Musikmesse 2013: Numark Mixtrack Quad DJ Controller Previewed

Mixtrack Quad

The Numark Mixtrack Quad is a four-channel take on the Mixtrack Pro 2. Numark claims better LED feedback and build quality, although the unit loses Serato DJ Intro as an option, going instead with Virtual DJ LE.

Numark will announce the Mixtrack Quad - a full four-channel version of its Mixtrack Pro 2 controller - at the Musikmesse show this week, we can reveal in our second exclusive Numark story today. The Mixtrack Quad will ship with a four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE, but will also be compatible with Traktor, djay and MixVibes via built-in or downloadable mappings. As well as the option to simultaneously control four software channels, the unit offers "a stunning array of colours on its platters and pads", according to Numark, including user-definable colours. The company also says that the Mixtrack Quad will feature a higher grade of components that the Mixtrack Pro 2, resulting in its build quality approaching that of higher-end DJ devices.

Much of what we said about the Mixtrack Pro 2 will apply to this controller too, so head over to our Mixtrack Pro 2 review to get our thoughts on that. Improvements here include rotating LEDs on the platters, and colour-coding of control lights to match the four deck colours used in Virtual DJ to reduce any chance of confusion when mixing with all four decks. There are no external inputs apart from the mic thru, so you can't hook up external decks (you'd need to use the Numark N4 controller for that), and some DJs may be put off by the fact that unlike most of Numark's recent controllers, this unit doesn't ship with Serato DJ Intro.

Although Serato DJ Intro doesn't let you use all four decks (it's limited to two), including it it would give DJs the option of upgrading to Serato DJ in order to unlock the other two decks. This puts the unit at a disadvantage over its smaller brother, the Mixtrack Pro 2, in this area.

The Mixtrack Quad is class compliant (meaning theoretically you could use it with an iPad, for instance), and by our reckoning is the only four-channel controller out there that doesn't need external power - although whether using external power is an option is not clear at the time of writing. The recommended price of the Mixtrack Quad is US$349, putting it only slightly higher in price than the Mixtrack Pro 2. We do not have a street date for at the time of going to press.

Do you like the look of a four-channel version of the Mixtrack Pro 2? Does the lack of Serato DJ Intro or an upgrade option to Serato DJ bother you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. This is almost a dream come true for me! I am a bit annoyed at the fact that I bought a controller last year which means I can't get this one but this looks really good! I always feel that numark is heading the right way. :)

    • We always say: Be happy with what you've got! :) There's not much point updating your controller every year as if it were a mobile phone. When it comes to time to update yours finally, you'll have an even better idea about what you want next...

      • Yeah that's a good point! I forgot about the fact that I should stop looking for more stuff and I should find out more about what I have. I guess maybe sometimes I should just turn off the internet and find out more about my software and controllers.

  2. In my opinion,they might just be tried a little bit too hard with this.I own an old Mixtrack I and have used a Mixtrack II,I'm still firmly holding onto my Mixtrack I and not even considering a change.It's a nice idea but it's not thought through.Like they might be going the right direction but going about it in the wrong way,i think they're maybe pushing the Mixtrack line where it wasn't meant to go.But this is all just one mans opinion on this topic.

    • I understand what you're saying. I do feel the new Mixtracks are more stylish that the old ones (looks were never the original Mixtrack's strong point), but you're right, the jury's out on the way the pads are implemented, if that's what you mean.

      To be fair, you don't really get any less functionality the way the new model works, it's just that Numark has decided to go with the all-the-rage look of having a set of pads on there. How long that remains the fashion remains to be seen, of course. For full four-channel control, this does appear to be a good value device. We are looking forward to getting our hands on one to see if it feels well enough built for its bigger size, though.

      • Actually if i'm to be honest here as far as looks go,even if i was just really looking on the aesthetics the Mk I when i had it side by side with the Mk II,to me personally,looked way better.Flashy is nice but it has to be done right,and to me the Mk II went the wrong way.They went with what other makers do,instead of,in my own opinion,staying true to them.A factor in what drew me to Numark in the first place was that it WASN'T flashy,it didn't have glowy stuff everywhere on it.As a rave DJ i don't need my gear to add to the lights,it'll just make me visually over stimulated and make me lose my trail of thought.

  3. Hi Phil, any news on NI releasing a new controller, also I've been waiting for a Pioneer DDJ-TX for Traktor with mirrored decks, any chance of these two coming to fruition?

  4. no thank you

  5. I dont like it. I own the Numark N4 (and still waiting for the Serato DJ upgrade)... and 2x Akai LPD8 if i want pads (and i need it, because with the Traktor mapping there are just not enough buttons on the unit).
    It has a lot more functions, its still "cheap" enough compared to the NS6, 4Trak & NS7 Mk2 - the highend stuff, that Numark has.
    Why just dont upgrade it, make a N4 Mk2 with pads, better materials, a better soundcard (24 bit, fully functional ASIO-driver) and better paint (the silver paint is the problem, its just too soft). People will pay up to 500€ for that unit, specially with full Serato DJ support.

    We will see how this works.

    I think the Mixtrack should be a simple, stable & cheap unit to start with (and it was working great for a loooooooooooong time).
    The next one should be the N4 - still plastik, but with a lot more functions.
    And some nice highend stuff for people who really want that - and we know, Numark can build great and unique hardware if they want..

  6. Klaus Kaae Mogensen says:

    Personally i see the 4 channel virtual dj le as an improvement over serato dj intro

  7. Just so I understand, Even if i download Serato Intro, it won't work because its not licensed to be used with this hardware?

  8. Adammartin says:

    Couldn't ever be persuaded to buy Numark equipment !!

  9. Selector Big BEAST says:

    I personally have not touched the new mixtrack but i can tell by looking at it i would not buy it. the pads do not function the way i would like and the platters are to small. i personally am waiting till the Behringer CMD Sudio 4a drops. I think that will be the undisputed best controller under $350.00 period. It has all the stuff most cheap controllers have and tons of stuff expensive ones have. i honestly think between that controller and vritual dj 8. my needs will be more than covered! #thewaitingsucksthough

  10. Is it me, or will you need the tiny hands of a salamander to use those mixer knobs?

  11. @ Thomas. I bought an akai lpd8 to augument my numark omni running traktor 2.5. Any idea where to get some midi maps?

    • Traktorfreaks (midi mappings), DJTechTools (forum, just search for LPD8) or do your own mapping.

      Dont forget to change midi-notes (presets) in the LPD8 Editor - or you may get some problems with 2 controllers using the same midi-notes.

  12. On this kit, I would!

  13. got confused looking eg the picture there are only 3 knobs at to top of the mixer. So is it a 4 deck kontroller with only 3 gain knobs?
    Or are those the master headphone cue/mix so there are no gain knobs? no filter knobs is bad enough but on gain is braindead.

  14. I love the idea but I hate that they're still not innovating anything else into the Mixtrack and just hoping it sells. The CMD Studio 4A will be the best budget unit out there when it hits, The Mixtracks old advantage of a soundcard is quickly fading away at this day in age..

  15. Stavros says:

    Looks good for me. i like flashy. but still the same short pitch sliders. :-\.

  16. I was only a week from upgrading my original grey Mixtrack pro to the recently new colourful looking Mixtrack pro II (even though it did the same job)when I saw this article. Numark Mixtrack Quad with four channels is a proper upgrade, I do hope it has actual 'Gain' nobs this time round, anyway my point is - I'll hold off to get this machine instead - can't wait

  17. dj kaykay says:

    Its really cool with ideal features but y doesn't it have an axuillary input

  18. RETROGEOFFRO says:

    Hey guys,I think it looks awesome,I've had a mixdeck express for a lil while to learn on,and I'd love something like this..... I'm after a controller with EQ knobs,effects knobs,sample/cue pads. This seems great and cost effective too. I really like using serato and have heard bad things about djle (the software it's being shipped with??) if I had full dj serato could I still not use it with this? Or can they update it down the line maybe?
    Bit of a neeb

  19. I personally love the unit..pretty cool stuff you gat there..mostly the pads. I have not used it and am considering buying one this month. plus I love the slim bit and how low the jog wheels are compered to the pro. I assume they are really firm and feel comfortable when it comes with scratching. my concern is about the controlls. the unit has its main or advanced functions within the pads; and to use then, you'v gat to activate them using the shift button. I look at that as a little work for a dj whose gat there party going on and have no time to waste on nothing. I feel this unit needs a little practice than the original pro which is straight forward. my conclusion is; its great and I love it.

  20. stateofftrance says:

    Im planning on buying a new contoller and am kinda confused btw the n4 and the mixtrack quad...
    This will be my first controller and i have no prior experience with this kinda stuff..(i am an absolute beginner)...
    I hope to do some semi pro mixing and small gigs in the future...
    Which one shud i get the n4 or the mixtrack quad or something else in the same budget???
    Plz help!

  21. they could have done much better by adding at least 1/4 inch balanced outputs on the back and an optional power supply, I don't like the jacks on the side and they should have also offered a fully compatible Traktor mapping. I think Reloop did slightly better job on layout with the beatmix 4 but they are still both very similar entry level controllers.

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