Gemini G2V 2-Channel DJ Controller Announced

Gemini G2V

The Gemini G2V promised a high standard of construction with a host of controllerist features at a reasonable price.

As first revealed when we carried news of the G4V, the Gemini G2V is the two-channel version, which has now officially been announced by the company. The controller has a full metal case, per-channel filter controls, and 16 performance pads to handle loop roll, sampling and more.

Its 24-bit sound card is complemented by a decent array of ins and outs, with a line in, a mic in, and balanced XLR & unblanced RCA master outs, plus a booth out. It comes pre-mapped to the supplied Virtual DJ LE software, over which it offers precise control thanks to its 14-bit faders and jogwheels. We have not as yet got confirmation of its street price or exact launch date, but we are guessing it will hit the shops for around US$300.

G2V rear

The rear of the G2V, showing its relatively decent inputs and outputs.

What do you think? Solid little DJ controller or copycat? Or a bit of each? Please share your views on the Gemini G2V in the comments below.

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  1. Nice looking controller! Looks like it's following the traktor model and that it would integrate nicely. I just hope Gemini's build quality is stepped up because well...we all know they aren't the best.

    • The G2V and G4V are built with an all metal chasis. Both units have been tested for the past four months by world class engineers and DJ's. They are both in production and will be in stores around September 20th. Please make sure to test them out and then post your comments.

  2. Looks solid, if I didn't have a S2 I'd be all over this. I like the bigger pads on the top, and the XLR outputs in the back, thats the one thing the S2 lacks. This looks nice, and a great price point!

    • The Kontrol S2 has XLR Outputs, you must be making reference to the "bigger pads on top" as "the one thing the S2 lacks." I'd be comparing this to a VCI-380 or Twitch because of the pads... the Twitch still wins even though it is $100 more.

      • The S2 has TRS outs, not XLR. I know TRS and XLR are the same cabling system just with different connectors; but the S2 does not have physical XLR connections on it. I'm looking at mine right now.

  3. Looks like a good entry level 2 channel controller, competition is fierce in this level and im guessing the ins/outs we see here will also be present in the new Kontrol S2.
    The price/build quality ratio will dictate its success.

    • The price and build quality are both amazing features of the G2V. There will be a demo video featuring DJ Ah Yeahh on the G2V being released on youtube within the next ten days.

  4. Fig masta says:

    Never be a Gemini lover
    Looks to me like a Reloop TM2 with pads cheaper ... Can't ask for more at this price
    But i think its a good gear to start ... At home

  5. DJ Gatortail says:

    Do you think this will get a serato dj mapping?

  6. It looks like quality, and if it is as good as it looks, and the price estimation is right, it's another example of the high quality in products you can get for your money in 2013. A (very) few years ago this would probably have been considered pro level equipment

  7. Good timing on the announcement with all signs pointing an MK2 S2 and S4 will be announced Monday.

  8. Waited so long for G4V to come out, i saved some more money and picked up a pioneer DDJ SX. Glad i did!

  9. Gemini, what the hell happened to the GMX?
    I was and still am very interested in what that unit has to offer.

  10. Solid or copycat? Yes. I think it qualifies as both. It looks like its built like a tank, has most everything you'd want, and does very little to set itself apart from the pack. It's almost a little to 'safe' in that it in no way brings anything risky or new to the table.
    Kind of feels a little heartless doesn't it?

  11. Mista Cleen says:

    They just posted the demo video yesterday:

    looks pretty good to me. I could use some dimensions though.

  12. Will this controller be compatible with serato software?

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