Nightclub Invites Bad Students To Get Drunk for Free

Students queuing

The demand from students who'd failed their exams proved too much for a nightclub offering them all free drinks, which had to withdraw its offer.

A bit away from what we normally publish here, but we did find this story hilarious: A nightclub invited students who had failed their exams to commiserate by drinking for free - but was so overwhelmed by responses that it was forced to cancel the party!

Mil Beach (in Costa Blanca, Spain), advertised on Twitter that for each subject failed – which had to be accredited by producing results slips – students would get a free drink. But literally hundreds of students announced on Twitter that they were going to attend, and according to the club boss, the party was cancelled at the last minute when they realised they were going to be "overrun with bad students getting drunk for free".

Even the town's mayor (and councillor for education) waded in, criticising the fact that the nightclub was effectively "rewarding" pupils for poor performance at school – and even more so given that their "reward" was in the shape of alcohol, thus (they said) encouraging young people to drink to excess.

Weird but wonderful club offers

It reminds me of an offer I once ran at a night I promoted - we used to let people in for half price on the Saturday before payday, but only if they brought a bank statement or ATM balance slip that proved they were overdrawn. It worked brilliantly, and of course they often brought friends with them who paid full price. In this case, at least this club tried to do something more inventive than the cheesy "women drink free before 10-style promotions that some clubs sink to - even if they did have to backtrack and ended up getting in trouble with the authorities as a result...

And there's actually a serious point here, too: If you DJ at a venue regularly, it's always worth asking the management if they can come up with some money-saving offer to help you "mobilise your troops" on Facebook Events or whatever. Quite often, such offers are available, and it'll help you to build your name and reputation by being able to market your shows with some kind of money-saving promotion.

What's the most inventive offer you've ever seen or come up with the get people in to a club or event? Please share in the comments!

• This story first ran on the Think Spain website.

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  1. We tried to do some promotion to get people over other cities nearby our city by refunding the highway taxes in free entrance and a welcome drink.

    Our target were help those people who have a car and use to drive friends for free.

    It worked nice :)

  2. Warwick says:

    Not so much a promotion but when I was 17/18 I used to regularly go to an indie nightclub in Hull called Spiders. Rather than having happy hour they just used to have cheap drinks throughout the night. From what I can recall there was seldom any trouble oddly enough ( although I'm still trying to erase the memories of dancing to the Frank and Walters ! )

    • Ohh Spiders! There's a blast from the past - they even sold a Pangalacticgargleblaster drink!
      Drinks promotions (or cheaper prices) help though! Went to Pacha in London last night. £5+ for a bottle of beer; even in London you can drink for a lot less than that most places...

  3. Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

    Triple bummer:

    1) I am nowhere near Spain
    2) I didn't graduate anything and no bad grades whatsoever
    3) They cancelled it anyway

    Pfffff ...


  4. One would figure a club would want to give free drinks for students who get "A" grades in their classes.

    • sammsousa says:

      A students dont party

    • the promotions manager at that club probably never had the slightest intention of ever going ahead with the gig. However the stratagy worked perfectly, the name of the club was in all the papers /twitter/facebook and even on national TV. So great job done....loads of FREE national coverage and not a peseta spent (well euro). Its not a new stratagy here in Spain.
      Recently there was the another promotion everybody that paid to get in went into the draw to spend the rest of the night with a pole dancer that was going to perform in the club. That got cancelled as well....

  5. smashmirrorcardboardface says:

    I remember a club in Coventry where my mate used to be a barman that did a "buy one drink, get 5 free" promotion.This included shots.

    Suffice to say, the place was a living nightmare and regularly had several simultaneous fights going on wherever you turned.

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