Traktor Kontrol S4 Gets 33% Price Drop To $599 / €599

Kontrol s4

Want to get your hands on a Traktor Kontrol S4? With a pretty large price drop, now could be your time. Pic: UniqueSquared

Native Instruments today announced a price drop on the Traktor Kontrol S4, its current flagship Traktor controller, to $599/€599, a drop of up to 33% on the previous prices of $899/€799. "This new price of ... is valid at the NI Online Shop and at participating retailers, and represents a substantial saving on the previous price ... offer is valid from today until August 31 2013, or until stock lasts." says the company about the price drop, which is now in addition to the current drop on the Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer.

New model on the way?

Here are some excerpts from the press release (my italics): "As one of the best-selling DJ products of all time, the Kontrol S4 was designed to be the comprehensive one-stop solution for professional digital DJs. Breaking industry sales records on release..." and again later on: "available until August 31 2013, or while stocks last."

We have absolutely no official word on anything, but that "while stocks last", and the biographical tone of the wording seem to me to suggest that this could be a stock clearance, and we all know what that would mean. But at this stage, it's just guesswork - although the S4 is now well over two years old, and the newer Kontrol Z1 works with iOS too...

Anyway, they're right about the fact that the S4 was indeed a landmark controller, and if you've always wanted one, now may be the time to "lock in the saving", before a long, hot summer of practising your skills...

Do you own an S4? Will you be taking NI up on its offer to grab one at a reduced price? And what do you think the company will do next in the controller arena? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Tempting...but I'm still going to wait and see how the Behringer CMD modules work out.

    • I'm expecting some of the European distributor's review samples of those pretty soon here, so maybe the wait is nearly over... not sure about stateside, though.

    • Chuck, for a hobbyist like me, these are ideal for my needs. I like how you can go modular on them and change up your setup anytime you need. Pair it with an F1 and you're playing with power.

      I never cared if the controller was metal or plastic, or if it "looked professional" or not. I care if it works for my needs...hence why I'm still using my Xponent.

      Maybe if I was gigging and such I'd get an S4. Right now it just looks like bulk for a hobbyist/bedroom DJ.

      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

        Oh, I understand there is a (HUGE) market for gear like that.

        I was (probably falsely) under the impression that you were delaying your choice for a S4 until checking out Behringer.

        My point being that they are (in my humble opinion) not in the same quality bracket and therefor usually not part of the same decision making process.

        So, you either look for S4-level gear and this is a great deal, or you are looking for something in another bracket, in which case waiting for something that at least created a pre-release buzz would make sense.

        Primarily when it comes to gear, I have a two-step philosophy:
        1) get the highest quality gear you can/want to afford, even if it means getting used or renting til you saved up enough
        2) as long as gear works for YOU that is all that matters.

        No matter of peer pressure should tell you what is best/better for you. You alone can be the judge of that.


  2. Are they going to drop the s2 as well? Because I don't think they will sell many with the difference being 50 dollars. (assuming I am keeping up to date with everything.)

  3. Wow, I just got an S2 back in December. I like it, but recently have been itching to get a S4. I don't see the new price on GC's website yet. I want to trade in my deck for the S4, for sure.

  4. Doenst this happen every time they come out with a new product? Didnt the X1 price drop just before the F1 came out?

  5. Gloomy Bear says:

    I think they had a sale on the s2/s4 before without any new comparable products came out? It wasn't that long ago.

  6. DJ Highline says:

    It's the "while supplies last" part that suggest a new product...combine that with NI's recent flurry of new products and the writing is on the wall for an S4 update/replacement. My guess is an S4 reworked to include remix deck controls and a dedicated flux button.

  7. Regardless of what may be coming out next this is a pretty good pricepoint for the unit, definitely worth picking up if you enjoy NI over their competitors.

  8. Rickard says:

    they could be coming out with something like the Pioneer DDJ-SX except for Traktor. You never know with Native Instruments after all...

    • This was exactly my thought too, kinda like integrated F1 but then wouldn't they be doing themselves out of the F1 :-/

      I just bought an S4 and F1 a few weeks back so well chuffed on the price drop! :(

  9. DJ Highline says:

    Whatever it is, it will almost certainly support Traktor DJ.

  10. I'm extremely happy this happened now because I was certainly going to buy an S2 because the S4 was way too much on my budget. Hopefully there's a drop in the S2 as well or maybe I'll just dish out the extra cash. I definitely think, however, that we'll be seeing a brand new controller from Traktor. I'm going to assume a $1000 price tag with full integration of the remix decks, along with Traktor DJ.

  11. Z2 price drop, enter Z1
    S4 price drop, enter S1?

    Don't have a clue, but I would be glad to see NI making more additions to the modular controller market, the S1 being a single deck platter controller.

    • dbrioso says:

      My thoughts exactly. Dedicated deck platter controller with Traktor DJ support and introduction of daisy chaining usb. Imagine Z2 out to new controller that daisy chains out to X1/F1's.


      PS...any thoughts on two USB busses (Alla Sixty-two) and or the addition of visual/video processing.

  12. As far as the new model is concerned I believe they will make it somehow more competitive against the sx. Also I think it will have the track position as the s1 is clear pio wants djs to stop using computers whereas ni is on the other side. My bet is that it will be larger and better built than the s4 and it will ship with traktor 3(probably). The z1,f1,x1 can make a full modular setup with traktor dj. The new s4 will target pio booth dominance in the medium/small club-bar installments as well as keep their home users

  13. Yes i also believe something new is coming. And it is going to be better: touch controls or other features for easier control. NI has learnings from the traktor DJ/ipad they can implement in the controllers. And of course new controllers should support both ios and pc/mac.

  14. Praveen says:

    So... who should buy this and who should wait for the next release, if at all there is going to be one ? Because I might one of many who would want to lay hands on this one and I already have a mixtrack pro (2 years old)

  15. I own an S4, have done for a couple of years and it is a great controller, however there are a few issues (now its out of warranty) with a couple of the buttons; One of the effect on/off buttons does not always work 1st time, and more recently one of the cue buttons started with the same fault. I only mention this as an earlier poster mentioned Behringer having to step up their game with build quality to reach the same as NI. This is not so true, NI could definitely improve their build quality.

    This price drop is great news and I believe a new S4 is on the way, without a doubt. I think they will integrate some features of the F1 better than the current S4's set up to improve the controllability of the remix decks better. How they will do this is something I can't wait to find out! I Don't think it will alienate users who do not feel the need for remix decks as they will probably be dual usage operation. They also need to improve the build as well, as the buttons get a good beating over the years and at the price point they will release it at, customers expect and should get high quality.

  16. Moralesx says:

    I don't know but, I'm deployed right now and don't get back to civilization sometime end of summer past NI's low price cut off date. I'm hoping they come out w/a new controller by then. Most of us come back from deployment buying a new car. F*CK THAT I'm getting me a DJ controller.

  17. DJ Unthinkable says:

    OK, my opinion is that Native Instruments is actually worried. While re watching the NAMM videos of the Behringer CMD 4A, an advertiser mentioned that they(Behringer) are competing with Native Instruments S4. Now the Behringer Studio 4A comes out and Native Instruments provides a price drop? This isn't coincidence, Native Instruments realizes that they are loosing customers, and need to attract more people. Remember that they also put the Z2 on sale, do you understand what I'm saying?

  18. My predictions for S4 mkII

    1. multi colored LEDs
    2. remix deck integration (im not sure how)
    3. traktor dj ipad/iphone integration

    I think it would also look cool if they have a rotating LED on the rim of the jog wheel like the newest Denon CDJs but there is no evidence that they would do something like that. I just think it would be a cool touch.

  19. Despite their problematic past, Behringer had a MAJOR change just a few years ago, not too long after they purchased Midas and Klark-Teknik. They automated large sections of their factory (you DO know they are one of the few companies that has their own factory, right?) and then instead of laying off those workers, they moved them to QA/QC. A short time later they upped the warranty on their speakers and many other products to a full 3 years - on part or surpassing many other manufacturers. Strangely enough, when Behringer did this, QSC jumped to 5 and now 6 years of warranty support.

    The Behringer CMD product line is a product that was designed by a working DJ with a strong background in a variety of software and has worked on many other controllers in the past - nem0nic. In short, I've talked with him at length about these and the quality and care he's put into it is exception - particularly at the price point these come in at.

    In short, I'm expecting the CMD controllers to be an extremely viable product that will give many other controllers a run for their money.

    As for the S4, it's not without it's shortcomings, and it's highly problematic to get it to work with other software. I know because I've tried.

    It's why I still bring out my Xponent or use a Behringer DDM4000 midi mixer with Cross when I'm doing video instead of using my 'main' S4 based rig. However, if you're rocking Traktor, the dual F1 setup with the S4 is a powerhouse of creativity waiting to happen. Especially if you hook up turntables and replace the crossfader with an innofader (a planned upgrade for myself).

    At the new price point, IF it was more easily mapped to other software I'd SERIOUSLY consider picking another one up. It's an incredible controller for Traktor users at the original price tag... but the new price makes it VERY hard to pass up.

    Although the wording does leave one to believe that they should expect a new controller on the horizon sometime soon. My only hope is they finally get the microphone headaches worked out so I can either pull my secondary sound card (a Fast Track Ultra 8R) that I use to support my microphones or avoid using a second mixer for everything just to be able to use a microphone easily with the setup.

    And while the DDJ-SX is nice, I think 'aiming' at that product for a comparison isn't a wise idea. I'd aim for something BETTER with strong integration AND would allow for use in other software more easily to help attract new users to the software product. Especially since it certainly appears that InMusic has no plans for Torq any time soon.

    • I do want to add one thing... All I can hope for is that they keep the same form factor/size so I don't have to buy another case. Because in all honesty, the one thing that really bugs the hell out of me is having to replace the cases when I change controllers.

      This whole planned obsolescence thing just gets me riled up every time....

  20. I stay with my Numark :)

  21. I own the S4 and I am very disappointed with the build quality. The A and B faders are both not usable at this time. It's so bulky that I had to use a suitcase to transport to gigs. I like to transform using the vertical faders and I think I wore them out pretty quickly, and it looks challenging to replace.

    Did I mention how huge it is?

    Of course, when it works, it does what it was designed to do and is extremely musical and fun to use. I just wish it had the build quality and feel of my VCI-100.

  22. Jam-Master Jake says:

    NI makes some pretty cool hardware, but I still can't bring myself to use Traktor just yet. The workflow/user experience just leaves a foul taste in my mouth compared to Serato. That being said, if Serato doesn't really start to up their game and stop screwing around with their new Serato DJ, I may find myself running Traktor full-time here by the end of the year.

  23. Is Allen & Heath done making controllers or is there something rumored? I just think the sound and build quality out does NI or Pioneer.

  24. Dj Ross says:

    I have an S2 and it is awesome, but I want a new controller to play with. Here is my wish-list for the Traktor Kontroller S1 (or whatever they call it).

    1.) Remove reliance on a Laptop, but retain the ability to use a laptop.
    - Wireless action like the Pioneer XDJ Aero with low latency
    - Ability to use with memory sticks, or include a hard drive (32G/64G/250G)
    - A small screen above each channel that will provide basic info e.g. Song Name, Artist, BPM, Time remaining
    - Ability to dock an iPad for more defined views and to load tracks. It should also charge the iPad

    2.) Make it look more like a pro piece of kit:
    - Make it the same height as a Pioneer CDJ
    - Refresh the look and design, it is very functional looking and could use a bit more style (not flashing ERGO lights though)

    3.) Other stuff:
    - Louder Earphone volume (In a loud booth it can be a bit low, although I should buy better earphones, my Pioneers are a bit poor in my opinion)
    - Cache 30 seconds of data so inadvertent disconnects don't stop the music
    - I wouldn't mind if it was a bit smaller
    - Wireless Laptop connection

    4.) Update to software (It is likely that this will be updated to take advantage of the hardware.
    - Better iTunes integration (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE)
    - Improved Beat Griding functionality, personally I find this a real bind
    - Ability to multi sort e.g. by Musical Key and BPM
    - Key detection preferences (E.g. Camelot (12B or E Maj)

    Do the above and keep it under £1000

  25. Clifford Whitney says:

    somethine else is coming....

    Here are some of my personal hopes....

    1. Fix the build quality that some of the users are experiencing
    (I'm lucky as I have played on mine heavily since its release with no problems...knock on wood 😉
    2. Option for 4 stereo inputs capable of Timecode control
    (I believe this would be a game changer for the DJ community)
    3. Powder coat paint aluminum or steel chassis with CDJ style jog wheels
    (Big step up to keep that pro look and feel)
    4. iOS integration isn't a must but it is coming
    (Face's gonna happen)
    5. No clear plastic on the mixer section
    (it blemishes too easily)
    6. Keep it the same size
    7. Bigger multicolor backlit hot cue buttons
    (I'm not talking F1 or Maschine size but similar)
    8. Booth out!!!!
    (You know it's what we all really wanted in the first build)
    9. Dedicated Flux mode on off
    (We shouldn't have to map this ourselves)
    10. And my last request.... If I have to invest another $1000+ in your company just to use your software.... Please oh please don't release the next controller for a long while
    (Because selling the S4 second hand means taking a serious loss for some of us)

    That is all

  26. Great device! I hope they upgrade the build quality though! The power-button is very vulnerable, the headphone jack is not to good either. Not to forget the crackles of pushing a nob to hard ...

  27. Dj ADub says:

    I currently have had my S4 for almost 2 years now. I love it. It is a workhorse and allows me plenty of control.
    With all of the latest releases from this past NAMM it seems like companies and DJs in general are teetering towards modular control units. Just looking at NI, the Kontrol line up of products only features two all-in-one set-ups. The addition of F1, Z2 and the Z1 in addition to the pre-s4 x1, really looks like a push towards a modular setup that allows a DJ to truly customize their workflow.

  28. donloko says:

    I have tested All of the new behringer controllers last month at the Bax-shop open day event.I was very early and tested all and one thing I can see all the controlles feels very great not cheap at all and are very cheap in price.I have hooked up my laptop and bam made my tai on traitor and all worked great.there is a ableton like controller its create to use the 4decks with something like that.great job berhinger

  29. I second the feedback and requests from DJ Rob and Clifford Whitney. I would say that I hope N.I. is listening, but guess they've already finalized their approach if a new model's coming out for September.

    A few things:

    1. I find Traktor DJ superior to Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6 when it comes to creating beat grids...not sure why that would be? I'd like to see N.I. step up their game, especially in regards to tracking songs that change tempo or have a live feel.

    2. Traktor DJ for iPad or iPhone is a lot of fun to play with, especially the x-y grid for the effects. iOS integration with the new controller is a must for me for casual gigs, and it should be wireless.

    3. If I'm going to spend that much money on a controller, I don't want something modular; I want it to do it all!: built in controls for the sample decks; complete and seamless integration with Maschine; (ditto for Ableton Live); scratch control on the jog wheels, or with a CDJ; iOS integration wirelessly; usb key inputs; ability to record and playback loops via an optional foot-controller...

    ...How could they possibly fit all of the above into a compact form factor? I have no idea...but if they can find a way, they're more than welcome to my money!

  30. I've owned my S4 since last December and love it, my first and previous control was the Numark DJ2Go, felt like I out grew it the day I got it. Upgrading to the S4 and Traktor from Virtual DJ, really open the floodgate's for me in the way of creativity and expression, plus for me it feels like I'm back on a traditional set-up but with near infinite possibilities. Before the upgrade I was checking out modular options(behringer)which I feel could be the future, I remember the days before the advent of CDJ's and the bulkiness of these CD players. Something I've been dreaming about is NI taking the S4 and breaking it up into 3 pieces or units, selling it like the S4 is sold now. I really like the idea of building your own kit, plus the option of daisy chaining unit and add-on's, extra USB ports, monitor booth out, and boosting and revamping the headphone monitor suite. For me a basic 3 piece set-up would be gold, and to build up a kit for DJ and live performance,and ease of transport opens up so much. Lastly, if one takes a look at the S4's lines you can see how it could be made modular, all they have to do is split up.... Plus make the use of the Remix Decks a lot more user friendly out of the box,if you don't own F1's. Trying to use the RMX decks with the standard S4 is the only thorn in my side. Apologize for the long post, thanks = D

  31. Very tempted, but the jog wheels are just too small and I like to scratch. It's sort of a toss-up, the S4 would be good to add the Technics 1200s that I already own when I do want to scratch, or I could get the DDJSX and be comfortable with everything I do as a DJ. Oh, plus video with the SX. Not sure if it's worth the $400 spread though.

    • Our scratch tutor says there's little to choose between the S4's jogs and the DDJ-SX (or any controller's physical jogs apart from the really cheap ones) - it's OK to scratch on all of them.

  32. Renton Marx says:

    If I redesigned the S4 (and I'm holding out for the new version, so it better be good) it would come with Traktor 3, with vertical parallel waveforms. These would mirror the new vertical touch strips, which could could needle drop, control FX, scroll through menus, and scroll the remix decks down. The Sample/Hot Cue buttons should be replaced with velocity sensitive color changing pads, allowing samples from the remix decks to be color coded, giving that visual feedback of the F1.
    It shouldn't cut into the F1 market, 'cause that's all about modularity, and nobody wants to cart 2 F1s to a gig with their S4, especially when there's room to fit all that functionality in a new S4. It would actually make the F1s more mandatory for everybody else, as it pushes the workflow more toward samples.
    Booth/record/XLR outs would be nice. Keep the analog TT and DVS support. Oh, and replacable faders.
    Need a bit more space? I think rotary pitch control makes more sense than linear faders with deck switching. Then it's just relative.
    My thoughts.

    • Renton Marx says:

      And while I'm brain storming, some way of switching views and library sorting would be nice, and/or being able to use say an attached tablet to browse the library without sacrificing screen real estate.
      And elastic beatgriding. And the ability to toggle individual parts of the display on and off to suit your needs, instead of being stuck with a few preset views, while we're fixing Traktor.
      And yes NI, resumes available.

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