An Exclusive Peek Inside Our New DJ Course


This quick talkthrough shows you what to expect inside our new DJ training course.

I thought you might be curious to see inside our new DJ course, so I made a quick video late last night – it’s just me on the laptop, talking you through some of the key features.

I only had five minutes so it’s simply scratching the surface (pun intended), but you’ll get the idea. It’s here: Scratching For Controller DJs Video Walkthrough.



  1. Hey Phil,

    This looks like an awesome course which I will benefit from. However, like many others my $ is a bit on the short side this month. You stated you will close the course this week. My question is, would you re-open the course in the future and restart the course over for those of us who couldn’t take it now?

    • Hi Alex, I don’t want to say “yes” for sure as it’s a huge commitment to run it for the number of students we have agreed to take on, and will keep us busy for many months to come! There’s a chance, but it’s only that at present.

  2. My work websense isn’t allowing me to see the price. How much is the course?

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