Musikmesse 2013: Gemini Rethinks Its GMX DJ Controller, Adds CD Version

Gemini GMX Drive

The Gemini GMX Drive adds twin CD decks to the revised spec of the GMX, which now includes two sets of eight performance pads.

Back at the NAMM Show 2013, Gemini first showed a prototype of a new controller it was working on, then called the Gemini GMX Pro. Having taken on-board early reactions to that model, the company has gone back to the drawing board to make improvements, and come back with not one but two controllers - the GMX, and the GMX Drive. Aimed at USB/flash drive DJs, but capable of Midi control of DJ software too, these budget DJ devices are differentiated from the NAMM prototype mainly by the addition of a set of (almost obligatory nowadays) performance pads, eight for each jogwheel. This would bring some of the possibilities of this type of button-pushing DJing to a new user group.

The GMX Drive is a surprise, though. This unit addition adds two CD decks as well, which sit neatly underneath each jogwheel looking to all intents and purposes like jumbo feet to the unit, and meaning overall it retains a compact and slim profile despite their presence. Meanwhile, the non-CD version is appreciably slimmer than the NAMM prototype, at around three inches in height. We didn't get any chance at all to test the units (they were having firmware updates as we saw them, and haven't even been officially announced yet), but we noticed their single-colour LED readouts manage to pack in rudimentary waveforms, alongside the usual track and timing info.

These are only prototypes and have been hand-built as a proof of concept, but they are definitely currently cheap feeling especially in the jogwheel area. It will be interesting to see how well Gemini manages to tidy up the overall appearance and quality of them between now and the final production versions. On paper, they'd be good value (prices are quoted at €349 and €499) - as long as Gemini can make them feel better built than the prototypes we saw. As prototypes are nearly always tatty around the edges (the Numark Mixtrack Edge prototype we also saw today was the same), it is hopefully an improvement that will be made.


Would you be interested in a controller you can use with USB drives, CDs and your laptop, all for under €500? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  1. Scrap the pads,make slightly longer pitch controls plus slightly bigger displays angled a bit toward the DJ and you got my dream controller.For under 500$ though,i'd buy the CD version one this instant.This could end up being major competitor to Numarks Mixdeck.

    • The pitch position on this thing is somewhat baffling, but I think I could get used to it.

      They are also kind of short, it looks like they could be longer like you said. There's a bunch of room down below them. I imagine it's to give the jogwheel some space, but I think it could still be longer.

  2. I like this. Being able to go without a laptop and have cd as an option all in one sounds nice. I'm used to using the performance pads as I have a Novation Twitch so if they get the build quality right, I would buy this. Add in a replaceable crossfader too please!

  3. These are looking pretty good. Did Gemini have any updates/changes for the G4V? Most importantly, do they have any more information yet on a release date?

    • No, 'fraid not.

      • bummer, do you think they're waiting for VDJ8 to launch it?

        Also, having seen the display model do you think this would be worth waiting for (and saving money on) to buy and use with traktor over an S4?? I feel like this is almost the same as the S4 and significantly less... Furthermore I feel going into the S4 price range it would just be worth spending some more and getting a DDJ-SX.

        Thanks for your time!

  4. soundinsurgent says:

    FAIL!! Why didn't they just go back and revamp the CDMP-7000??? They could of made a 2 channel version and then a 4 channel version. Instead they wanna revamp the cheap crap..... I just don't get it, they were so close with the CDMP-7000. And this whole "pad" revolution needs to stop. I'm a Dj not a drummer.

    But seriously they really dropped the ball in my opinion. A 4 channel version of the CDMP-7000 with a MIDI / Analog mixer would of been a straight up WIN.

    • Agreed on the CDMP but this isn't bad either.As for the drum pad revolution,hallelujah someone else on this world is sane!

    • I agree with revamping the cdmp-7000. It's a shame the mixer was 3 channel with no midi support.

      I'm really looking for something I can hook up to Traktor AND take away from the computer if I want to go play a house party. I broadcast online and Traktor is great for that, but I have a lot of desire to get away from the PC, or even hook up my turntables if needed.

      I don't really care for pads either. I realize that hiphop and the like gets a lot of use out of sample improvisation and laying down looping stuff with pads; but I don't spin hiphop.

      I was looking at the Numark Mixtrack Quad, and it's almost there as well; but it only has a global VU meter, not one per channel. It's a baffling design decision, especially when the point is to mix a variety of input sources which will inevitably have different volume levels.

  5. I think gemini needs to revamp its current quality standards on already existing gear, instead of coming up with new gear with poor quality. Had they went back to the lab and got the CDMP 7000 working with better quality standards, they would be blowing the competition away with a controller reminiscent of industry standard CDJs.

  6. Fully agree with 8X.
    Do these guys even read the thousands of dj community sites ? if they do .. why can't they do what it is djs are asking for ... fix your bits first please .. before adding new bit's.

  7. Klaus Mogensen says:

    Is it me, or the GMX only just ow becoming available?

    Am I missing something?


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