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Want to finally get started, make the leap into the DJ booth, start your own DJ business, learn to scratch (or to use acapellas, samples...) - even to make a whole career out of DJing? We have a course just for you.

Did you know that Digital DJ Tips is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading resources for original, high-quality, online DJ training courses? From learning the absolute basics on just a laptop, to developing all the skills you need to scratch like a pro, we've built a choice of courses. All are designed to give DJs the practical skills needed to succeed in today's fast-changing DJ environment, whether as a hobby or for a living - and you can find out about them all here.

As our testimonials show, this stuff works! it's worked for the 11,232 DJs who've already taken one of our courses - and it will work for you too. If you're serious about stepping up your DJing and want to take a proven short-cut to get yourself ahead of the competition, don't wait! Take a Digital DJ Tips course today. And if it doesn't work out for you for whatever reason? All of our courses have a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, with a smile.

Remember, as all of our courses are delivered online, you can learn at your own pace. Just click through to find out more about the courses.

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  1. Jam-Master Jake says:

    I own all of your courses, Phil. Some I needed, some I didn't. Worth TEN TIMES what you charge, looking forward to the next one!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Would it be unreasonable to teach music theory and/or the core elements of musical instruments (such as the piano)?

    • No, in fact we have an Ableton course coming up and our key mixing stuff delves into a bit of theory... but we hold DJing and production are two different things, and there are already lots of sites that do musical theory very well.

  3. DJ Pauz Nawt says:

    Let me know when the ableton courses are up id b interested!!

  4. Hi,

    I did the course How to DJ fast last year when I was posted for my job in Berlin. Have to say it improved my DJ skills a lot with my reloop mixage and other mixers I'm using nowadays. Thks for this. It was for me the finishing touch and gave me the special things of mixing. I can really recommend it to anyone beginner or not.
    I'm 56 years old and still crazy about music even all kinds of dance music. So practising most of the time home but sometimes I've got a gig and because of the course I can make now nice mixes during this.

    Greetings Tony from Holland.

  5. Awesome stuff Phil. Great to see people who are following their dreams through your assistance & help with these great courses !!

  6. Hey Phil can't wait until u drop that new how to Dj fast course. Any eta on that?

  7. I did you course beginnen of this year and it helped me a lot.
    Although the videos were more like an extension on the videos you can find online it give that little bit of extra info.

    The videos mainly got me more motivated to get going and I am doing that now.
    Every week a mix. To keep be working on new sounds and being creative.

    A deadline does wonders haha

  8. Why is the Scratch course (and others) unavailable at the moment? Surely as the content is already produced why do we have to wait until you offer it again? Is the server that delivers the courses not up to the task of many users? You have revenue waiting....just saying...

    • These courses demand tutor time to give the support necessary to ensure students progress successfully through their more in-depth and often technical subject matter, hence we block book that time then open the courses for new applicants periodically. Sure it may reduce revenue but it is the best way to make sure people succeed.

      Best bit? They're still self paced and yours to keep forever once you're onboard, unlike other syllabus-type courses.

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