Your Questions: How Do I Move My Traktor Tunes & Settings To Another Computer?

Moving Traktor

Whether you want to move your preferences, your music or both, it's possible with Traktor - but it's worth following the correct procedure to avoid pitfalls.

Digital DJ Tips reader Dylan writes: "Hi, I recently bought the Kontrol S4. I have it set up in my bedroom on my PC with Traktor. I have to DJ at a party in two days but obviously I can't bring my PC with me so I am planning on getting a lend of my mother's laptop. The problem with this is it only has 2GB of RAM (will it be fast enough?), and I don't have Traktor installed on the laptop so I would have to set up all my preferences etc, and last but not least none of my music collection is on the laptop. What's the best thing to do? Fastest way to get around it? Any tips?"

Digital DJ Tips says:

Good question! The hardware should be OK, check the processor against NI's recommended spec on their website. Give it a go ASAP and find out, and move your latency up a bit if it's jittery. Regarding the tunes, if it were me I would copy only the tunes I wanted for the party onto your mum's computer, and prepare those to DJ with, rather than your whole collection (I don't believe in taking a whole collection anywhere, to be honest); this exercise will help you to think about the music you'll be playing, which is a good thing. Having said that, I don't use pre-prepared cue points or rely on the beatgrids very much; if you do, this may not be the best idea.

However that still leaves your preferences. It's easy to import and export preferences from the Traktor config; however, there are a couple of things you should know. Rather than go thorough them all here, there's a page on the Native Instruments site that can help you. If you want to go the "whole hog" and move your tunes over too, that stuff is all there as well.

Have you ever moved your Traktor preferences and tunes from one computer to another? Had to DJ on a friend's set-up with your music? Play from external drive? Please share your tips below.

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  1. Shuga*Foot says:

    Phil, can your clarify your comment, " I don’t use pre-prepared cue points or rely on the beatgrids very much; if you do, this may not be the best idea."

    In your DJ course and many of your posts you talk about using CUE points and beatgridding to prep your music. Why are you suggesting it's not here?

    • Basically, because lots of people do – however personally, I don't tend to as I beatmatch manually. Some DJs rely on such tools more than others, just depends on your style.

    • Also it depends what software you use or if you use FX Traktor uses the Beatgrid for synching the FX to the song so the delay in in sync with the playing music. And if your songs are beatlocked the cuepoint transfer with your song to the laptop.

  2. Regarding this theme, I use a laptop with Traktor and iTunes for my music lists but its getting kind of slow and I may be getting a MacBook any time soon (hopefully) so, how can I migrate at least most of my tunes lists, beat grid and cue points to the new machine? Is there any tutorial for doing so? Or do you recommend a totally fresh start?

    • I did this a few years ago, but without Traktor. My main concern was my iTunes playlists. I exported my old library to an .xml file, I copied my music across to "Music" on the Mac, told iTunes Mac the location of my music folder, and once it imported all the music, I imported the xml file I'd created. That, as far as I remember, sorted it. Last did it in 2010 though. If I didn't tell it the music location first, it didn't work. Not sure how you'd deal with Traktor.

  3. I really don't see why Dylan has to use a laptop, I started using Traktor in clubs with a desktop. Sure it's heavier, but 1) he's already configured the computer for what he likes and 2) nobody cares about the physical size of the computer (most of the time it can be placed under the table).

  4. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    I had made a portable setup (all my tunes AND my Traktor root folder on an external HD). That way I could work on my collection on my desktop PC, then hook the HD up to one of my two laptops (one for backup) and go and play. It all worked fairly well and I could just duplicate my HD from time to time to have a backup of it as well.

    And then came my MacBook. I hooked up my HD, told Traktor where to find the music and root folders and everything worked. Sort of. Even though FAT32 can be read by both Mac OSX and Windows, apparently it's not all that simple. I have had files locked on my going back to the PC for some serious maintenance and other trouble dealing with write rights and such.

    So, I would suggest if you move from the PC/Windows environment to the Mac environment, you make it a permanent switch. Format external HD to the Mac standard and don't look back.


  5. Robert Wulfman says:

    I think you can move the grids and cue points if you export the playlist as a traktor somethingorother file. I'm not sure though as I've never used it.

    Also make sure you aren't using .wav files. The tags on these won't be copied from one system to another. It'll be fine with mp3s, aiffs and I think flacs but I'm not sure

  6. I do this before EVERY gig. I do all my prep work on my PC, then copy the entire Traktor root folder (my iTunes library is a subfolder of the root folder) to a USB stick, then copy that onto my MBP (which I hate - getting a Dell XPS 18 soon).

    When you launch Traktor, it throws a wobbly because it can't find :\Traktor\, and will ask you if you want to create that directory. Hit no, then go into preferences and reset the iTunes library path, and add the iTunes media folder to your music library.

    Right click your collection, hit "Check Consistency" and wait 3-4 minutes. Job done.

    If you're migrating Windows-->Windows it's even easier; you just make a separate partition purely for Traktor and call it T:\ or X:\ or whatever, then use any one of the countless freeware synchronization tools out there to keep everything in sync; that way, you don't have to migrate your ENTIRE library every time you update your collection or prep your tracks.

  7. Bill Greenberg says:

    I use Traktor on a couple of Windows desktops as well as my MacBook Air laptop. I use Djay on my iPad and iPhone too. What ties everything together, at least as far as getting all my songs everywhere I want them, is iTunes Match. I couldn't easily sync the music on all my different devices without it. Traktor will let you sync cues via Dropbox too, although I haven't tried that.

  8. evil twin says:

    The main problem with migrating libraries for me personally is the fact that some metadata, such as "Date Added", does not persist. For me it's important because it helps me to remember what track I bought, say, a month ago.

  9. I've been a huge traktor fan since I started djing, in fact I learned on it, but IMO native instruments really has to redesign the ENTIRE file management portion of traktor. It seems so difficult to do what should be trivial tasks like moving your traktor library between different traktor computers.

    I've recently started using serato for the video capabilities, which is a requisite at the club I work, and one the aspects of the software which really shines is the file management. Everything from analyzing, organzing, contructing playlists, moving your library between computers is so utterly streamlined and simple I wish traktor would construct a system of their own for that aspect of their software.

    Don't get me wrong I love traktor, from the delicious effects to customizable mapping possibilities, but I think there are some things which need to be seriously addressed in the software and the file management portion should be #1 IMO.

  10. Please halp!
    I have a serious problem after removing my collection from pc to mac. When i load a track into deck it duplicates.
    I did everything exactly as shown in manual:

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