Musikmesse 2013: Numark Mixtrack Edge

Numark Mixtrack Edge

The Numark Mixtrack Edge breaks new ground at the portable consumer end of the DJ market, and is surprisingly fun to use.

I got my hands on the Numark Mixtrack Edge today, a DJ controller in a form factor nobody else has attempted yet - that, basically, of the iPad. (Indeed, with its built in case, this looks a lot like the iPad with Smartcase attached.) I confirmed that the unit uses 1/8" jacks for its headphones and master outs, and has a micro USB to connect to a laptop (wouldn't it be great for it to connect to an iPad? Surely that's coming...), and was working with Virtual DJ on the Numark booth.

Likes? The jogwheels are surprisingly good, and responsive (but no scratch control here, as that function only works when paused. When the track's playing, they're strictly for nudging). The way the jogwheel trebles up to control different functions is cool, too. As stated in our preview, the biggest omission is a lack of EQs. But also as I suspected when I wrote that preview, this is still a lot of fun to DJ on. It's only a prototype and a bit rough around the edges (especially the faders), but Numark will no doubt iron that stuff out before production. Take a look...


Having seen a video demo, what do you think? Could you see yourself with one of these in your bag for those impromptu DJ sets? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Illumine says:

    Hope its not too much, I think under £100 and these will be FLYING off the shelves!

  2. When I first saw it I was like no freaking way. now I'm more like maybe and why not

  3. Robert Wulfman says:

    you could probably remap the fx knobs to EQs then it could be a great travel/back-up/practice controller

    • I love channel faders, but frankly, in this form factor I would be happier to have EQs + gain instead of faders. Cf mixing only is not ideal for me, but does the job. EQs are just more important, IMO.

  4. If it's USB class compliant (Numark are pretty good with this so I expect it is) you'll be able to plug this into an iOS device and use DJ Player to do the midi mappings. Nice little slimline, portable setup.

    • Yup, iPad would be the primary use for me. I will likely get one.

      And if it's mini USB this means that one can easily power it up with one of those standard USB Y-type cables, which go with the USB 2.5" HDDs. I have at least 3 of these around - they have two type A sockets, one of which is for power only, the other for data.

  5. Douglas Marshall says:

    Oh yes Phil I just love it very compact for small gigs I am still watching my learn to Dj at home videos and they have really got me excited about playing big at my home residence club Starz chill & grill on 1412 radiumsprings blvd. I'll be reading more djaying tips now that we have made a connection thank you so much much love .

  6. How do you find it compared to the Faderfox DJ3?

    I put together a minimalist travel kit with a Macbook air, DJ3 and Traktor Audio 2. Anyone else found a smaller Tracker controller than the DJ3?

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