Your Chance To Grab A Limited Place On Our World-First Scratching Course

Scratching For Controller DJs

With Scratching For Controller DJs, you’ll be able to take real control over your DJ sets, dominating your controller in the same way vinyl DJs dominate their record decks.

Ever watched someone scratching and wished you could do it? Been searching for something to give you the edge over other digital DJs? Using a unique proven method, our new online course – Scratching for Controller DJs – teaches complete beginners to scratch, and fast. With just the DJ controller you already own, you can learn this skill properly, so later on you can easily transfer it to CDJs or vinyl if you want.

Scratching for Controller DJs has been open less than 24 hours, and we’ve already been blown away by the response! EDM, house, hip-hop, rock, pop and even wedding DJs are all signing up and loving our fresh approach, and we’ve received heavy hitting endorsements from renowned industry names like vinyl scratch hero DJ Angelo, Ibiza veteran DJ Judge Jules and breakbeat legend Krafty Kuts – amazing stuff! Word up, though: We’ve only got limited places and the course is filling up fast, so come and find out more right now!


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  1. adam goodyer says:

    i almost signed up till i saw the price, was expecting £50 maximum , pretty eyewatering cost for an instructional course on scratching imo

    • We have deliberately limited enrolment, Adam, so we can give hands-on support within the course. Plus if you saw what was in it, you’d see another reason why it’s not £50 – it’s huge! Yet we’ve still priced this well below even basic DJ scratch training in big-name DJ schools – if you can find a controller scratch course that is.

      But we also have cheaper courses, too, if you want something less involved – we try and offer something for everyone. :)

      • adam goodyer says:

        hey phil, yeh ive read up on exactly what an end user will get for their £200 and stuff and feel bit bad about how bluntly i put my first comment, so i decided id elaborate a bit, please understand i think the course is great and my only complaint is about price.

        i think comparison to dj schools and stuff is slightly off as an internet based resource will ALWAYS be cheaper as they have far less running cost than real world dj schools, they have to factor in such as tutor’s and other workers wages, building hire costs and equipment costs and all sorts other things that you dont have to deal with being solely on the internet. that being said, i think an internet course IS a better way of learning.

        I think im just a little surprised an instructional course of videos and the support you’ll give in the coming months can cost as much as a license for software a giant company paid an army of highly paid people to make + the support for the product too, i think if the cost to us learners could of been made or will be made a bit lower , it would enable more people to actually buy it and cover the cost or even make more money than sell it at the pricepoint you chose, However i do appreciate a lot of time and knowledge has gone in and I understand phil and steve gotta have a drink out of it and I can also see why people would invest the money, hell , if i wasnt such a poorfag i probably would have stomached it myself.

        I am very interested in the lesser cost options you mentioned and would love to know when they might be avalible and how much watered down they will be from this course

  2. Dear Phil,
    I would like to sign up for the course but I don’t have a controller yet. I will definitly get one for my 16th birthday which is in august. Will this be a problem? Or will there be another course in a few months?
    Best regards

    • Hi Moritz – there are no plans at present to repeat this, as we’re waiting to see how it goes this time. But the course is self-paced so you can start learning whenever you want once you own it.

  3. Chuck "DJ" van Eekelen says:

    I’ll have to agree with Phil here, 200 gets me almost 4 hours of training at the dj school. Let’s say 1 2-hour session and 2 1-hour sessions. After that I am on my own. No video to rewatch, no bonus material, no extra lessons on how to make your own scratch set.

    I think this is a decent investment to make to learn a new skill. And with a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee, you get ample time to check out if you think it is worth it.

    So far the lessons have been comprehensive and the “set your own pace” approach works very well for me.


    • I signed up and what I think will become quite valuable is the interaction between the “students”. Everyone signed up so far seems really pumped and are already having discussions on technique etc, and we’ve really barely begun. Also it seems like a real cross-section of skills, ages etc. as well. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter as I know Phil doesn’t want alienate those who just aren’t interested and would like to move on to other things.

  4. Warwick says:

    I’ve recently done one on one djing courses up in London which cost a lot more than this. They’ve given me a solid ground in technique and I really enjoyed them. However the advantage of something like this course is I can go back time and time again as well as sharing with my fellow students. I see all of this as positively investing in myself and learning a new bunch of skills which will allow me to share the music I love.

    • There’s definitely room for both approaches. Not everyone lives near a big city and also this topic (scratching using CONTROLLERS) is not taught anywhere else, online or offline, that we can find. We have some very excited students in there right now! :)

  5. Will this course be open in two weeks time? I want to purchase but money is tight. Waiting till next pay period. Can’t wait to dive in though. Let me know and thanks

  6. Can’t wait to get rolln with the course! Just traded in the 4Trak (had many hardware issues) for fhe S4 n now I’m set n ready to learn how to scratch with this awesome piece of machinery!

  7. Will this be available as just a standard video instructional course without the hands on support? One that can be bought at a later date. As much as id love to enroll in the course right this minute, I’m saving every last penny I have for WMC next week :D

    • No, it’s too complex to be taught that way, as you’ll see if you watch our video we’re publishing on the site later today. We’re building a community of scratch students – it’s awesome, but it’s way beyond just putting the video element out there on its own.

  8. High Touch says:

    Hi Phil!! I want to enroll in this course but I have a little problem:
    I don´t speak english so I not shure if I will undestand all the information on the videos!!, and the cost is no small here in Mexico (I mean 1 dollar = 13 pesos, whit that money I can buy a numark mixtrack) :), so if I sing up and don´t understand very well??

  9. Man, really wish there was a method of paying in payments/installments.

    Been waiting and supporting this for months but although reasonable, 200$ is the difference between me eating for a 2 weeks – a month.

    Please enjoy for all of us that are smart enough to jump on this deal!

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