Behringer CMD Studio 4A Finally Shipping

CMS Studio 4A

The CMD Studio 4A is decently sized with a brushed metal faceplate and more controls than most for its price. (Click to enlarge.)

The first of Behringer's new range of DJ controllers, the CMD Studio 4A, is finally shipping, around 18 months after its first announcement. An aggressively priced (US$199) all-in-one DJ controller, the Behringer CMD Studio 4A has 6" jogwheels, 100mm pitch faders, eight hotcues per deck, and four-deck control. It ships with an LE version of Deckadance 2, a DJ software that's received critical acclaim since it was first shown at this year's NAMM show.

A Traktor mapping is available from Behringer's website, and the plethora of backlit controls should ensure decent, tight operability between hardware and software, whichever program you choose to use with it. The audio interface is 24-bit, although we did note the absence of both balanced outputs and a microphone input.

CMS Studio 4A

The controller only offers RCA unbalanced outs, and no microphone in, although there is the option of external power.

The CMD Studio 4A is the first of a whole range of units due from Behringer, which include a micro controller and a host of modular designs (ie with the form factor of Allen & Heath's Xone:K2 or the Traktor Kontrol X1 / F1 / Z1 devices).

Behringer is offering a three-year guarantee on the controller (as with all of its current product range). More details on this and the other new controller on the Behringer website.

• We'll be bringing you full reviews of the whole range imminently.

At such a low price, does this seem like a good value controller to you? Will it give the likes of the Mixtrack Pro 2 a run for their money? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. For me, this came way way too late. :(

  2. If this is half as good as it looks and as they advertise,my opinion is that the all powerful numark mixtrack mk II will be remembered as the controller that failed miserably at keeping a legacy.But that's just my opinion.

  3. David FE says:

    After 1 year and a half finally we've got it!

    I was so obsesed with it then, but I don't know it's still worthy, despite the fact that it's cheaper than expected.
    Will be looking for the review Phil!

  4. DJ Socrateez says:

    6" Jogs! That's great. I know the co's are trying to keep the units small, but for pro's coming from 1200's (12") and CDJ's (8.1") a 4" Jog makes no sense. The Pioneer DDJSX Jogs are nice, but it would be nice if they had a two channel mixer instead of 4 to make the overall unit size smaller. I think Reloops jogs are a good size but, not sure about the brand/build quality yet.

    • My opinion TM4 better then the DDJ SX and I have tested a lot of controller out there, and still doing it.
      I like to evolve with technology and always look for the one that suite my needs best, right now is the TM4.

  5. When i first saw this ages ago, i really wanted one. i actually am still using a behringer bcd2000 (jogs dont work, left pitch is broke), so to see a fancy new budget behringer controller i was chuffed. but then as soon as i saw a close up i noticed the epic fail. No GAIN/FILTER KNOB!!!! what the?? i had hoped that they would sort this after such a delay. shame :(

  6. DJ BLASTER says:

    i waited and waited and waited.....i now own a NS6. Sorry behringer you took too long

  7. Nice big pitch control ;).

  8. Looks like a nice controller for the price but with no mic. in you can count me out. Most all DJ gigs require a mic. to be in use. Not having a mic. in jack and volume control for it just means that I would need to bring an additional mixer to the gig. One more thing to buy and equip. No Thanks. I like the all in one controllers. MixTrack Pro II still has you beat.

    • Maybe most of your DJ gigs require a mic, but there's lots of DJs who never use the mic – I guess we choose what is right for us.

    • Stavros says:

      Mic should not be a deal breaker.If you really like the controller and must have a mic, why dont you buy a cheap analogue mixer. That way you can control master volume, mic, EQ etc, plus you get the option to plug in a backup device (ipod/mp3 player etc) in case you want to reboot.

      • I've never been a fan of microphones going through controllers anyway, and I use this solution myself.

      • dennis parrott says:

        as a mobile DJ, I have to bring ALL of the gear including the PA (they really wouldn't pay me to sing... LOL).

        since my PA speakers are passive, I have to have amplifiers which means that you have to have some sort of mixer to feed them a signal.

        if you go that route, you can get really nice little mixer/amp combos that accept a few inputs and put out some pretty good wattage to the speakers...

        if you are toting your controller into a club situation, well, you are at the mercy of the club but they should have a mixer that can accept a mic input.

        i've had mic inputs on the controllers i have and never really used them -- especially on my spiffy NI S4, it just seemed fiddly!

      • Hey, I'm a beginner with a quick question. If I buy a small PA system will that connect with this controller and solve the mic issue?

  9. Love the backlit colors, as well as the form factor.

  10. I like the layout better than the Mixtrack Pro II.

  11. so tempting at $199

  12. KingCast says:

    I got my Studio 4a on Tuesday and I love it, I'm not sold on Deckadance yet but with the help of Nemonic, CMD Designer, I got it up and running with Virtual Dj. Here's a quick review I did.

    • Hey glad to hear you got your hands on one. What website did you purchase yours from? Cant seem to find a place with any currently in stock.


  13. 1) It looks like a toy.
    2) Can't they provide photos instead of 3D mock-ups!?

  14. I'm actually happy Behringer took so long to release this controller. It gave me ample time to realize that this was the wrong controller for me. After doing research I realized to my chagrin that the CMD-4A is lacking a few key features. It's not BUS powered and does not have a microphone input. This led me to the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 which is BUS powered and has a Microphone input. I was thrilled to find out the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 works flawlessly with my trusty old Traktor 3.4.1 setup on Snow Leopard! Goooaaaaaaaalllllll!

  15. Stavros says:

    I like it. if it ever comes with a really good official mapping for Virtual DJ, then i will get one. The long pitch sliders look good. Yes there are better more expensive controllers out there. But i dont think you can get as many features for $200 elsewhere. waiting for full review

  16. Whatever the arguments against it (quality of build, etc etc) it can certainly make a lot of DJ controllers out there run for their money.

  17. I had high hopes for this, and I was going to wait, but it took far too long to come out so I decided on the Stanton DJC4 and haven't looked back since.

  18. Being a student who wants to get a much more advanced controller (I currently operate a modular setup of budget midi controllers) this controller seems perfect for me.. Coming at a price that means it can seriously compete with £300 controllers like the denon mc3000 it's got so much to offer for the price, particularly once I change the mappings in traktor. I just need to find somewhere to buy it now, anyone know of a uk site where I can buy this? cheers.

  19. DJ Unthinkable says:

    Can you please do a video review?!?

  20. Mista Cleen says:

    This looks really good especially at the price for a 4 deck controller. The lack of microphone input feels like a bad omission competitively but isnt a problem for me since my pre-amplifier mixer has 2 mic inputs. I may look at this one is my mixtrack pro ever goes out on me.

  21. Alex Ryan says:

    How do you guys think this compares to the Kontrol S2?

  22. There is a gobstoppingly insane design f*** up on this unit that hasn't been mentioned anywhere yet as far as I can tell, but I'm astounded at how poor it is. The mix volume (cue/master volume) and headphone volume are on the bloody front of the unit, not on the top!!!!????

    Now the headphone volume I could maybe live with on the front, but NOT the cue/master volume. There is no booth output, so often one may need to mix 'in headphones' (both ears), and depending on the intro of the cue'd track I often (or at least like to have the option) of adjusting cue/master. Not to have it on the top fascia with all other controls is a HUUUGE design fail in my opinion. 😀

  23. i still haven't found a shop in europe (i'm from Italy) who's shipping it and i need it asap! help please :S

  24. Hey Phil

    I want to get my first controller, and the two i had my eye on were Numark Mixtrack pro and the 2. But now, this controller has been released, ans I'm not sure what to do now? Thos one has really appealed me, so should I go with this new one? There all between 150 and 200£

    • The best bargain is the original Mixtrack Pro, especially as it's now cheaper. the Behringer is good but the jogwheel performance isn't as tight as the Numarks, so if scratching is important to you, avoid it. Mixtrack Pro 2 doesn't really build on the Mixtrack Pro a massive amount, and you pay more for it.

  25. How I can set properly the microphone with "traktor 2.3.6 and behringer cmd studio 4a" I think to connect directly to pc because in the behringer thereisn't the connectors, but it's the right way??could someone help me???

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