You’ve Got Under 24 Hours Left To Join Our New Course

DJ Angelo

You can scratch on your controller, and our method is already teaching hundreds of DJs how to do it… this is your last chance to join them. Pic: DJ Angelo

Just a quick heads up to those of you who’ve been meaning to join Scratching For Controller DJs… it’s nearly sold out and we’re going to close to new members at 9am CET Wednesday (update: sorry – we’re now closed).

I make absolutely no apologies for shouting about this all week – it’s a world-first chance for you to be taught this stuff on controllers, it’s easily the best training we’ve every produced, and it is going to teach hundreds of the most serious DJs in our community a game-changing skill. UPDATE: Course now full. Thanks for your support.

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What students are saying…


“This is looking great so far! I’ve gone through the first few videos and excited to keep going. The sound and video quality is great! Thanks for obviously putting a lot of thought into the recordings.” - Joe Taiabjee

“Great intro guys… Very well laid out and right to the point of what’s being taught. I’m really looking forward to this class and learning how to scratch on digital controllers.” - Alonzo

“Really excited to be enrolled in this course. I’ve had great success with the previous Learn to DJ Course and Wedding DJ PDF from Digital DJ Tips and hope to continue on learning. Thanks so much for putting this together Phil and Steve! Keep up the great work.” - Josh Libid

“Hey Phil & Steve, I’m really excited to begin this course. I’ve been following you Phil over the last year or so and am so glad your continuously improving the Digital DJ Tips community. I’m 100% behind you and your team.” - Dan McGrath

“Thanks to Phil and the crew for great support and fast turnaround after a minor glitch with registration and being patient with my basic error of not looking in my spam for login details! It was early morning here and after midnight with Phil and was sorted within a few minutes.” - Yuresh Naidoo

“Absolutely LOVE THIS COURSE. Thanks for such a great and easy to follow curriculum! And thanks so much for including the scratch sounds, as I’ve been searching for some great scratching sounds to no avail. The search is over!” - Duane DeSalvo

“I owe thanks to the How to Digital DJ Fast course which took me from nothing to a paid DJ in a few months. I am excited and 100% confident I am now going to get what I need out of this course.” - John Simmons

“So far I’m really glad I took the plunge and signed up for this course; it seems very well put together and very informative; for once, I’ve not been left wanting for any further answers at the end of any of the videos… except for what’s in the next one! Good job well done.” - Stuart Fordyce

“I’m pretty happy being part of this course and community here, as it looks really professional and promising… Really looking forward to the next weeks/months!” - Julian Menzler

“I am already amazed by the professionalism and quality of this course. Well done Steve and Phil. In only a few videos you have already provided me with more knowledge than I could have hoped for. Looking forward to seeing what my skills look like when we reach the end of this journey.” - Kermit Ball

“Wow, Crazy stuff, a hell of a lot to learn! I’m on it , great course Steve and Phil, I’m lovin it.” - Rob Hill


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  1. Man, this course looks so damn killer. I’ve been looking forward to it since I got the first teaser email! Too bad I live in the Caribbean lol. Our currency’s crap and I’m a college student so the price tag all in one is really around $1200 for me to pay. I don’t know how feasible it would have been for you guys to organise a staggered payment plan for the course as opposed to a lumpsum payment? Obviously I’m gonna miss out on this one (more bummed than words can say) because there’s less than 24 hours till it closes but that’s just my two cents. Keep doing the good work Phil!

    • We’d LOVE to have done just that. Our previous courses have all been much smaller and cheaper so we’ve never needed to have something like that in place before. Sadly, the payment system we use won’t allow for staggered payment.

      But if we ever do anything like this again, it is simply not going to happen without just such a system in place – the biggest single piece of feedback we’ve had to this is “it looks great, it looks great value, but I can’t afford to pay all in one go.”

  2. Brilliant! Glad to hear it. Just really sad I couldn’t be a part of it this time around lol

  3. DJ DanOh says:

    Hey Phil Your Click Bank Payment site is not working as of 6:45 am Pacific Standard Time. Cannot process credit card or Pay Pal for some reason. Keeps sending back the message: “There was an error in your payment please submit a different payment type” but none of the payment types work.

  4. DJ DanOh says:

    Phil: Just tried again and Pay Pal now works.

  5. DJ B-LEVE says:

    I really hope that you will release this course again. I am very serious about mastering the art correctly, but the brakes on my car went out. That’s what will stop me from signing up. That is life. While deejaying the right way is important to me I do still need to keep my priorities in check.

    • We hear you. It’s just down to time commitments from the right people at our end. You’re not alone though – loads of people want to do it but not right now. We’ll keep that in mind when planning whether or not to do it again. Have to warn you it won’t be soon though, as we’re nearly full and we then want to get the majority of those students to the point where they don’t need us any more.

  6. PoppaBear says:

    The real reason I purchased this, other than the fact its a great deal, is because I know the money is going to a great business. One that enables other aspiring DJs to pursue their passion. That, and not the content, is what makes this purchase unquestionably worth it for me.

    • Well thanks for that! But I am sure you’ll see the massive effort that’s gone into the course once you get stuck in – it’s been an exhilarating six months to get it to market, and it’s amazing to think we’re almost full with the students we’ve been looking forward to teaching for all that time!

  7. Damn, such a shame that I can’t join this that it hurts. Would like to see some videos of the successful students when they complete it!

  8. Hey, asked this question before, not sure if it was answered: will it be possible to purchase the videos by themselves even if the class fills up? I don’t think I’ll need the one on one training, and I’m happy to still pay full price.

    • The “one on one” bit is optional, it’s there if you need it, but the videos “live” inside the course. So really the course delivers what you want if that’s all you want as it is.

  9. When will the next session open up?

    • There are no plans for the next session yet. We’d like to do it again but can’t confirm anything at this time.

      • Hey fellow scratch enthusiasts. I just want to share.. I am in the boat of people who’ve missed out on this release of scratching for controllers.. I too, am pretty bummed out about not having enrolled. I recently bought an iDJ Pro, and a pair of Mackie HR824mk2′s, so my funds are limited, although I was planning on buying, I didn’t check my email in time. I would just like to ask Phil Morse, pretty please, can we who missed out,
        Get in before too long? Will this course even be available again? What can we do to ensure we’ll get a place next time? I am having so much fun with my new controller.. I need to take it to the next level, and I’m trusting Phil, and the guys at DDJT, will help us who missed out on this release.
        Thank you all for reading.. Good luck to those taking the course, and thanks to anybody with input on this!

  10. Gary blackwell says:

    How do I enroll in course

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