The Funniest DJ Mime Video Ever

I honestly don't know what to say about this.

It's obvious from the second you see the DJ's gear that he's going to mime this one... but I defy anyone to watch the whole thing and not feel your jaw dropping further and further with just how cringeworthy it is.

Why on earth did this duet agree to do this? There are no wires coming from the DJ gear! She's miming vocals that plainly couldn't be sung by any natural voice, with no microphone in sight!

But for me? The best bit is looking at the crowd, vacant faced, glued to their chairs, clapping along like some studio manager instructed them to before the filming.

I've got to be honest though - I also feel some kind of weird admiration for that DJ for actually being physically able to stand there and do that for the full length of the song. I couldn't do it.

We know people mime sometimes, for all kinds of reasons, but DJs, please don't insult the intelligence of anyone who cares enough by not even plugging your gear in. That goes for you singers, too - at least have a microphone somewhere nearby...

Epic DJ fail or an acceptable compromise by the act to get its song on TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments...

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  1. Wicked start to a Monday! Cheers!

  2. Oh yeah, the good ol' Popsinger-with-DJ-pretending-to-do-anything-in-the-background-performance. A classic since at least the 90s. 😀

    Back in 2001, the legendary German band Die Ärzte, parodied this thing in an absolutely hilarious way on TOP OF THE POPS.

  3. they might be using those new completely wireless kits lol! That's the director's fault or whoever else is in charge of the set. cmon there is not even a power connector. at least use a djbooth that covers the back of the decks and the djs feet and give the singer a microphone. ive seen whole bands miming in those tv shows but that is gone too far. what's more scary is the thought that the vast majority of the target audience of this show might probably not care/know otherwise.

  4. And now you guys know why i'm ashamed to say i'm from Serbia,sometimes i feel like i'm the only DJ in this god forsaken country who is an actual DJ and not a fake.Most of the DJs here just sit at home with FL cutting and pasting tracks together then go out and play that from their phones and just mime.As for this guy,thank god i wasn't in the audience and don't know where he lives cause i'd shoot him for this.

    • Actually come to think of it,i'd shoot DJ Shone even if he hadn't done this cause he's a second rate hack who doesn't even produce his own music nevermind actually DJing.I doubt he even knows what the gear he's using there actually does.

    • Let it be. The whores will have their trinkets. (I'm from Serbia as well)

      • I actually heard a few good DJ's perform in Belgrade when I was there last summer, my fist time in Serbia.. I also got introduced to the excellent Greek DJ Panama Cardoon, when I heard a track of him being played in a bookstore and went over to the shopkeeper to ask who it was...He turned out to be a DJ too and generously send me a load of great tracks the next day. Off course I also heard a lot of bad Turbo Folk; but I definitely got the impression that there is an appreciation of cutting edge quality music there too

  5. Well, you gotta give them SOME credit for it, they went VIRAL like crazy, best DJ promotion ever! 😀

  6. Does anyone know where I can download this so that I can do a dubstep remix. I'm joking, honest I am.

  7. I heard this guy was guettas protegé

  8. seen this before -still makes me kind of nauseous every time i see it. i just wish he would have tried backspinning a platter and set the whole lot crashing down on that very wobbly stand. lol.

  9. I've seen real DJ's who've made me cringe worse. I once went to a restaurant/club in some unspecified, remote region of this planet. I wasn't impressed with the music selection so I was told to come back at a certain hour when the "DJ" would play "House". When we returned we noticed the "DJ" couldn't mix so he had to turn down the track ending and then turn the volume up and the next track. I'll never forget my night out at "Pete's"
    At least these guys aren't pretending to be live. Anyway, it scores highly on the camp meter and I expect there be an avalanche of parodies soon, perhaps starring cats?

  10. You guys didn't hear about pioneers new rechargeable and completely wireless CDJ's?

    Hahaha this is hysterical. And then I love how they think they can make it look like scratching on the CDJ's will make it look like they are cutting those vocals live. 😀

  11. This is from easter-europe obviously!the dj is not a dj per se , he is extremely likely the producer and composer of the melody , they make a duet cause this is the recepy for the monetization of his eforts( you usualy get nothing for royalties , piracy is huge in EE ) so your only way to make money is to put up a kinda live show ... voice plus melody. this is a promotion effort , the tv post doesn't have the equipment to let him mix live and doesn't want to make a big effort or an experiment for 2 minutes of promo...its shitty but is how things work in some places!

  12. He got skills with no cable and she has skills with no microphone. The camera man those needs something to take care of his shaking and zooming.

  13. This is not something new for TV standards. Pop bands and singers appearing in morning and afternoon TV shows always "perform" like this...It usually used to be a guitarist or keyboard player accompanying the "juicy" female singer pretending to play and sing live while the recording was playing back....
    I think the whole thing just goes to show that CDJs and mixers have somewhat been acknowledged as "musical instruments"....As such, they substituted the afforenmentioned guitarist-keyboardist...

  14. Honestly I prefer this guy...he got style!

  15. dj.exclusive1 says:

    did i hear someone say tv doesnt he is a producer? Then surely he has money for road cases for the cdj's. Mic they could have used a clip-on its a talk show somebody there had a mic. This whole production was rubbish. It was just plain being lazy. This would never had happend it he would have taken Phils class on digital djing., which he needs the scratching with digital gear when Phil releases it. He was scratching without touching the crossfader, although you can do faderless scratching-it not going to sound like that. Have pride in your craft. At least make it look real.. shame.....

  16. Speechless!

  17. DJ Demonick says:

    I love that he keeps spinning the right cdj backwards...

  18. Bill Greenberg says:

    I don't think anyone mentioned this, but I don't think he's actually a DJ. It looked to me like he didn't even know what the knobs and turntables are for. It looked like someone who had never seen DJ equipment before, ya know? He was just randomly turning knobs. A real DJ could have at least made it look like he was doing something real in time with the music, although I don't know why he would want to do something like that.

  19. It's absolutely disgusting to see people that get put on a platform, when they don't have any intention of performing properly!
    Is it just my laptop or does the track actually skip at 3.16 ??
    Too bad the track didn't start jumping like crazy.

  20. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    Seriously guys,

    He can hardly stand there and do what he would actually be doing if he were actually dj-ing this song, which would pretty much be standing still and/or egging the crowd on.

    And, knowing that nobody in the crowd knows or cares, he just decides to twist knobs, move sliders, (back)spin platters so at least it looks like he is busy :-).

    It is kinda funny that he can get 20+ really serious DJ's to comment on this video though.

    Guess this is about not taking yourself too seriously. If you fake it, fake it really big!


    • Absolutely, I don't want to complain that these people did not spend more energy to cheat "better". I went to a concert of Caravan Palace the other day in a small club and the band performed a hilarious playback. I'd preferred if they didn't attempt tomake it look like live without even blowing air into the trumpet. Then better just go and make a honest fun out of it. That said, this guy really is bad :-)

  21. Jam-Master Jake says:

    You are all better people than me....I couldn't even watch the whole video! The "scratching" the "DJ" was doing was enough for me. This is a whole new definition of bad. Wow!

  22. I saw this one before and was awestruck as to what they were trying to get away with or if this was just an honest and very poor attempt at simulating a DJ.

  23. The EQ must be pretty messed up on the original song with all the adjusting he does to it

  24. Love the part (2:50) where the singer starts scratching the platter with her nobby dancing ... If that was live and I was the DJ, video would've ended about then with a palm to the face.


  26. I'm really worried about the mix on that song. He seemed to be adjusting the highs in the mids continually. Must have been a bad system in that studio. Dunno bout you guys, but I'm all over the internets looking for that stand. It looks so stable. Has plenty of storage for my invisible wiring and records. Plus the crowd can appreciate your dance moves.

  27. shane haskins says:

    I couldnt even watch the rest of the video it was so pathetic! No cords no mic! Please if your gonna fake it, fake it right ha

  28. Love how the audience show a nice combination of boredom and bemusement whilst being made to clap along!

  29. Couldn't even finish watching it for fear of tossing my iPad across the room in disgust!

  30. Couldn't find that particular mix on Beatport :(

  31. DJ Forced Hand says:

    This is nothing new. I knew a guy who would record his set at home (offline) and acted like he was doing something behind the turntables. Eventually, he got caught "AFD (away from the decks)" while a transition was happening (a couple of times) and lost all credibility with the promoters who wanted people to actually DJ instead of just looking like they could DJ.

    Really, it doesn't matter to me. I know what I do is real-time, the people can ask me for a request and I can mix that in *right now* because I have the skill to do it. These people are doing their show because they can get something out of it and let's face it, those that actually do the work more often than not get that work ripped-off by people who've figured out how to find people they can rip-off and play like it's their own work.

    We keep coming back to the issue "Is a DJ a performer?" Obviously, in this case, he is... and he did a much better job than the people who have Serato Face all night long in their dimly-lit DJ booths secluded from the people. I think the people are saying "Hey DJ, we want more interaction. We know this guy isn't DJing, but he looks like he is and that's good enough for us as long as he dances like a monkey for us."

  32. This miming and playbacking for tv-shows is common use for decades, everyone knows it's a show. None the DJ Guetta who's miming and cheating his audience with sliders at that is a real con.

  33. I can't decide what's worse, the 'dj' or the annoying skank. Sadly, I choose the annoying skank.

  34. What's so funny and absurd is that this guy actually looks like he thinks he's doing a good job!! I suspect the woman is only lipsinking ala Milli Vanilli! Even funnier is that the people on the stage behind them seem totally disinterested in what's going on!! FOR GOOD REASON!!!

  35. Evandro Pastor says:

    Like we say here in Brazil: Putaquepariu!
    WTF! LOL!

  36. Evandro Pastor says:

    Like we say here in Brazil: Puta que pariu!
    No comments...

  37. fake it once fake it twice not nice

  38. Rasko DJ TC says:

    I’m proud to say I’m from Serbia, I know that I’m not the only DJ in this beautiful country who is an actual DJ playing vinyl, cd's and using all available sound sources, software and controllers. Our country is represented by excellent DJ's like Marko Milicevic a.k.a. Gramophonedzie, Marko Nastic, Dejan Milicevic, Popi Divine, Alex Monster, Steady Beats, .....and many more. Most of the DJs mentioned here play their own tacks, remixes, dub's, perform and tour around the world, some of them have their own record labels and studios. If you are interested in their work you can find their songs, mixes, podcasts and performances on You Tube, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Beatport or on their Facebook and official websites/pages.
    In this video you are looking at the "performance" on Serbian TV station and their show which has nothing to do with our DJ craftsmanship because the audience in the studio and the people watching the show at home are clueless about the work we do....they do not see the missing cords and power cables, they do not see the missing microphone.....they are listening to the song and words.
    Pease of advice for any DJ who performs on any TV station in any show .....almost 99% of the time you will have to mime your performance due to the technicalities of the TV broadcast and their equipment.....but PLEASE connect your equipment and do not turn the knobs or sliders or jog's if that is not happening in the actual song, so it does not make you look unprofessional to other colleagues. I know that the TV producers, show producers and all the big and small directors, stage coordinators and the show hosts will complain about your “wires”… for this occasion tie them together to look neat.

    Regards yours faithfully DJ TC ( spinnin’ tunes since 1977)

  39. I love the song 😉

  40. Its a David Guetta aprentice??

  41. Jay Danger says:

    If you arent going to use that gear as intended, may i have it?

  42. Truly horrific. I couldn't watch all the way through!

  43. Filipe Viola says:

    At least use a couple of seconds to plug in some cables.
    I just notice how much he likes the Gain knobs 😛

  44. DJ Sneakman says:

    That just made me sad. I have more respect for....who was it....Gaga? No. Paris Hilton and her DJing career. I would have felt like the world's biggest idiot up there and if the only way i was going to get airtime was by that...without even having a stable stand and being PLUGGED IN...i would have walked away. I may be a complete noob on some things but at least i have self respect as a dj.

  45. some more videos 😉

  46. David Guetta?

  47. One of all "only in Russia" vids.
    They been off the grid for too long!

  48. Funny video. I don't hate on the dj since it's a show and sometimes for practical purposes nothing is live. But make the effort to fool us. What's next? The dj asleep during the set wearing glasses with eye balls drawn on them. LOL

  49. Hi, For me this is very much irritating to see someone doing movements which doesn't get anywhere to something which is DJ-ing. Do they think that everybody is dumm and does not see this?

  50. This proves how Stupid humans can be in these days!!

  51. But this aunty is very HOT!!! lmfao

  52. I loved watching this video, very entertaining! Of course there is a hell of a lot wrong, apart from the missing cables. Ummm, if you're playing just a single song, why do you need to keep twiddling knobs and pushing the jog wheels? :) My favourite bit was at the end, after the music is over, the chap tweaks one of the EQ knobs clockwise so that the sound is right ... the silence I mean.

  53. This is Serbian dj Shone.Most famous dj in serbia ha has over 100 appearances over all famous tv channels, but mostly tv pink.He has "made" almost all current hits here and constantly keeps producing and apperaing on tv by playing music without any cables.

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