Remix Decks Unlocked In Traktor 2.6.2 Update

Remix buttons

Want to map more buttons than the Traktor Kontrol F1 has got? No problem, now that mapping features for the Remix Decks are available in Traktor 2.6.2's mapping editor. Pic: tomash

Traktor 2.6.2 - which is now available - finally allows users to map the Remix Deck controls to controllers other than the Traktor Kontrol F1. The update also adds support for the imminent Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer, a Flux button to the transport section, and some improvements to the way the software works with the Traktor Kontrol Z2.

The Remix Decks controls include "added controls for direct mapping of Remix Deck cells [and]added controls for advanced Remix Deck features: Reverse, Quantize, Cell Load, Cell Delete and Cell Capture", according to Native Instruments. This is one of the most asked-for changes since the day the Remix Decks and the F1 were first launched.

It will be particularly good new for owners of controllers that have both RGB buttons (for the full range of feedback), and a bigger grid that that on the F1. With such controllers, it is now going to be possible to map for expansive Remix Sets without the need to scroll through sample banks so much. Will it help the Remix Sets idea to gain more traction? Only time will tell, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

• Visit your Service Center to download Traktor 2.6.2 as of now.

Have you been waiting for this so you can map the Remix Decks yourself? Is this likely to get you to start using them? Or do you think it's something that'll never interest you? Please share your thoughts on the unlocking and on the reRemix Decks in the comments below.

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  1. That are big news.
    And really good ones.
    Now we need a test of Behringers CMD LC-1 and how it works with the Remix-Decks. (Well, no pressure, take your time)

  2. jim lovett-dalley says:

    This is fantastic news i have traktor as bought it when cheap only to find i couldnt do much with as i have a xponent and was dissapointed to find my launchpad wouldnt work with it cant wait to try the launchpad out

  3. Well that's nice, but I would much rather like to see support for mutiple beatgrids within one track and advanced sorting/filtering/autoplaylists for the library. These are areas where Traktor is really badly lacking, especially when compared to an underdog like MixVibes.

    • Oh you are right, I cannot understand how advanced sorting / filtering and dynamic playlists can take so long. Should be just a few database queries of existing data.
      Especially if you have seen how to do it with 3rd party tools like Trainspotter.

    • One of Traktor's weaknesses is that it is sat on a lot of legacy code - it's really been a victim of its own success, having been built on by its various developers for many, many years.

      I would guess that the designers would like nothing better than to rewrite it from the ground up incorporating so many of the things it is sorely missing (I'd add user-placeable waveforms so we can have them in parallel, better file management all around, including with iTunes etc) - let's see if they get a chance to do so. Traktor DJ is lean, mean and highly usable, so maybe it's given them the impetus to bring some of that user-friendliness back to "big" Traktor.

    • Also Remix decks can play only 4 samples/loops per deck while Mixvibes has 8 per deck. Although you can have 64 samples in each deck only 4 playing at a time. And although the remix decks do have mush more controls for each sample there are not many apart from an F1 that has enough controls to handle all of it's options. And then there is the library witch Mixvibes totally knocks Traktor of it's feet.
      Yes it's good for people that have Traktor but don't want to add an F1 to their setup to finally be able to mapp their controller to use the remix decks.I do also suspect that they are coming out with Traktor 3 in a few months that adds some futures like Freeze but will be locked to a new controller of some kind maybe and S4 with no Jog. instead it has touch stripes like on the X1 MKII and maybe an XY pad for FX.
      I'm staying with Mixvibes, they are updating frequently and constantly improving adding a few futures at a time.

    • DJ 2 Cut says:

      YES! Why cant we have more than one grid in a song already?!? GET TO IT NI!!

  4. Hallelujah!~ Finally they unlock them, praise the programmers of Native instruments!

  5. Interested in trying it out. Hope it will work well with my sets.

  6. I only just bought the "F1KONTROL" for, "RemixDeck" a week ago. Although I play around to purchase other equipment If I had known in advance to be lifted in the update.

  7. Vic Linkous says:

    I am really wondering how this will work on mapping, I have a Numark Orbit on the way and will see how it works to map it to that.....anxious and can't wait....HURRY UP UPS!!

  8. Maschine is a great controller for remix decks. I hope they support official mappings.

  9. Jason R says:

    Over on DJTECHTOOLS, there have been a few hacks floating around for a year or more for a few controllers including their own MidiFighter. Does anyone remember NI announcing that if anyone could hack/make a work-around, they would give em' loads of stuff??? within a week there were 2 or 3 out there in the public domain and then the whole prizes for midi hacking went a bit quiet. 😀

  10. Actually I'm a bit disappointed !
    I bought an F1 a few weeks ago, thinking it's the dedicated controller for Remix Decks, paid about $285 for it.
    This means I can do the same thing with a cheaper (only in terms of $$) controller like Launchpad !!

    Now I'm pretty sure the new version of S4 ( will it be S5 or S4 v2? ) will feature pads dedicated to Remix Decks, similar to the look of Pioneer DDJ-SX.....

  11. King of Snake says:

    would Twitch do the tricks now as well?


  12. Ahh too late NI! I had a S4 and Maschine 2 in my checkout cart while reading simultaneously in another window that full Remix Decks weren't supported on Maschine. I immediately opted for DDJSX, Launchpad, and Serato DJ and couldn't be happier with my decision. All the best to those who can make use of this update though.

  13. They said they were going to open the remix deck..and they have.
    Thx Ni..I will try it with orbit and a few other controllers I have laying around

  14. ok now someone just needs to come out with the mapping for the old maschine mikro 😀 lol

  15. What controller is that (full RGB, 8 x 8?) in the photo?

  16. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    I am just hoping that not everybody will be sticking 8 or 16 extra buttons on their players and controllers. Not all of us need all that stuff. More buttons you don't use means less space for those you use all of the time :-).

    I can already see that we will have a CDJ2000Classic and a CDJ2000-64 with 64 colorful extra buttons.

    Oh well. I admire you guys that use all that stuff. I tried my hand at scratching, definitely improved my acapella mixing skills, but I think I am gonna leave all that pad drumming, sample firing, "god, I am busy here"-stuff for you younger ones :D.


  17. got an F1 and it is used in 1/5th of the dj sets ... sample decks are nice but not that useful in most dj sets.

    Or you should spin weekly in apres ski environments where you can fire and forget 1000s of "titiiiiiiiiieeesssssss" and horn samples each night

  18. I need to buy a newer MacBook Pro... mine won't update to the newest (or even the last) version of Traktor Pro. I will, it'll just take a some time to get the new computer.

  19. Hi , i've tried to assign some keyboard butons to remix decks, but this option is unavailable allslots are grey and cant assign nothing, all other options are working
    Anybody know how to manage this

    thx in advance

  20. Djpossess says:

    I have an F1 and would like to know if I can map the volume faders to other things. Haven't tried yet because until now remix decks were locked.

  21. Cliff Whitney says:

    K...not sure if anyone cares.... But if you own Maschine then you should....
    I'm sure by now you realize you can drag and drop loops into Traktor from Maschine..... But did you know that when you create loops with Traktor they are stored in a sample folder as waves? Which can then be loaded into Maschines pads for further manipulation using the sample slice editing feature? I have been playing with this feature for awhile now as it saves me the hassle of having to convert my MP3's to WAV/AIF so I can edit samples out of the songs I wanna remix.... And then once I'm done the re edit in Maschine I can just drag the file back into an empty slot in a remix deck....

  22. DJ Niko Bass Traffic says:

    it is impossible to map ...I'm unable to even select the cell slot in the mapping menu...I got the 2.6.5 version of traktor
    I only wanna map my X1 in midi mode to have only one controller instead of buying an F 1
    so if anyone hear about a mapping that suit for X1 or a way to map remix deck would save me a lot of research and money
    ty guys

  23. How do you delete complete remix sets? Ive renamed a few of mine complete sets and now i have 2 copies, each with slightly different names. How do i delete the original so i dont have duplicates all over the place?

    Im referring to the complete remix set, not any of the individual 64 samples within each set, i can delete those easily enough.


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