vjay 1.2 For iPad & iPhone Out Now — & Free For A Week!

vjay Snoop Dogg

vjay brings powerful video mixing to iPhone and iPad, and now comes with time-stretching and extra content, including some from Snoop Dogg... plus it's free for 7 days.

Top iOS video mixing software vjay has been given a major update, and is available completely free now and for the next seven days in the App Store. From Algoriddim - makers of the equally popular djay software - vjay 1.2 boasts real-time video time-stretching as its headline new feature, and also includes extra stock content from top VJ artists, plus a contribution from Snoop Dogg.

Originally launched in June last year, the software lets users create "video mashups", just like DJs mix and mash music, and makes it easy to play those mashups on the big screen via Apple TV, or share via Facebook or YouTube. The "video time-stretching" makes use of the A6 chip in iPhone 5 and the latest generation of iPad, and allows users to slow down or speed up a video clip without changing the pitch of the audio, similar to using keylock in DJ software.

• Download vjay from the App Store for iPad and iPhone.

Are you heading off to the App Store to grab your free copy? Have you already got vjay? Either way, let us knwo your impressions of it in the comments...

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  1. can't resist it beeing free 😀

  2. I've been working as a VJ since February and this is the best news I've seen in a while. I decided to use TouchVis on my iPad over vjay when I started, so I'll make sure I pop my opinions and a bit of a comparison on here when I feel i've experienced the whole software. I just wish Algoriddim would do a OSX version, all the other VJ software out there is wicked pricey

  3. Still rocking an iPhone 4 and early gen iPad, but picked them up anyway because I'm planning a hardware upgrade in a few months. Looking forward to really putting this product through it's paces then...

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