Musikmesse 2013: Vestax VCI-400 Gets Traktor, Deckadance & djay Editions

Vestax VCI-400TKT

The new Vestax VCI-400TKT is basically the Vestax VCI-400 with a smart Traktor-centric faceplate and an optimised mapping, so those who want to use the VCI-400 with Traktor can now do so more easily out of the box.

The Vestax VCI-400 controller is on show at Musikmesse 2013 in three new editions, with faceplates and mappings for Traktor (VCI-400TKT), Deckadance (VCI-400DK) and djay (VCI-400djay). The new editions match the Serato DJ Edition (VCI-400DJ) that was previously announced at the NAMM Show, and brings the total number of variants of this controller to five (or six if you include the DJTechTools version).

Mostly this move makes sense: When Vestax launched the VCI-400, it was marketed as a controller that will work with any software (as indeed, theoretically most DJ controllers can), but in practice, mappings can be confusing, especially for beginners. To have a new controller come pre-mapped and ready to roll with your software of choice will appeal to many users.

We think the VCI-400TKT will be the most popular of these due of course to the majority of our readers being Traktor users, but keep an eye on Deckadance; Deckadance 2 is a good product with some innovative features that ought to benefit for the plethora of controls offered by the VCI-400 over most controllers. The only version that had us scratching our heads was the Algoriddim djay one; this software is only two decks, so you'll only ever be able to use two of the controller's four channels digitally using djay. Vestax says the other two channels could be used for CD decks or something similar, but it's still not an obvious fit.

No firm word on price and availability of these new models, and Vestax says the design of the faceplates is subject to change between now and reaching production.

• All the Vestax news from Musikmesse is in this video.

Do any of these new models appeal to you? Do you think it's a smart move from Vestax to launch "software specific" versions of the VCI-400? Would you like to see these faceplates on sale separately so you can customise your VCI-400? Please share your comments below!

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  1. The VCI-400 would be the perfect controller for me.

    There's only one problem with it and this problem is the dealbreaker for me:
    Its master level knob is software only. (At least in the previous versions.)
    This means, if you use it as normal soundcard for daily purpose like listening to music via iTunes you have a Soundcard without level control which is totally stupid especially when using active monitors as loudspeakers.

    Also in an DJ-environment it's always way better to have analog volume control.

    • +1!

      I miss a lot the master knob on my vci400. I was very used to the real knob on the S4, and can't understand why does it have to be software only.

      Also, I would love to have the Cue/Master being a real knob, and not MIDI. I often need to use my HPs, while my wife or the kid are watching a movie in the room. Ging through the Audio setup to switch to the mains to the second outs is annoying.

      The Vci already support both these for the standalone mixing mode, can't this support he expanded for the USB Audio interface too?

      Otherwise, I love my VCI and the fact that ot works great with iPad. These two features though, are in my daily wishlist.

  2. I've been waiting for the next "big" Traktor controller. Is this it? While I know Traktor can be mapped to the old 400 version, the lack of seamless integration with the software turned me away. I'm excited to hear what features this version takes advantage of and if the jogs work well.

    As far as djay goes, I agree that this makes no sense. With the release of the updates to the iOS versions yesterday, I hope this is the lead in to a djay Pro version with four deck control, improved waveforms, and beat-gridding. That, would make sense. If so, I predicted this was coming after the addition of key detection making djay a serious player in the software battle.

  3. I had ditched controllers (S4) and went back to CDJ's, but the new VCI-400TKT has got me salivating.. sure it's just a cosmetic change and maybe some tighter mapping, but I want it 😀

  4. scooterADAM says:

    does the traktor version have HID NI supported jogs?

  5. I don't see the advantage of the vci-400 TKT over a standard vci 400. Wasn't there already an official traktor mapping for it?

  6. I bet you can simply use the new mapping file with the standard vci 400 as well, so it's more about marketing.

  7. In my opinion, it's too little too late for the VCI-400 and Traktor. I'm surprised that we've waited this long just for a faceplate and a custom mapping. Anyone who wanted a VCI-400 to use with Traktor and was bothered by these things would likely already grabbed a custom mapping from the many already available, bought a custom skin for $30. Everyone else probably already bought a different controller.

    I don't think this release adds much value at all now. If it were released alongside the original, it would have probably done quite well.

  8. Pretty cool, Vestax VCI-400 should be the perfect controller for a DJ Mixer

  9. Dj Crazy G says:

    I think the VCI is a great solid controller but #1 is missing a booth (Monitor) output which really sucks for Club, Mobile and Big Venue Djs. I do think is great that they have diferent versions and skins but like someone else mention is a bit late in the game. I hope they make a new 4ch VCI that adds a sampler vol fader for the Serato version and a booth out put hopefully with TRS or XLR outs and softer pads like the ones on the DDJSX

  10. Crous Roode says:

    Will the new TKT mapping be downloadable for people already owning the normal vci 400?

  11. taj kempe says:

    HID NI supported jogs would be good. also would like full access to remix decks through this controller. love the tkt look. looking very professional. was just about to buy a standard vci 400 until this. probably going to wait until this becomes available. wondering if theres any difference in led colours from this to the old vci 400?

  12. Three dealbreakers for me here: no physical master, no booth monitor and no phono or support for traktor scratch timecode.
    also i don't understand the use of different kinds of pads all over the controller.
    The vci build is awesome though and i would love to see a version of the 400 with these extras. I'd definitly buy that

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