Musikmesse 2013: Serato DJ Arrives For Vestax VCI-380

Vestax VCI-380 with Serato DJ

The Vestax VCI-380 with Serato DJ running: This upgrade from ITCH will be available imminently.

The Vestax VCI-380 is on show here at Musikmesse 2013 running Serato DJ, the successor to the Serato ITCH software that it has previously been supplied with. No doubt an official press release and confirmation of availability are coming from Serato, but we've seen it, it works, and so today we can confirm that the wait is definitely over for all you patient VCI-380 users.

We spoke about the new mapping with Mike from Vestax, and he is particularly happy with the addition of the slip mode. We also had the chance to have a quick play ourselves as well, and we liked the way the effects have been mapped to work with the Vestax VCI-380's pads, the ping pong delay being particularly fun. Another advantage of switching to Serato DJ is that now you'll be able to add external DJ controllers as well, so for instance you could have a pad controller (Vestax's own Pad-One, for instance) to give you extra control over something like the SP-6 sample player.

The update is imminent, and will be free to all Vestax VCI-380 owners as a download from the Serato website.

• All the Vestax news from Musikmesse is in this video.

Are you a Vestax VCI-380 owner who's been waiting for this day? Does this upgrade make you more likely to head out and buy the VCI-380? and what do you think of the new colours (we've shown the red, but there's a while one too). Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Pretty cool and nice to know that finally we 380 owners can have fun with the new software. do you know what time frame from Serato to give us the news? great news and thanks Phil......

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      They still list "Spring 2013" on their website. I'm in a similar boat (I have a Twitch) and I'll confirm how agonizing it is to have to wait for software to come out for a controller when other people (with apparently more important controllers) already have it.

      • Jam-Master Jake says:

        Count me in the "Where the hell is Serato DJ for my Twitch!!???" boat as well. Serato handled the release for DJ in a piss-poor manner, in my opinion. Oh well, hopefully it's coming soon...April was the last confirmed date I'd heard on the Serato boards from Serato peeps.

  2. So close and yet so far! I knew the 380 was getting the Serato Dj upgrade before I bought it about 5 months ago. Itch is solid software, but knowing the upgrade was right around the corner has made these months agonizing!

    Did you get a chance to play with it? How did they incorporate the added effects controls?

  3. yeah Im chomping at the bit for this as well. I have been very dissapointed that they took other controllers on board before the vci380 and indeed the other itch controllers - they should have given preference to itch contollers in my opinion and looked after their userbase before lining their pockets. Im just glad i dont have a xone dx anymore but i really pity those who do. i must say that the wait has been quite painful.

    • Jam-Master Jake says:

      They pushed out the DJ software upgrades to controllers that they could charge money for first. It's a simple business move and I guess I can't fault them on that...but still...

  4. About time! Been ' itching' to give it a go for a long time. Have had the softwre since Xmas but frustrating not being able to activate it. Any good news for my old 300 Phil?

  5. DJ Kris Latte' says:

    WHEN are they going to offer it for the VCI-300???? Gracious, wouldn't that have been first?

  6. Phil,

    Any opinion of how the upgraded software rivals the twitch in terms of functionality, (especially the sample pads)?


    • We've not had time to have a proper play, we'll do so after the show. It's certainly closer to the Twitch, and of corse the Twitch doesn't have the pressure sensitivity on its pads for FX manipulation.

  7. I can't wait to get my hands on this i along with who knows how many others have been anticipating this release.
    The addition of slip mode, better efx and external midi mapping willbe a god send. I came round to the thinking that its better that they took their time and implemented all the new features in a logical and stable manner than just bang out a version with loads of bugs. (fingers crossed this will be the case)

    Cheers for the heads up

  8. Kurtykurt says:

    i think this is wrong ... phil said it was available now... I downloaded serato DJ and it in fact does not have support for the vestax 380 yet.. also states that on the site.

    • Jam-Master Jake says:

      Actually no, he didn't say it's available now. He said its availability is "imminent" and NOT "immediate." There's actually a big difference. I'd expect it to be out within a week or so. :)

      • Kurtykurt says:

        in the video at 1:30 he says : there is no wait anymore you can get this running with serato DJ...

        guess i just assumed it would be now. I subscribed to serato's latest news so i can find out for sure when it does release for the 380... after seeing that video i was pretty amp'd and thought it just came out :/... more waiting i guess.

  9. Cardell says:

    They say that the update is here. But I been trying to hook up my 380 and the program just cut off. I had try the new driver and still nothing.

  10. says:


    do you know if the needle position display works with traktor software, i know vestax recently released an official tsi map for traktor but i don't know if the led's rotate like they do with serato through the full rotation or just match partially or even at all?


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