Sneak Preview Of Our New Acapella Mixing Course

Just a few hours ago we released our major new DJ course, the Acapella Mixing Masterclass, in a limited pre-launch to our members only. We also gave it for free (as promised) to those who bought our Scratching For Controller DJs course a month or two back. I have to tell you that the response has been overwhelming! If you're curious about what's in the course, I crept off a bit earlier to a quiet part of the office and did a quick screencast straight into my laptop to show you. So hit play and find out what everyone's raving about! Then read on for a special offer...

Special offer to readers

So the fact is that the course is not released for a few weeks yet to the public. But our subscribers and current course owners are currently getting the chance to buy it early, and for 45% off its "public" price! Want to join them?

We've decided to give you one single chance to do so - but you have to respond right now. Here's how: Simply sign up for our free 50-part DJ course today, and in the next couple of days, you'll receive instructions as to how you can buy the course now rather than wait for its public launch - and at the same time, lock in that heavily discounted price. Trust us, you won't want to miss what you're about to save.

Remember, this pre-launch offer is only for our members, course owners and those on our free DJ training - so sign up now and we'll let you know how you can get the course just as soon as we can (24-48 hours I hope).

(One last thing: Please be patient. It's gone midnight here in Europe and we've been working on this launch for the last 17 hours. We are going to have a break before we start clearing our backlog of request emails, happy testimonials and new members wanting "in". We'll get to you - that's my promise.)

Are you a Scratching for Controller DJs owner who's just got your Acapella Mixing Masterclass course for free? Have you been one of the lucky ones who's managed to buy it today? Are you enjoying it? Any questions you'd like to ask about the course? Please let us know what you're thinking below.

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  1. boybrown says:

    I received the acapella mixing course as a bonus to the excellent scratching for controller dj’s course and what a bonus it is. I’ve just gone through the initial videos. The information is very well presented and the course content looks like it’ll add another string to my ever-increasing digital djing bow. I don’t even do this for a living its just for fun (and daydream fantasies ☺). I can’t see how you wouldn’t do a course like this if you were looking for work as a DJ and you couldn’t create acapella mixes or mashups.
    I can dip in and out of the course whilst completing the scratching course. It’s a great supplement. Keep up the good work.


    • Glad you're enjoying it! As usual, what started as a quick idea on the back of an envelope turned into a full-blown training course that took months to prepare. Still, people are really enjoying it so it was all worth it.

  2. philmcneal says:

    hm i was going to get the "learn to dj fast" course but now this looks like a better buy lol... oh boy do you have a combo package for both DJ FAST and this one?

  3. Anyone who wants to use acapellas in their sets this is a must buy. I recieved the acapella mixing class as part of a bonus to the Scratching For Controller DJ's course and it is excellent, it includes loads of tips and tricks which takes DJing with acapellas to the next level.

  4. Kurtykurt says:

    I took the learn how to digital dj fast and now mixing acapella's. You guys are amazing teachers . i'm brand new to djing but have always loved music, so i bought the vestax vci 380 and was pretty intimidated at first taking these online classes have boosted my confidence tremendously ! and have taught me so much, much more than anything i could ever find on the web.

    i cant thank you guys enough, and will continue to take any classes you have to offer.

    Cheerz !


  5. Phil i got an email telling me i had exactly 24hrs to take this offer up just after 8pm uk last night , yet at 5am this morning i got another mail telling me i only had 5hrs left , i just tried and i missed it,i was sure i had a few hours yet.

    • Yesterday's email was sent at 12pm, today's at 6am - really sorry you missed it. It's all closed now, pages are down etc, we can't do anything about it - it's why we emailed people so often because we didn't want anyone to miss it. We even left it open an hour longer "just in case". :(

  6. No worries man , catch you next time thanks phil.

  7. Hi, can we buy this course yet?

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