Free Video Training For Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ tutorial

Learn to use the FX, filters, loops, library and more on Traktor DJ by following this series of free training videos from Native Instruments.

Native Instruments has uploaded a whole playlist of Traktor DJ training videos to its YouTube channel, to help new users of the iPad DJ app get to grips with their software. The videos start at the very basics and work through all the main features, from loops and FX to library and the slicer-like "Freeze" mode. They're clearly presented, talking slowly through each feature and showing you a demo of each function as well.

Don't expect any How To Digital DJ Fast-style tips on general DJing here; it's purely the technical stuff about using Traktor DJ. But if you're a DJ who already uses a controller but wants to get to grips with Traktor DJ, or just a newbie curious as to exactly how a DJ app might be fun for you to get into, this video series will definitely help get you up to speed quickly.

Head over to the Native Instruments YouTube Traktor DJ Playlist to watch the videos.

Have you bought Traktor DJ? What's the best part of it for you? Anything you struggle with using it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I placed almost 5000 songs onto my iTunes account. When I opened traktor, it analysed the first 1922, but then it stopped analysing them and now most of them won't play at all. Even some of the songs that use to play, when I first put 100 songs on there don't play. How do I kick its butt and tell it to finish analysing all my songs so they will play ?
    Help me -
    David (

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