Immediate Price Crash On Traktor Kontrol S2

The Traktor Kontrol S2

The Traktor Kontrol S2: Discounted at a store near you as of today, until stocks last...

In a further sign that the Traktor Kontrol S2/S4 controllers are coming to the end of their lives, Native Instruments today announced a price crash on the Kontrol S2 to follow that previously announced for the the Kontrol S4. You can now buy the Kontrol S2 for $399 / €399 - a 20% reduction on the previous price. The clue that this is probably a stock clearance to make way for a new model is in the press release: "The offer is valid from today until August 31 2013, or until stocks last..."

Whether or not the S2 is to be replaced (and we think it's a fair bet that it is), it is still a good buy: For this price you get a decent, proven DJ controller and full-strength pro software. It's all you need to learn to DJ (just add laptop, headphones and some kind of powered speakers). As Native Instruments says in the press release:

"All essential functions, including looping, cueing, effects control, and track browsing have dedicated hardware controls, allowing DJs to focus on performance and not the computer screen."

Additional information is available from the Native Instruments website.

So will you be taking them up on this offer? Or will you wait to see what's around the corner? Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments!

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  1. Counting the days to the new announcement... will it be a touch strip controller?

    • Who knows? Not us! :)

      • I don't know. With the X1's announcement, the touch strips seemed like a neat idea, but there's something about a flagship controller like the S4 not having jog wheels that doesn't seem right. The functionality that you get when you remap the jogwheels to control effects would also be lost, which is a nice touch that I think serious controllerists would miss.

  2. JonnyFlash says:

    I see a new S2 with iOS capabilities in the near future....

  3. The NI controllers never appealed to me with their small jogs. Also, I like my jogs near the front, not the back of the controller. And while I can appreciate the quality of the software, Traktor is just not for me. There's a turn side to the many possibilities and mapping of software like Traktor.

  4. I wonder what NI's next announcement will be since if they release an all in one controller people won't have to buy the F1 or any of their smaller units and that would make them less money, well that depends on what price the new release will be. one thing NI haven't yet made is a 4 channel pro mixer but i don't see why they would empty the stock of controllers for that since they're not really the same thing

  5. Mike Graham says:

    I am guessing they are making the s2 & s4 mk2 models that are similar to the previous models but have rgb led's and touchstrips like the new x1

    • My thoughts exactly. Mild updates to both to be able to mark them back up to full price and increase sales. I'm guessing they will be using most of the same components but maybe a slightly different layout.

      Most likely add some WOW features such as Innofaders, touch strips or touch sensitive knobs. All parts they already have laying around.

  6. I'm waiting for the new line-up. I want an S4 but I just know something new is coming down the line and I can make do with what I have right now until that product is released.

  7. Darn it, I just bought a 2nd hand S2 from ebay! Could've had a brand new one for a little more money!

  8. What we thinking new units released next month?

  9. Nooo. I just bought it used off ebay for this price. :O

    All well it came in perfect shape and I have had it for almost 2 months so meh.

  10. I have had the s2 for 8 months now, and just got the f1. I know they are older, but Damn they are still awesome controllers and to top it off NI keeps them in the loop with updates!

  11. DJ Ben Blayton says:

    I just got the S4 and NI stuff last year. I love it and still learning what it can do! I am going to wait because I want produce more so my plan is to build up my hardware and software for that. Then I may look at the new DJ stuff. It will be interesting to see what is coming! I know its going to be huge!

  12. DJ IshyBoy says:

    An awesome controller just got one for really cheap from a friend not too long ago. They work great and it has really elevated my capability as far as DJing is concerned. I absolutely love Traktor software coming from VDJ LE and a Hercules MK4.

  13. If the money fell into my lap I would.

  14. Wonder if they will leave out the Jog wheels?

  15. The Beat Worx says:

    Do DJs even need jog wheels anymore? What about scratching? How popular was the Twitch? So many questions!!! Not enough money to find out the answer...

  16. I was about to buy the S2, but it was out of stock everywhere so I went for the S4 which I got for 5000 SEK instead of 8000 SEK.

  17. DJ SpecializED says:

    This is an excellent controller. And yes some of us still use the jogs. BUT these are too small for my taste. Same for the mc-3000. I do scratch on occasion

  18. dj EdoFolli says:

    I sant to know some official rumors, I'm waiting to buy the s4 cause I'm waiting the s4 mk2! Do you think it will be in the shops after September?

  19. Kevin Godden says:

    Can't help but think that the new gear will be revealed at BPM.

  20. Will NI try to move in on the Behringer (budget type) price point, or will they offer us a new over priced controller for somewhere just south of a grand.

    I think an S2 with bigger, flatter platters, and the missing filter knobs and some EQ kill buttons would be sweet.

  21. I have written to them several times about improving control lighting, adding inputs to the S2, collaborating more with other manufacturers for controller mappings. The Pioneer DDJ-SX should be a good example to them for a redesign of a jog wheel controller. I think they are trying to stay too proprietary and limiting themselves. They have a good software product in Traktor so why not expand it's capabilities and sales into other vendor controllers.

  22. Can i operate tractor s2 with laptop configuring dual core processor and with 2 gb ram ?

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