NMP v1 jogwheels, the logo of the new jogwheel is aesthetically unpleasing imo :/

  4. Sheldon Chin Shue says:

    i got my numark mixtrack pro II, about two days and its really good. it works with serato dj and everything worked as it should. i was able to map it on traktor. to me the appearance of the new mixtrack is a big seller.

  5. £179 is quite good. was not expecting that. I noticed that the II has only got one stereo out while the original had two. i suppose you can always split the signal though.

    I know that the pads aren't "real pads" but you can always add a cheap secondary controller like the Akai LPD8 and map it as you wish.

  6. Had a chance to use both,granted not the pro versions but the lower priced standard with no audio interface built in,they both feel kinda the same yet very different.I'd say it depends on what you're going for,me personally i'd take the old one,pad should be on drum pad controllers not normal ones,my honest opinion.Plus In my opinion the looks of the new can't rival the old,new is too flashy,old was down dirty mean looking and just plain awesome.

  7. Hi there,

    Have just been through this choice, and plumped for the Mixtrack Pro 1.

    Budget was paramount for me and I couldn't justify the extra expense. Especially, as you say, the MP1 should now becoming down in price.

    Phil, does the new version mean the old version will now no longer be produced?

  8. Hi Phil!

    I've been following your tips for sometime as well and I've been practicing with a friend who has a Numark NS6. Since I'm still a beginner I was considering de Mixtrack Pro 2 as my first controller but I read I won't be able to record my mixes because the Serato Software doesn't support this function... Would it be possible if I had an extra Software installed on my computer? Which one? I've hear about audacity but I'm not really familiar with any Software...

    Greetings from Germany

  9. I wouldnt buy either to be honest. You soon out grow your need for a mixtrack as the jogs are not responsive enough to learn to scratch and the cross fader is to stiff for sharp cuts. Also looping is a pain on the fly from a mixtrack. I picked up a vci 300 mk1 off ebay for £150. Comes with better software (serato itch), superb jogs, decent cross fader and proper loop functionality. Only drawback is the lack of fx but i picked up a vfx1 from woodbrass for £30. Total price £180..,,,bargain

  10. Also its impossible to learn to gain stage on a mixtrack as it has no vu meters which is a key skill to make your mixes sound pro

  11. William H Parker says:

    When I saw the mixtrack pro 2, i was excited but upset at the same time bc i just bought the first one. That being said i couldn't resist getting it anyway, as a early bday present. To me everything about it us better from looks to functionality. With v1 you couldn't control the samples from the controller, the look and feel of v2 is much better add well. Definitely happy i bought it. Now if only Serato would hurry up and make itself compatible with windows 8. I'm still kicking myself for that

  12. i had a look at the mixtrack pro 2 today in a local music question is whats the best controller to buy on a £200 budget

  13. Filipe Viola says:

    I considered waiting for this to be released in Portugal and try it, but instead i totally fall for Denon's MC2000, its compact and looks durable, for 259€ i think i saved enough to upgrade to Serato DJ and get a nice started package with a low budget. the only think missing its the VU metters, who though it was a good idea to not include that.

  14. Any one know where I can order a mixtrack pro 2 from in Canada or the US? Or are they being released here at a later date? I can't seem to find one to order anywhere :(.

  15. Something I have not seen mentioned here yet is that for a limited time, if you purchase the Mixtrack Pro and the Akai LPD8 you get the full version Serato DJ for free (you enter the serial number for both and get a license), To me this seems like the way to go. Even though you don't have the latest and greatest, you do get separate effects and cue points plus 8 fully customizable and MIDI-mappable drum pads and the full version of Serato DJ . I got both for under $200.

  16. Hi, I am used to using Virtual DJ. Will the Mixtrack pro 2 work with Virtual DJ or is it Just Serato?

  17. People will buy the mixtrack pro 2 and many will return it simply because it's misleading and confusing to use.

  18. Hi Phil,

    I have been using a friends Pioneer DDJ Wego and I have grown quite familiar with the layout of the controller and the Virtual DJ software. Although price is quite a big factor in purchasing. Is there much difference in the wego and either the MP1 or MP2 ? Which is technically better value for money?

  19. I am about to start Dj'ing in a somewhat of a a strip club. i usually use house equipment but ready to start getting my own stuff. would you recomend getting either one of these devices for my line of Dj'ing?

  20. I personally think the Mixtrack Pro II looks much too toy-like, and I dislike the lower profile it has. The pads might be great, but I already own an Akai MPD18, which allows me to use up to 64 pads. So that's why I'm getting the Mixtrack Pro.

  21. If I already have ddj-sx with licensed copy of serato Dj, can I use the mixtrack pro with that copy? Or does the hardware know the difference and ill need to buy a license for serato Dj?

    And I heard the pro does the same as pro 2. Like you can use the loop, samples, etc using th buttons instead do the pads.. Is that true?

    Lastly, the akai lpd8 everyone talks about, are those velocity sensitive pads ? And if they both play samples, loops (pro using buttons and pro 2 using pads) why so u need the akai lpd8?

    Thanks in advance!!

    (Looking for a inexpensive back up to my ddj-sx..or any other inexpensive options out there?

  22. Any one know where I can order a
    mixtrack pro 2 from in india.
    Or are they being released here at a later
    date? I can’t seem to find one to order
    anywhere .

  23. Been debating this myself for a while - I prefer the looks of the old one but new one has been tempting me - however my local Maplin store has now reduced the Mixtrack Pro price to £109 so that has clinched it - I can't see the new one being worth another £70

  24. i use a numark ns7 at work but dont get time to train with it and i want to learn how to dj is the mixtrack pro 2 good to start with as well as to help me understand the ns7 better? thanks

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